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"PBS Tribute" to MAVIS STAPLES  (Live)

"This World"

"In My Life"






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Tribute to "PRINCE" ( Most Beautiful Girl / Sometimes it Snows )







Fox news.JPG (116843 bytes)

ABC / FOX News interview '99







dont stop mmmmmmme now.JPG (125992 bytes)

"Don't Stop me Now" w/ MILES DAVIS ( Live )







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"Aqua Boogie" on Drums w/ George Clinton







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"If it's Positive" Outtakes w/ TWALA DAWN (R.I.P)







madelyne woods too.JPG (91623 bytes)

BET interview w/ "MADELYNE WOODS" 1992






Marvin gaye bass up.JPG (68333 bytes)

"What's Goin On" on Bass w/ MARVIN GAYE





TV SIX.JPG (67555 bytes)

LARRY DUNN's actual recorded Solo on "CUM ROUND"






TV TEN.JPG (90738 bytes)

Drumming w/ "GEORGE CLINTON & RZA" on Letterman







TV NINE.JPG (67994 bytes)

"LeadBASS" w/ MILES DAVIS in France '88







last days of Russell.JPG (72779 bytes)

Music score for "Hudlin Bros."

Clip #2






stuff & thangs.JPG (134012 bytes)

"Stuff & Thangs" Live w/ GEORGE CLINTON






sept 28th.JPG (90647 bytes)

"SEPTEMBER 28th,1991" actual recording from 7 Years Ago CD






blues too.JPG (82435 bytes)

"The Blues" on LeadBASS Live w/ MILES DAVIS






live in germany.JPG (71537 bytes)

"Live in Germany" 1997


"Children of Production"

"Four Play"






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