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Photo : Will Thoren


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I'll be out "Practicing" Drums again.....

with P-Funk

"George Clinton"

( Show Dates )

January 19th - The Late Late Show w/ "Craig Ferguson" in LA
January 21st - 24th    JAPAN Billboard Live ( Tokyo & Osaka )
January 27-29th- San Francisco, CA
January  30th - Mateel , CA
February  1 - San Francisco, CA
February  2 - San Diego , CA
February  4 -  Denver, CO

February  5 - Des Moines , IA
February  8 -  Minneapolis, MN
February 10 - Detroit, MI
February 11 - Chicago, IL
February 12 - Cincinnati, OH

February 15 - Greenville, SC
February 17 - New Haven, CT  
February 18 - Boston, MA         
February 19 - Philly, PA

February 20 - Kent State (OH)


Try to come out, if ya can ?

I'm gettin' More & More comfortable on these Drums, now....





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March 5th, 1956 - December 26th, 2010


 “19 yrs ago today, I was in labor!

My heavenly father gave me the most glorious gift I could ever receive.

A Baby girl on Christmas!”

------Teena Marie

( just hours B4 her passing )


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I got a chance to play....

for "BOOTSY"

While he watched from the side of the stage...

I can move on now......Hahaha

Me & Bootsy



*The End*


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June 30, 1917 – May 9, 2010


“My identity is very clear to me now.


I’m Free.

I no longer have to be a "Credit"

I don’t have to be a "Symbol" to anybody.

I don’t have to be a "1st" to ANYbody.

I don’t have to be an imitation of a WHITE WOMAN.....

that Hollywood hoped I’d become.

I’m ME...and, I’m like NOBODY else.”


------Lena Horne '98

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"The Blind Pig"

317 East 6th street

Austin TX

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We're closing the nite out on Fri. March 20th

@ 12:30AM

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JUNE. 25th, 2009



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Mr. Jackson struggled desperately with THIS Planet...


It's NO Debate that he was THE MOST Famous Human of the "20th & 21st" centuries

and, arguably the most famous to have EVER walked this earth


Earthlings should've known from his "Artwork" alone....that he wasn't like the average human


THIS was his "FIRST" Gift :


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Let's Be REAL...

Michael Jackson was the 1st & only Negro in Rotation on MTV....

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MTV was pressured to play MJ's "Billie Jean"  

Which I'm sure was the Primary reason for that album's success.


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It's deep when "Ed Sullivan" can put MJ on at 11yrs. old...

And, they...  ( MTV ) had a problem with it 13yrs. later ?


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So much so..that the president of CBS threatened to snatch

"ALL" of their artists ( Journey, Men at Work  etc. )

If MTV didn't play MJ's video ?!?!


*CBS / Columbia had more than 90% of all MTV's most popular artists & vids at the time*


Note: "MJ" also serves as a euphemism for BLACK ARTISTS in general...


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I hope they'll allow him to Rest....


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Bless His Life

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