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skraight jokes WHITE.jpg (10432 bytes)

the ''Difference''   Logo ( Black ).JPG (49678 bytes)


6 2 2020.jpg (31866 bytes)


BLM.jpg (44531 bytes)


HOWEVER.jpg (38551 bytes)

SISTA point blank range.gif (4988926 bytes)


Oh Yeah....

These Random ass Bricks

were "Sold Separately"


gov bricks 1.jpg (125906 bytes)



Yáll wanna caption THIS Shit ???

for real yall .jpg (108282 bytes)


NOTHING has changed...


Did Yáll Forget ???


our babies 2 gators .jpg (262393 bytes)


I'm Thru...

the big ol flame .gif (1820020 bytes)





    april 7th, 2020.jpg (14982 bytes)


    corona one.jpg (409645 bytes)


  oh goddamn.jpg (11209 bytes)


      corona four.jpg (32971 bytes)

    fear & panic.jpg (28009 bytes)

      TOILET PAPER fights .gif (5016982 bytes)



      to This shit.jpg (3752 bytes)

      corona two.jpg (140453 bytes)



    animals taking back deez streets.jpg (9516 bytes)

    Mountain goats in wales.jpg (64233 bytes)

    Wild boars in the streets of Paris.png (344581 bytes)

   Top Pic: Mountain Goats on the streets of  WALES  /  Bottom Pic:  Wild Boars on the streets of PARIS



     to this shit herr.jpg (7171 bytes)

     corona sex 2.jpg (619424 bytes)


    and this too.....jpg (5485 bytes)

      corona sex 3.jpg (607992 bytes)



   to seeing this in the parking lot of walmart.jpg (10091 bytes)

       fuck a virus.jpg (26138 bytes)



        if I could sum up how.jpg (8493 bytes)

        corona three - whosji .jpg (429575 bytes)

            aiiiight.jpg (9692 bytes)



          snow white says NAH BRUH .gif (5626292 bytes)

            nah....jpg (3376 bytes)







febfirst2020.jpg (17112 bytes)

I WON THIS PG.JPG (544821 bytes)


Uh, Yeah.....

I had time today.jpg (9375 bytes)

( After Finishing up wit ALL of my BG Vocals for the Single )

Cuttin Vocals at Record ONE (Studio B ).jpg (134166 bytes)


Cuttin Vocals at Record One in LA (Dr. Dre's Spot)

Bigg Upps to "Larry Chatman" for holding it down for me

And,  Zumo & Vic  killin the Session's Engineering Duties


and I STILL stand by .jpg (10452 bytes)

As THIS allows me to make an even more salient point :

fuck social media .jpg (12822 bytes)


It ain't Social....


It ain't Media


CHATTY ASS CATHY  .gif (1986426 bytes)


As you can see... after nearly "20" years....

I have MY OWN web address & place to exist online




Orson wells crying CLAP  .gif (278347 bytes)





jan 1update revamp .JPG (166032 bytes)



"Bullshit-19" seems to have canceled "20"



ameoba.gif (1824918 bytes)



11-6-18.jpg (11037 bytes)

New ME two.jpg (153222 bytes)

wellGyaaadamn BLACK .jpg (33221 bytes)

old roman clock from the 30's.gif (618984 bytes)

well...I ARRIVED.jpg (33933 bytes)

ALL ALKALINE NIGGA .gif (814639 bytes)

alkaline & plant based.jpg (28619 bytes)

SPORES AND MORES.gif (877347 bytes)


10-9-17.jpg (19368 bytes)


Me & Naomi.jpg (388753 bytes)

once again....jpg (38873 bytes)

   EYE on ME.gif (1079176 bytes)




      9-3-17.jpg (18244 bytes)

live in paris 2017.jpg (77113 bytes)


and to my amazing band.jpg (26697 bytes)


(Earth, Wind & Fire)


(Rolling Stones)



(Miles Davis)




to a sold out show.jpg (21772 bytes)

FOLEY-sold out in Paris 2017 .jpg (422964 bytes)


AQUA ASS Dots.gif (3177999 bytes)


four-24-17.jpg (21809 bytes)

Me__GRACE______too.jpg (36899 bytes)


shit...listen (76854 bytes)


DISS pussy.gif (848493 bytes)




3-FO-17.jpg (65317 bytes)

Me & DÁngelo.jpg (48095 bytes)

my lil bro.jpg (135623 bytes)



ANGERed UP Fan.gif (243841 bytes)


bottom DONE fallin out  .gif (2274729 bytes)

    Newsarchive ( BLUE) .JPG (11208 bytes)

     yinANDyang2.gif (20616 bytes)

er body uses BLACK.jpg (32835 bytes)


      hoodie ass nicca.JPG (70994 bytes) 

    FOLEY tmmin  BLACK.jpg (5595 bytes)



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