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What a Ride , 2008 was for me  ( Musically, if nothin else )

These are...the 1st thoughts in my head...



"Roxy Reynolds"

For the last year or so....

I've been Recording , Touring   & / or  hangin out with THIS group of folks.

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I won't even try to caption these pix I'mma lay on yŠll.

So, I'll just leave it.... up to U.

Me & GRACE !!!

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Foley & Roxy

Oh , "BassPlayer" mag :

I can appreciate that "Mis-informed" shout out re: George's record

Please note, ALL of the songs on "Gangsters" that I'm credited for...

I'm playing DRUMS.


( except on the hidden trk "Fever" where I actually played well as drums )

In this ----> Photo :  My new kit !

In about 3yrs..... I'll really know.... how to play this insrument.

George gave me free reign w/ the arrangements for both Jay Leno & David Letterman shows

And, I'm workin on an arrangment for the Obama Inaugural hit...

1  hint :

3  words :

Oh yeah...

If any of ya'll wanna come & watch me ( Live ) learn how to play drums.... w/ George Clinton

Here's some dates....where U can see more.... of my "on the job training" type-shit.



JANUARY   2009
January 2, 09       Los Angeles, CA          Nokia Theater
January 3, 09        Reno , NV        Grand Sierra
January 4, 09       Las Vegas        House of Blues
January 6, 09      San Diego, CA       House of Blues

January 7, 09       Tempe , AZ        Marquee Theater
January 9, 09       Aspen, CO         Belly Up
January 10, 09     Denver, CO        Fillmore Auditorium

January 12, 09        Minneapolis, MN         First avenue

January 14, 09   Covington,KY / Cincy     Madison Theater

January 15, 09        Cleveland,OH        House Of Blues

January 16, 09     Columbus,OH     Promo West

January 17, 09        Chicago,IL        Cubby Bear

January 20th,     Wash DC
         Obama party






Jan. 17th 1927 - Dec. 25th 2008

I'm sure the youngins, have only known her as "Lady Eloise"

But, it's nice that they can "Google" this Woman's Amazing Life.

before it was Trendy.

Please, get Schooled -----> Click on This


to a Living Goddess.

Ms. Eartha Mae Keith


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Nov-12-2008.jpg (89981 bytes)

July 9th, 1947 - November 12th, 2008

Perhaps....what "ELVIN JONES" was to 'Trane

is what Mitch was.... to the Jimi Hendrix Experience ?!?

( Mitch & the "TWINS" )

Wow, they're all gone... except bassist Billy Cox ( Band of Gypsys )









Aug. 20, 1942 - Aug. 10, 2008

Damn, TWO TWO DAYS ?!?!?

I had the Blessing of having Mr.Hayes introduce my band...

at THE 1st House of Blues ( New Orleans ) in '94

From the soon to be released film "SOUL MEN"

He told me that I KNEW "The Language" & to NEVER stop what I was doin.

Coming from HIM ?!?


Photo : Matthew Craig

"Black Moses"


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Oct. 5th, 1957   -  Aug. 9th, 2008



I really have No Words.

Well, maybe one ?






May 12, 1937 - June 22, 2008



Photo : Greg Bull

Got Jokes ? ------->   "CLICK HERE"









Sept. 5th , 1946 - Feb. 26th , 2008


This Kat "Single-handedly" brought JIMI HENDRIX to the
ears & hearts of Black Folks with his presence on
"Band of Gypsys"

I will NOT try to explain this man's contribution to the world of MUSIC....

If U DON'T know about ALL that he's put down?

one word :



"You don't have a kind word to say"

has been on repeat in my home for two days now...

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