August 15, 1925  - December 24, 2007

What an "Extraordinary" Life...

We were Blessed to have him around for 82 years.... of Brilliance.

THE G.O.A.T !!










November 5, 1931 - December 12, 2007









November 17, 1955 - May 15 , 2007

She was "Class Personified" indeed.

Altho quite multi-talented, she was also a very funny Lady.

I has a huge crush on her in my teens....


Perhaps.... she's now with her Mom & Dad ?







photo: Jos L. Knaepen

March 29, 1949 - Jan. 13, 2007


As 1/4 of my favorite horn section....The "P-Funk" Horns,

along with Fred Wesley-Maceo Parker & his brother Randy Brecker ,

he was the consumate saxophonist of his generation.

Michaels'  "discography" was Un-Matched !










August 27, 1937 - Jan. 12, 2007

Legendary Pianist/Composer has passed.

I'm sure she's now with her Husband (John) & son (John , jr)

This woman was ART & CLASS Personified !!











" Now we demands a chance to do things for ourselves.
 We're tired of beatin' our head against the wall,
 And workin' for someone else.

 We're people, we like the birds and the bees.
 But, We'd rather die on our feet....Than keep livin' on our knees...

 Say it LOUD, I'm BLACK and I'm Proud"


                          ----- Mr. JAMES BROWN










Nov. 3, 1949 - Dec. 14, 2006

Legendary actor & co-creator of  "Good Times"

I've always felt that Mr. Evans carried himself with MUCH PRIDE & Intellect

in the Role of  "Lionel Jefferson" on the classic sit-com   "All in the Family"









"Bebe Moore Campbell"

Feb. 18th, 1950 - Nov. 27th, 2006

Award-winning Author / screenwriter has passed.

Wow...what a month this has been.

Maia, stay strong.










January 30, 1928 - November 17, 2006

The "Original" Queen of R&B has passed.

The Grammy & Tony winning songstress had influenced everyone from Aretha Franklin to Christina Aguilera.

She was also inducted into the "Rock & Roll" hall of Fame in 1993.

Ms. Brown was also known as "Miss Rhythm" for her dynamic swingin' style & vocal range.

Best known for her smash hits "Teardrops in My Eyes"   &   "(Mama) He Treats Your Daughter Mean"

Ruth Brown also led the fight for aging R&B musicians to gain financial and medical assistance thru her Rhythm & Blues Foundation

of which she helped to create , after her long struggle to recoup her share of royalties from Atlantic records.



I had the pleasure of hanging out with her in Nice, France back in '91

And, she was....without Question....one of THE Most incredible "Spirits" to have walked the face of this earth.

We Love U ,  Ms. Brown !









"Gerald Levert"

July 13, 1966  - November 10, 2006


Perhaps, THE Greatest voice of his generation.

A carbon-copy of his father, The legendary "Eddie Levert"

I can't imagine anything more terrible than burying a child.

My deepest sympathy to their family.








( Newsman , Drummer )

"Ed Bradley"

June 22, 1941   -  November 9, 2006

THE consummate Broadcast Journalist !

Mr. Bradley reported on everything from....Brain Cancer patients  to  sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church.

to  re-opening the Emmitt Till case of 50yrs.

Honored with the "Lifetime Achievement" award from the  NABJ,

He joined CBS News 1971, transferring a year later to the Saigon bureau during the Vietnam War;

he was also wounded while on assignment in Cambodia.

Mr. Bradley moved to the Washington bureau in June 1974, and, 14 months after he was named a CBS News correspondent.

His pressence will be missed ?

Wel, that would be....the Understatement of the year.








"Tamara Dobson"

May 14th, 1947  -   Oct. 2nd, 2006






September 9th , 1946 - June 6th , 2006


Billy was not only known as the "5th" Beatle...

But, he was ALSO

SLY STONE's   secret weapon as well.









June 24 , 1909 - May 21, 2006

Incomparable, just.... Incomparable.









November 30, 1953 - April 11, 2006










May 17, 1932  -  March 30, 2006










donalias2.jpg (17516 bytes)

December 25, 1939 - March 29, 2006


One of the "Nicest" people I've  EVER met....

He'll be Missed.










August 12 , 1929 - March 25 , 2006


Wow......"Pickin & Grinin" just won't be the same any more.

The Legendary Musician has moved on.

A true Country Music Pioneer...









( Director , Photographer , Musician , Author  ,"Visionary" )

November 30 , 1912 - March 7, 2006


The World lost a GIANT today.


"So many people could do so many things if they would just try, but they're frightened off because
they haven't been trained to do this or trained to do that...I just picked up a $7.50 camera and
went to work." ------Gordon Parks









"Don Knotts"

July 21 , 1924 - February 24, 2006


I'll prolly always have a fond memory of   Don Knotts.

Whenever someone asks :

"What was it like playing with MILES ?!?!"

Don's portrayal of  "Barney Fife" ALWAYS come to mind.
The Nervous-ness , the *False* Bravado ....

I made it look cool , but I was scared to death !

What an amazing TV legacy he had.

Bless his Life.









James "Dilla" Yancy

JayDilla.jpg (16490 bytes)

February 7 , 1974 - February 10, 2006


Aaaawww, man....

I just realized how much of his music was apart of my live show.

Possibly one of THE Greatest Music Makers of this century.

( And, it's only 2006 )


The best description of Mr.Yancy's approach to music....


as a Production team like Motowns' "Holland , Dozier , Holland "

He,  like "Teddy Riley" before him... changed how we view Pop / R&B / Hip-Hop


*without EVER losing the "Truth" in it*

Example ?

Janet Jackson's











"Coretta Scott-King"

Coretta Scott King

April 27, 1927 - January 31, 2006

( Oh No...we couldn't even make it out of January ?!? )



Moneta Sleet , jr.jpg (16362 bytes)

Photo : Moneta Sleet , jr.

Behind every "GREAT" man ?

Photo : Gene Herrick

Most of my adult life, I prayed for a woman as Beautiful....

And ,  as Strong  as Mrs. Scott-King !

That prayer was answered 10 yrs. ago.


Photo : Mannie Garcia


Lady Scott-King

I'm thru.









"Fayard Nicholas"

October 20, 1914 - January 24, 2006


Well, with his younger brother HAROLD passing on in 2000....

the dancing world will NEVER recover from this.


with their Mother in 1928

"The Most Amazing Dancers, I have ever seen in My Life.....ever"

------- Mikhail Baryshnikov



Their famous "Leap Frog" over each others heads (From "Stormy Weather")

 landing in complete splits "Down a flight of Stairs"  was done in ONE TAKE !!!


"The Nicholas Brothers' dance sequence was THE greatest dance number ever filmed"

  ------ Fred Astaire  

( when refering to their perfomance in 1943's "Stormy Waether" )










"Wilson Pickett"

p08001.jpg (21093 bytes)

Photo : Chris Walter

March 18, 1941 - January 19, 2006

I'm Speechless.

In  Dec. we lost the "Funny" Man.....And, Now ?

The "SOUL" Man.









"Lou Rawls"

Photo : Brokaw co.


December 1, 1933 - Jan 6, 2006

Wow, another one...Such an incredible Voice.

He'll be missed.










December 1, 1940 - December 10 , 2005



I know what's Funny ....and, what's NOT funny because of this man's Pain....

I "GET IT" now.

I totally understand how people must have felt when "Miles" & "Henrdix" passed on.


When Jimi Died....

Guitarists seemed to have turned their Amps up "louder"

When Miles Died....

Trumpeteers pulled out THEIR Mutes....etc etc.


But, for ANYONE that thinks they're gonna just continue THIS MAN's energy ?


I'll save you the time :


Cause, shit  *Really* Ain't funny No More....

( And, it hasn't been for a LONG TIME now )

Yes,  I  learned what "Internal" tears are....

( I'm crying internally as I type this. )


I always thought I KNEW what was funny, because of Mr. Pryor.

And, now ?

Ain't NOTHING Funny no more....


If I should only have an 1/8th of the "STRENGTH & COURAGE" 

Mr. Pryor had....

(  Shit....ANY OF US ?!?! )

We'd ALL be able to laugh at ourselves & not take our lives so serious.

Ain't NOTHING Funny no more....


We  LOVE  U , Mr. Pryor

And, thank U for teaching ME how to relax about this "Bullshit" out here

I'm sure...some other "Planet" needs you now.










February 4, 1913 - October 24, 2005





Now..... the "Movement" is no more...

"Sistas" STILL don't Play , tho....YŠll stay STRONG !











"Willie Hutch"



willie hutch.jpg (30984 bytes)

photo : Motown archives

Decmeber 6th , 1944   -  September 19th, 2005

There's not ONE true Playa alive, who doesn't feel the tragic loss of Mr. Hutch, today.

The "Mack" soundtrack was possibly the pre-cursor to Rick James' "Street Songs"

"I Choose U" was and IS street poetry..... at it's Finest. 

( absolutely Timeless )


Mr. Hutch's incredible body of work for Motown was indeed... Immeasurable !

The Jackson 5 as we knew them, would've sounded ALOT different

without Mr. Hutch's brilliant production & songwriting.

The Jackson 5's  "I'll Be There" was just ONE example of  THIS  Pop Genius at work.

( he also pinned  "How Funky is your Chicken"  &  "Mama's Pearl" )









( Pioneering Media publisher of JET & EBONY )

"John  H. Johnson"


January 19, 1918 - August 8, 2005



jeff robertson.jpg (15073 bytes)


His life's work was immeasurable, indeed.











"Ray Davis"

ray.jpg (17976 bytes)

March 29th , 1940 -  July 5th, 2005


The "Subterranean-Low-Bass Vocals" from P-Funk

has been silenced to cancer.

I met him afew times while workin with George ....

Ray was one of THE nicest people I've ever met !

He had such an AMAZING "positive" energy that stayed with him.


Yes, it's seems to be quite True.....

more often than not , they do seem to pass away in 3's ?!?


He WILL be Missed











"Luther Vandross"

April 20th , 1951 - July 1st, 2005

Bless his Life  &  his Work.....




Also :

The Four Tops'

"Renaldo Benson"

June 14th, 1937  -  July 1st , 2005


Don't Sleep....

"Obie" helped to write possibly THE greatest concept album ever recorded !

He was one of the 3 writers of Marvin Gaye's

"What's Goin On"


Their own "Still Water... Love"

( Benson 2nd from left )

So, THIS is also a great loss as well....











"Anne Bancroft"

September 17, 1931   -  June 7 , 2005


She prolly "Single-handedly" inspired the term :


with her amazing performance in

"The Graduate"


Wow.....I never really thought about it .....

But, I'm sure her performance in that film, prolly has something to do with my fascination with "Older" Women.

She was not only an incredible "Dramatic" actress ....but, she was a great "Comedic" actress as well !

"To Be ....or  NOT to Be"

with husband & legendary comic writer "Mel Brooks" substantiates this claim.


R.I.P  to a wonderful, wonderful actress......











Lyn Collins

( Gloria Lavern Collins )

June 12,  1948 - March 13,  2005

"The Female Preacher"

The JB's  First Lady....










December 18 , 1917  -   February 4, 2005



One half of THE Greatest ROMANCE ever imagined ?








"Jimmy Smith"


(James Oscar Smith Jr.)

DEC. 8th 1925  -  February 8, 2005


NOW, the "B3" should.....be Retired.









"Rick James"

Rick.jpg (53835 bytes)

Photo : Motown archives

February 1, 1948 - August 6, 2004


SAD , very Sad.

I can't front , as a MUSICIAN ....

I was never really a BIG FAN of ....ALL of Rick's music.


"You & I"   &  "Mary Jane" were un-Matched !! 

*Absolute Classics*


Rick  James.jpg (25676 bytes)

Photo: Jeff Vespa

"And, if by chance..... there is an Afterlife when we die....

Hope it's with YOU & I "

                         ------ RICK JAMES



God Bless his Life.









photo: CNN

Sept. 23, 1930 - June 10 , 2004


Quite frankly....


NO   Beatles.

  NO   Sly Stone.


And, just without "SLY" alone....

99% of what you're listening to RIGHT NOW... wouldn't exist !!!

cause, SLY himself... influenced  MILES , JIMI , STEVIE , GEORGE CLINTON , PRINCE  etc.



 NOW, y'all can safely & very "Matter-of-factly" say :

The "MUSIC" died today....












"Captain Kangaroo"

                                              ( Bob Keeshan )                                  


the good captain K.jpg (49934 bytes)

June 27 , 1927  -  Jan. 23 , 2004

The end of an "Era"  !









( Dancer / Actor )

"Gene Anthony Ray"

Photo: NBC 

May 24, 1962 - November 15 th, 2003

I hope this Kat can rest , now...







( Drummer )

"Tony Thompson"

chic79.jpg (45288 bytes)


Photo : Atlantic Records

Nov. 15th , 1954  -  November 12 , 2003

Bernard Edwards .....& Tony ?


( 1952 - 1996 )

" Chic "   &  " The Power Station "   ....... are  NO  MORE.

( Bernard Edwards , Tony Thompson   &  Robert Palmer ? )










 ( Dancer / Actor )

"Fred Berry"

wh5.jpg (28605 bytes)

Photo: AP

March 13, 1951 - October 21, 2003

What a year this has been ..... 







"Robert   Palmer"


Photo: EMI  

January 19, 1949 - September 26, 2003


"Oh, you like to think that you're immune to the Stuff....oh yea"

Chaka Khan's  vocal arrangement on "Addicted to Love" was absolutely classic.










"Johnny Cash"

Photo : SONY


Feb. 26, 1932  -  Sept. 12, 2003

Johnny Cash was one of the original "Hardcore" Kats !





And, speaking of Country Music legacies....

"John Ritter"

( son  of  Tex )

Photo: Jens Lindemann

Sept. 17, 1948 - Sept 11, 2003

within Hours of each other ?

This is Definitely THE  "worst" year on record....









"Gregory Hines"


    Gregory Hines


February 14, 1946 - August 9, 2003


    This must be the "Worst" year on Record .....










"Celia Cruz"

Celia Cruz

October 21st , 1924  - July 16th , 2003

The Day that.... "Culture"  died  !!









The "Maestro"


Sept  14th, 1944  - July 4th 2003


Class...... Personified.




















Legendary "DJ" ( Run DMC's )

Jason "JMJ" Mizell


January 21,1965 - October 30, 2002

I'm so sick of this craziness...









"La Wanda Page"


Oct. 19, 1920 - Sept. 14, 2002

An incredible comedic actress,  her legacy will live on.


La Wanda  Page  as ''Aunt Esther''










Oct. 26 1962 - April 18, 2006

The 1st "Real" Girlfriend I ever had  ( 5th Grade )

I always thought I was a bit of a lil' Playa...back then....

But, I remember Karla just simply liking me for "Me"

Not because I looked like one the Jackson 5 & could sing....but, Just for Me.

The Sweetest Woman...










         Just ...Lisa   

Photo:   La face Records

May 27, 1971  -  April 25, 2002





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