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" You Gotta serve Somebody "

                                                                                                                      ------ Bob Dylan

" You gotta Believe in Somethin'......  Why NOT Believe in ME ? "

                                                                                                                            ------- Pimp creedo 








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From: David Wilcher (
Subject: Foley report

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Date: 2001-12-01 10:26:55 PST

Wow. What a show this was. It was scheduled to start at 9:00.
We took off from Dayton early, and stopped and had a nice
dinner. We still got there a bit too early - it was at the Crown
Plaza hotel, and they weren't taking tickets yet. So we took
a seat in the lobby outside of the ballroom where the show
was going to be. There were only a few people there, and
it seemed like they all had passes around their necks..
We said hello to a few folks, and then Foley shows up.
After speaking to his manager?, he comes over to us, and
apologies are offered - there was some problem, and the
show is going to start late. He then insists on buying us
drinks, and talks to us about George Harrison's passing.
What a great guy - the tickets were only $10 each,
so he lost most of what we paid him in buying us drinks.
We go in and watch the soundcheck and see that the band
consists of drums, Foley on bass and guitar, Bobbie Sparks
on keys, a DJ doin' some mixin' and scratchin' - and a
chamber orchestra (10 or 11 pieces?) This is going to be
After soundcheck, the DJ does his thang while the rest of
the band goes and does theirs. The place fills up nicely.
About 11:30! the show starts. Many technical problems,
no bass! - but the band lays down a groove.
Ok, it finally gets started. I'm terrible with setlists - and I didn't
recognize most of the stuff anyway - a lot of it was based on
what the DJ was spinning.. but a few Beatles songs were
played. In My Life, and I Am The Walrus - the orchestra
sounded great! Then back to some funky stuff that made me
want to dance. My body can't do it anymore (and besides,
I'm too white ;) - but I was dancing like a motherfucker in
my mind! Foley - I have to describe him. He was wearing
bib overalls, painted with pictures of Bob Marley, Miles,
Hendrix... very cool. A white shirt with the sleeves stretched
out past his hands, and a scarf/bandana around his head,
tied in the front. He looked to me like a cross between
Tupac Shakur and Ving Rhames. (I mean that in a good way!)
And he was dancing around, bouncing and jumping like
he was the happiest man on earth.
They did do Kashmir (for those of you who have the CDr),
and the Zep sample started with the DJ, and then the orchestra
kicked in, and it just kept building and building....  damn.
Foley can sing his ass off too. I think it all end around 1:45
when Foley announced he couldn't stand no more, or he would
go insane - and he plopped down looking totally drained.
Wow. We drove home, about a 1.5 hour drive, and I was
bouncing in my seat all the way.

Foley Rocks.





  ''Bernie Mac''  


Photos : FOX TV

Two Words :


Being a Huge fan of "Seinfeld".......I didn't think I'd see anything on TV again ,

that  could think "Outta the Box" as much as those Kats did with that  Show!

''Show''   Promo


I  guess y'all  been  " Prayin' fah  Him ''






self portrait- graphite

I've always felt that "Musicians"  ( by nature )  can HEAR a little better than

"Non -Musical"  people ,  &  "Painters"  can  SEE better than most .

Mrs. Brice-Dolance has joined an Elite group of Artists who can...... 


( the quick list )


Miles Davis

Joni Mitchell

Ron Wood 

Chaka Khan

Jerry Garcia

Michael Jackson

Natalie Merchant



I  really hate to use the "G" word (genius)  but  it  bests describes her work!

She's putting together a Collection of some of her best work, as we speak.

Here, check it out for yourselves  "CLICK HERE"

U can also see her rock "Violin"  @ our Concert on Nov. 30th !

Stay Tuned ....















"How do you  feel about Hitler sharing yours?"

                                                                                       ------Muhummad Ali

Ali   pleasantly  responded .

When reporters asked how he felt about the suspects

in the "Terrorist Killings" sharing his Islamic faith.


* Damn *






(  Ain't  nothing wrong wit "Thinking" Sometimes )


"Well , That depends on if You're.....Drinking  or Pouring"

                                                          ---- Bill Cosby's  85yr.old  (3rd grade Educated)  Gramdmother


Aiiiiiight  ??







Vince Scacchetti

Nicole Craycraft

Adrianne Wininsky

Christina Brice-Dolance

Megan Palmer

Pat Higgins

Ryan Stolte-Sawa

Scott Burns

Josh Heaphey

Angela Choong

Karmyn McCrary

Jane Van Voorhis

Erin Gilliland

Mac Mayer



"Everybody" for Comin' out !!

I'll let cha know ASAP when "the next show" will be!

I've gotta get some Sleep....







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1979 - 2001

She is now ,Forever ........   "  That Somebody " 

Photo :  Virgin Records






"Very"  Sad  News

Rashann Charles Bowers ,  has Passed Away.

He  Rocked Drums 4 me , since '98

I'm Actually "SPEECHLESS"

"Rizzy" held on for 36 days , before he'd lost his Battle from Gunshot wounds on Mothers Day !

To  say He'll be Missed , is Not only Corny .....

but , the "UNDERSTATEMENT" of the Year.

I can't Remember , when I've played with a Musician  who "Listened" harder !

His 1st Nite with my Band ,  He literally played for 3 hours .....



We Send LOVE to his Family......





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