Reggie Hudlin :

No doubt, Clinton is the ultimate referee...although his contract game was great.

All those groups signed to every label?  He created the blueprint for hip hop business wise.

FOLEY : Whoooooo !!

5-6 different label deals with the SAME 20 20 different "Time-Zones"  & whatnot ?!?

The GREAT referee , indeed

bunch of folks.JPG (54713 bytes)


Reggie :    When is the last time you "Picked up the $20" ?


in reference to the late Brandon Tartikoff's  ( former head of NBC )  comment to REGGIE 

*see part II of Reggie's inner-view for full-disclosure*



FOLEY :  HA .....


I actually haven't ,Reg  ......

For me , it's like reading music vs. being able to "hear it " 

I don't wanna fuck up ,what's not Broken !



Reggie :  See, you know you fucking up now, right? 

FOLEY :  How ?!?

Reggie : The "Pick up the $20" rule #1 for talented and ambitious cats like yourself.  

It's the check and balance to make sure you don't get in your own way.

FOLEY : But, Reg.... I could care less about the $20 under MY foot ....right now

I'd actually give it to somebody that NEEDS  IT 

                           money1.gif (34954 bytes)


Reggie :  We all need 20 bucks.  It's like Robin Harris said:  "What the fuck is spare change?"

FOLEY :   Ha ha haha..Right ?!?!?

"Money , Power & Respect" are illusions to begin with.

Fame & Shit ....being "Popular" etc etc.


Reggie :   But to me, that's not what picking up the $20 is about.

FOLEY :   I understand.....

but , At the end of the day....

99.9% of the time ,  it IS !

( Depending on the Artist in question )

Reggie :   But I"m talking to YOU right now.

FOLEY : Then ,it's not even an issue....


Reggie Hudlin : Those things may happen as a result, but it's about not being afraid to do the obvious thing.  Think of all the great art that would NOT have happened if people didn't do the obvious.  I mean, isn't Coltrane doing "My Favorite Things" obvious? 


Obvious to WHOM ?

Us ?   or   ' Trane ?

trane.jpg (37537 bytes)

Reggie :  Exactly!  Not that I know how HE felt about it, but what if some "Positive Nuisance" like me was there with him back in the day, and suggested he cover that song.  Trane may have made the gas face, then figured out how to make it his, and did.  Or maybe he did it himself. 

Maybe he said, "I'mma do a pop tune", and did it his way.

Either way, Thank the Lord for that gift!

FOLEY :   Yes, indeed !     

Cause, It may not be about being afraid ......

But, about NOT giving a damn.... about the OBVIOUS

Whenever anyone has the courage to cover a tune , They're SUPPOSED to make it their  own

Otherwise ?     

What's da point  ?!?!?

Plus, If one doesn't already have "Success" in ones mind... 

A "Self-Worth" without it ?

That kinda shit , can KILL a person when it happens  to 'em.


Reggie :  I agree, you have to be focused on your art, and not on superficial bullshit...

but you can't run away from success. That is also betraying your talent. 

FOLEY : I see your point , Reg....

but, to betray one's talent.... is to NOT use it at all

Instead of ....whether or not an artist will / won't  do the obvious

The MOST obvious thing is..... to NOT honor the "Gift" , by throwing it all away ....I  think .

Reggie :    Nothing worse than that.


Whew..... cause , Art is ALWAYS gonna be "SUBJECTIVE" 

So, just paint , Do yo' Art & let other's examine it or "NOT" 

but, trying to figure out what MF's will like... etc etc  ?



Nah, I'm good...Haha !


* Fun Fact:  The Wizard of Oz flopped at the box office originally *


Photo: MGM Studios



Reggie :  See, you done twisted the whole definition.  Sure, we can always make things harder.


WE WHO ?!?

Hahaha ......

Reggie : Hey, that's why I'm preaching so hard.   I"m a sufferer as well !

FOLEY :   I  Feel U .....

Reggie : But it takes a lot of discipline to get that same amount of information and emotion in something simple.  I don't think being pop is simple.  And being pop can be pleasing to me as an artist. 


But, to someone else ?

A kat like "Paul McCartney" is only as brilliant as HE feels himself  to be

And, we prolly see more into his gift of simplicity , than I'm sure HE does...


"Popular" is only what MOST folks are into.  ( see "Hip-Hop / Rap" music today ) 

If Jazz-Fusion was popular ?

Folks wouldn't have taken stabs at "George Benson" for the ability to get dat loot !  


Reggie : But for you, the twenty may not be pop. It's just about being willing to get out of your own way and to do the thing that is effortless for you to do.  And that's hard for brothers like yourself.

FOLEY :  Ha hahaha .... I appreciate your concern, Reggie

cause, I know it comes from a "Supportive Place"

You KNOW what I can do  ( that's prolly why U want more for me )


BUT, MUSIC itself has NEVER been a "chore" for me

I've never taken her ( Music ) so serious ...where I needed to let her breathe ...

or  to step back & examine where WE are

I - LOVE - HER !!

Her...... photo:


We Always Talk ...She KNOWS where I am .... 24 / 7  

Hear Me !!


To NOT let the music take a "Divine" turn ....

makes about as much sense to me, as trying to avoid Dying ?!?!?


Reggie :   I am all about avoiding death.  I got stuff to do. 

FOLEY :   I'm not talkin about "walkin into traffic"

But, avoiding the "Inevitable/Obvious" will only send U THERE much faster , tho ....

And WE ALL got "Shit to Do"



That's like trying to keep a "Lie" goin ?!?

( That's waaaaaaaaay  too much work )

You would have to Write , Direct &  Star in this "LIE"    

And....before long ?   EXPOSURE !

The TRUTH will come to light

photo : Mark Montgomery


I think ,  that's why it's sooooooo much easier to just..... BE

Reggie :  Fine, I done said it.  Seed planted.  Moving on....

FOLEY : Uh huh....hahaha

U KNOW me & you always "Philoso-fying" & Shit !!


Reggie :   Right ?!?  Hahaha !

How would you describe your spiritual beliefs?   

Did you grow up going to church ?


FOLEY : Well, with My being a "Spiritual" Person ??

That kinda puts the "Blind Faith" belief system in a different space huh ?


My Grandmother made us go with her when I was a kid ....

( when we stayed with her on weekends, sometimes )

but, my Mom let me & my sister think for ourselves.....primarily



Not religious.....I do not practice any organized religion


Reggie :  Amen to that!

FOLEY :    HA !!


Reggie Hudlin :  Why don't you live in New York or Los Angeles ?



Well, I don't have to .....NOW

but, if I was trying to be all up in shit & wanting "Big City" Life...and trying to be "Seen" etc etc ?

I would...I suppose...


But, I've been poised to have gotten thru ALL of THAT shit

it's a matter of phone calls now....


I like "Small Towns" & friendly atmospheres.




The "Hustle" of a HUGE metropolis....

burns me out,  just thinkin about that shit






 Reggie :  This also hooks back into your earlier comment about small towns, great art, etc.

FOLEY :  Ok ??!?!

"It's "REAL !!!! "   ----- method man


Reggie :   Can you cook?  Do you prepare your own food?   Do you eat to live, or live to eat ?


FOLEY : I haven't cooked a meal since .....

shit I can't remember....Lotta Restaurants & shit

but , I really need to quit eating Sugar of ALL KINDS !


I live to eat dumb shit,  sometimes ( who doesn't ? )

I'm getting MUCH BETTER about it 

But, I Haven't had meat in a lil over a


I'm with you on that.  These are the challenges of modern man. 

FOLEY : Aiiiiiight ??!?



Reggie Hudlin :   What is your relationship like with your father?


FOLEY : Ha haha !!

Damn , that was very "Baba Wawa"  (Barbara Walters)

It was issues at all


Reggie :  I know in the hip hop world, so much of what's going on is cats working through father issues.  I think the heart of the whole Tupac saga is him being born of "two pops" and searching for another one...Suge or Quincy

FOLEY :  Yea, ain't that somethin' tho ?

But , that's great that you were able to maintain a cool vibe with Pops. 

FOLEY : Well, it's Sad when kids gotta suffer for that kind of shit.

My Mother & Father made sure WE didn't have to deal with  that

( which was incredibly "Mature" on their parts )

So, I lucked out well


Reggie :  Because when mine passed away, there was so much I had to say...and we got along great!

FOLEY :  wow.....    


Reggie :   What is the instrument you wish you could play?


FOLEY :  Sax  or  Harmonica ?


Reggie :   Is harmonica hard? 

FOLEY :   If U wanna play like STEVELAND ???      

YES !!




Time to put dem funky-ass "Either / Or's" on ya: 

FOLEY :  Aiiiiight , now....


Rolling Stones  or  U2 ?


FOLEY :   Neither ......


Reggie Hudlin : Hold on!  You're saying you don't feel START ME UP, HOT STUFF...




FOLEY :   YES !!       


Prince's "The Cross" takes the curiosity out of wanting to hear more U2.

The only song that I *Really* liked by U2 was  "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

 And, Pleeeez.....  don't have me bring up Ms. "Chrissy Hynde"    


Photo : Tim Owens



Another "OHIO" PLAYA....




Aretha or Mahalia?




Reggie Hudlin : Well, of course both ?!?!?      That's what makes this hard. 

But which?  The secular or the spiritual?  Who has the most power?  The most control? 

FOLEY : When you're "SPIRITUAL"  ( about ANYTHING )  then secular is not even an option

Just because Mahalia was there 1st.... that cannot take away from Aretha's output !

I don't know if Mahalia could've stepped in for "Pavarotti " 

and , we'll NEVER find out either , so.....








Def Jam  or  Death Row?


FOLEY :  BOTH ...for different reasons


Reggie :  Again, elucidate, my brother. 

FOLEY : Ha haha .....Well , Suge's alleged business practice's ??

I'm sure weren't any less "Dirty" than Enron's

So ....that would make his contribution just as important as anyone else's  

Reggie :   But compare the body of work of each label.

FOLEY :  Well, then I'd have to go with "Def Jam" maybe ....


Parliament  or  Funkadelic ? 

(had to get you for that one)


FOLEY : Oh Shit ......payback's a mufucka....haha

They're one in the same to me !!

Really ....cause, without the racial issues that STILL to this day ....


determines what U hear from Black folks ,

George Clinton wouldn't have needed that diversion to begin with !


Reggie Hudlin : But beyond the game of "rock band", "pop band"...

they did have distinctive sounds...less so as it went on, but in the beginning. 

Which is your cup of tea?

FOLEY : For real , Reggie....  THEY'RE THE SAME TO ME !

Look , if "Prince" had neutered himself & not put "Bambi" or "The Cross" on those records...

we'd still be having the same dispute about what's in a "Name" 

vs.  the "Racism"  that created this problem     


Right ?


Reggie :   Okay.... but let's boil it down to body of work again. 

FOLEY :    Apples & Apples....


That's like calling Eminem's music "White Rap" 

But, HE gets a "Fair" shake at crossing over ?!?

*For "OBVIOUS" reasons*


Cause, in All Fairness.....Em is Clever

But, He's no more clever than "Weird Al

( but, that don't make him "Rakim"  or "Busta Rhymes" )


IF "Weird Al" would've came with the "Bomb Squad" ?

HE would've been "the Great White Hype" !!



Aiiiiight  , take "Living Color" for instance .....

Mick Jagger ( himself ) walked them into Sony

and, they STILL got Drama  ?!?!?!


"BLACK ROCK ?!?"   

( THA FUCK ?!?!? )



WTF ?!?!?


I guess  "Bo Diddley"  was Smooth jazz  ?!?





The TRUE Father of  "Rock & roll "

( at least ONE if Three )






Kid Creole & the Coconuts   or   The Time ?


FOLEY :  Kid Creole  !!


"Welcome to the Lifeboat Party time" 


 Reggie :   Heh, that's my jam! 

FOLEY :  Whoooooo !!


"I'll Neva Be.....I'll neva Be , like Endicott !!!! "








Motown  or  Stax  ?    (one last bit of payback agin)


FOLEY : Whew......STAX !!

The had more to live up to   &   they had more freedom to be...Gritty


Reggie :   More to live up to?  Explain....

FOLEY :  Well, as a solid "POP" business model  & money-maker ?   

NOBODY was Fuckin' with Berry Gordy 

Then.... or NOW 











FOLEY :  "Godfather" was the pre-cursor to anything after it


Reggie :   Yes indeed....






Redd Foxx  or  Robin Harris?



               No Redd  ?     No Robin .....




Reggie :   Good one....

FOLEY :     Aiiiiight ?







The Dramatics  or  the Delfonics?


FOLEY : The Dramatics !!  


        Shit.... "L.J. Reynolds"  &  "Ron Banks"  ?!?   


Reggie Hudlin : To me, this is the toughest question on the list. 

I'm glad you could be "definitive" about it. 

FOLEY : Aaaaay , there were SEVERAL questions I had to deal with .....

I'm just trying to be as "Honest" as I can ....without sounding too crazy ?


I loved those groups that had 2-3 lead singers !!

"The Whispers"

"The Temps"

"The Spinners"

"The O'Jays"



And, what's bizarre about the Whispers is "Scotty & Walt" are twins ....

and, So Are their VOICES ?!?!?!


You literally couldn't tell which one was in ya Ear !





John Barry  or  Elmer Bernstein?


FOLEY :  Aaron Copland....  

                   *he he he*





Reggie Hudlin :   Imma let that one slide,   for cleverness.....

 FOLEY :  He he he.... Are you kiddin ?

"Billy the kid" ?

"Open Prairie" ?




James Bond theme   or   the Magnificent Seven theme?


FOLEY :  Neither ......


"Captain Kangaroo" theme


( for the String arrangement , alone )









Biggie  or  Tupac?


FOLEY :  Tupac schooled biggie on flow ....right ?

but, Biggie's trks. banged Much harder !!!


"Ready to Die"  ?     w/  "Machine Gun Funk" ??   

Pac's   "I get around"  still bangs hard , tho !


Reggie :   Biggie is Puffy's cathedral.  That music is insane. So...choose!

FOLEY : Tupac.... if I had to make a choice.

Not taking NOTHIN away from Biggie !




Bob Marley  or  Curtis Mayfield?


FOLEY :   CURTIS   !!!!

Just for the uplifting of folks thru his lyrics.... ALONE !

( not to mention the music )

honorable nod to JB's :  "Say it Loud"


I've always felt "Bob Marley" was the islands answer to Curtis


Reggie Hudlin :    Damn.... Strong answer! 

FOLEY :   SLY was on the same shit ,actually.....  tho his message was more universal

but, it was just as.... if not MORE important ...I think

He tried to talk to "EVERY" HUMAN BEING within' the sound of his voice !




"There's a Midget Standing TALL , and the Giant beside him ...about to Fall "

                                                                ------ Sylvester Stewart   '69






                                  Aiiiiiiiight   ?????




Comic Books  or  Video Games?

FOLEY :  Comic Books...


Half of the journey is created in one's mind, when they READ .....

That's why Movies "Suck" , when compared to the "Book" it came from !


"Perception is.....9/10'ths of the Law"

                              ------ ME




Reggie Hudlin :    Well, no doubt there.....

FOLEY :   Reading IS fundamental

                       Ha hahaha !






      PART "THREE" ?