The Genius of ....."Andreas Kapsalis"

Andreas Kapsalis

"One of the most amazing Musicians, I've ever witnessed"

If you're in the Chicago-land area....YOU MUST go and check him out !

The Band :

Andreas Kapsalis

Darren Garvey : Percussion I

Jamie Gallagher : Percussion II  

Andreas Kapsalis Band

ANDREAS KAPSALIS has changed guitar as  I   knew it ....FOREVER !!

I can't actually find the words, to describe his Brilliance ....

Check out his website for more info, on upcoming shows!







Robert   Palmer


Photo: EMI  

January 19, 1949 - September 26, 2003


"Oh, you like to think that you're immune to the Stuff....oh yea"

Chaka Khan's  vocal arrangement on "Addicted to Love" was absolutely Heat.


candle.gif (1510 bytes)







"Johnny Cash"

Photo : SONY




Feb. 26, 1932  -  Sept. 12, 2003

Johnny Cash was one of the original "Hardcore" Kats !



And, speaking of Country Music legacies....

"John Ritter"

( son  of  Tex )

Photo: Jens Lindemann

Sept. 17, 1948 - Sept 11, 2003

within Hours of each other ?

This is Definitely THE  "worst" year on record....









Photo: USA Today


This has got to be one of  MY  favorite "Verses" of ALL Time !!

From "The ILL-Vibe"  

( The Coming  CD ' 96 )


"My Rhymes create life... like the birds and the bees
Make Funk-Master Flex say: "Yo, I'm feeling
Flows make you shit in your drawers. Change your
Smoke trees, getting cotton-mouth, wild
Bounced down the block eating food at
Ass constipated... too much extra
But anyway, while I was cooling down at
I met some
Siamese twins from overseas.. Lebanese
Let's begin with the friends from New
They had a fifth friend. She was straight Black-
Pretty palm-olive-soaped skin, AloeVera
She looked like the type of chick you only see in
The type of chick you would KILL for to get between her
Yo. I made time to chill with Miss
Would you believe, the bitch tried to steal my fucking house
keys ?
And rob me for my
Had to show this crazy broad, I mastered my
Degree's and my Ph.D's
Got your face on camera.... motherfucker say
You better get with your friends quick, before I start to
Getting caught up in this freaky gold-digger
Jamboree "











Photo : Reuters


  DOUBLE..... *Yawn*

Photo : Reuters

MADONNA  was the "REAL"  P.I.M.P  of  the NIGHT !!



But , this Shit here ....? )

I  have  "NO WORDS "

Photo : Reuters

yuk.gif (3759 bytes)

I wouldn't put a "DOG" on a leash....


I forgave these Sistas.....

 I just hope their Family's forgave them.

(  this is "Close" to how I felt about the "Mis-guided TeleVision" video awards, last nite  )



I don't think "Mary J. Blige" was feelin' the show either....





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