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( Part. III )




Kenny Farrall : How do you feel about "lead" bass, as opposed to "bottom" bass? Do you enjoy holdin' it down as much as tearin' it up? I'm thinking of lead lines like your moving Miles tribute, "September 28th, 1991" and greasy bottom like you supplied on your version of "Kashmir from Lenny White's  "Edge' album... {that shit made me stop breathing, btw}

FOLEY :   Ha ha haha !!!

Thank you , Man !!
What U heard from me on "Kashmir"  ....WAS MY TRAINING FROM BOOTSY  !
I  know WHAT to play now (on Bass) ....because of him !


But, in terms of... one or the other ?

You are either Bringin' it .....or   NOT 


“September 28th”, is something that I have trouble listening to now !


I had tears runnin down my face, half way thru the recording of my "Lead Bass" part

That's when I finally let go of ALL of my feeling's I had about Miles' death

and, that "WHOLE RIDE" that I'd just been a part of


It's really painful to listen to.


Actually, (bassist) Byron Miller was sitting right in the control room while I was cutting it...

It was too late to try to look cool, I think Byron felt a little sorry for me in that moment ...

Not "pity" , but I think he may have really understood how I must have felt.   

 ( it was the Miles Davis gig, that allowed me to know "Him" )



I get the same feeling when I listen to Jimi's  "Machine Gun"  ( Band of gypsies )

It’s just waaaaay too much  to deal with sometimes....I can hear HIS pain on that record



Kenny :  Btw, is it true that Miles first heard you through the phone while Marcus Miller was listening to your tape?

FOLEY : Yeah, man ....       

                                                  Crazy huh ?

 399.jpg (10000 bytes)


Kenny :  What if anything, scares you?

FOLEY :   My Mom passing.

( that's normal , right ? )

She's really sick, right now.


But, actually ....Goin' thru this tough time, with her ...

I'm able to really examine my "OWN" mortality !


Death is taught to be something to fear.

And, because NO ONE has "Incontrovertible Proof" of what really happens ...

I'm NOW taking a hard look at what "Death" really means


Aaaaaargh ....


I know that we're not supposed to know EVERYTHING....

But, if I could have just ONE QUESTION answered .....


The "Closest" thing to a woman DYING ....IS GIVING "BIRTH" ?!?!?

WHY   ????

Must  the "Transition" for ALL living things .....Be PAINFUL ????


Cause, I've NEVER been afraid of anything !

My life has been so fuckin crazy....It would scare the shit outta MOST


Growing up like I did ?

U tend to become fearless at a young age, regardless of whether U want to ..

or   NOT



Kenny :  What gives you hope?


The Rising of the SUN .....EVERY MORNING !

                       Talk about "Consistency" ?!?!?




DAVID HASSEN : I see a current trend of returning older artists, is this due to the internet in part ?

FOLEY :       Nah.... That's simply a matter of SUBSTANCE !

The only thing the internet is good for is "Fanning Flames" of hype

but, You're STILL are gonna need "the Goods"   sooner  or  later


I don't know if U've noticed but.....

People that are already household names like "Denzel" primarily DON'T HAVE WEBSITES !

Cause , all an artist owes an audience is a PERFORMANCE.....  that's IT


The internet is  basically for  "Start-ups"  &  "Up Starts"

U know ....people that NEED  the extra info to communicate with folks.... etc etc


And,  The rest of this shit is for PORN ......

"Over-zealous" Celebs , bloggers , Internet Models &  "Message board" celebs

Oh, yea .....   and HATE....




David :  Do you think Junie returning on the scene after 20 years without a new album

and a label is a signal to Ohio's funkcard renewal in the recording world?

FOLEY :   Shit.....OHIO don't NEED renewal of ANY kind !

We still on folks lips & hardrives !!

I'm just happy for Junie !!


Period .



David :   Why do so many hip hop music producers who say they "LOVE" these artists that they loop from do not break them with collab spots and weakly sample the record? Is this about greed and selfishness and ego and a tad of fear?

FOLEY :    Prolly ALL of that  !

The concept of   "Celebrity" itself based on a sort of  "FEAR" vs. "EGO"  to begin with...

Fear of other people finding out that they take a shit  & cry & "Bleed" like everybody else !


American "Idol" makers ?



David :   Sly Stone box set do you forsee it in 2005?

FOLEY :    I  guess....


Who's it gonna *REALLY Benefit ?? *

It's like ,  Telethons....Foundations & shit  ?!?!?

"Information" is Power....

Fuck-a-Telethon .....


Benefits don't "BENEFIT" those in need.... 99.9% of the time.

Except , those handling the Money....


When I did the Grammys with Miles in '89...

( Paul & Miles were presented with dat "Lifetime" achivement )

I got a chance to check out Paul doing his thing.... 


But, Paul spent most of his time talking about "Ray Charles"

"Ray this & Ray that "  

And , Paul had "insisted" on having Ray perform as well !




David :  Bjork wants to make a funk hybrid record and you are hired as the coproducer.

Who do you enlist and where do you record it?

FOLEY :     That Lady don't need a producer....

She needs a"RE-ducer" with all that amazing shit coming a outta her ...

I met her one night in Madrid ( when she was still w/ the Sugarcubes ) back in '88

She was just down in the Hotel Bar ,  chill ...


Bjork looked bored.... THEN !

I knew she was bout to bounce...

She was a really sweet lady , tho



David :    Some "Hater" questions would be : "You havent had a record out in 13 yrs. "

FOLEY :    And it will be "ANOTHER" 13yrs.  unless Shit is RIGHT !

Time is a fuckin' illusion anyways.....

I'm still in MF's faces , trust me


To continue to be talked about & brought up on the net & in music circles ?

With a "Whole New" generation of kids  etc.  ?

Yeah, That's TRUTH....



David :     And , "Why do you play covers"  ?

FOLEY :     Why Not  ?

For ME.... If I want to write a novel ?

Then , I need to have read quite a few of them !

So, doin' covers is like reading ALOT of  literature .


Then , when I go to write something .... It will be on a level of any great author

Plus, there's some amazing shit out there that STILL needs to be examined.



David :    And,  "How come your fonts are so big on your website?"

FOLEY :      Ha ha ha !!!

And, the one talkin the MOSTshit about it .....Are the ones bitin' the Hardest !!

I see my "Influence" on folks  & Here   ( these are just TWO examples )

Amazing what U can do with a simple -ass "Microsoft" program.....


More than anything , I like the control of doing it myself , as well !

( in the middle of the night... if  I Choose. )

I take a very    "Hands -On" approach to EVERYTHING I do



As long as the site's up ?    That's all that matters, right now...

Even if that means... Not using "Flash or Dreamweaver "


Plus, all of these sites I see.... are "Cookie-Cutter" anyway !

Some web designer goin' to some "Flash Template" site & charging the fuck outta people....

for work that was ALREADY DONE !


Hence: "The Cookie-Cutters"

Man, There's Soooo Many People out there now trying to cop what I'm Doin'

It's Funny as hell ....I KNOW I've sparked a movement of folks doin'  "Interviews"

on their site, now.     I guess people figure since I'm not a "Household" name...

* only among REAL Musicians * 

that  most people wouldn't know where that style comes from ?

With "7" million hits in 5 yrs. ?!?!?



I KNOW I've influenced a whole generation of the  "Do-it-yourself" people.

And, they talkin about my FoNtS ?!?!?

From My "My Inner-views"

I see yáll    ( please don't make me link muthafuckas )


It ain't just about the Fonts & colors....and the black background etc.

U still Gotta have Something POIGNANT to say with dem Fonts


Aiiiiight ????




Kenny :   I got some names to throw at ya…..



 Charles Stepney  


No Stepney ?     No  EWF !!!

I shutter to think what the radio would’ve been like, w/o Earth, Wind & Fire ....

Or moreover ….What EWF would’ve been like without CHARLES STEPNEY !








Sly Stone  

FOLEY : SLY STONE is the Reason I can & will always appreciate MUSIC !

He was THE first one to make me see colors,  thru Sound....


I can't begin to process how I feel, about what he's meant to me... Musically

"Sylvester Stewart" was & IS the Greatest Poet of the 20th & 21st  century !


And, to hear SLY tell it ?

We Have “Ray Charles” to thank for HIM  !!






Betty Davis     

FOLEY :   Perhaps ,  Prince's "Sexiest" inspiration.....

( Er'body from the "minneapolis scene" wouldvé been wearing cardigans, otherwise )

No Betty Davis ?      No "Vanity 6"  ....etc. etc.


MILES' muse , with THE most impact on him.... in his later yrs.

And, a WHOLE cast of others ....     all of the current so-called "Black Rock" Queens ?!?


Sex & Rock n' Roll ( for Black Folks ) really wouldvé been a different game, without her...


I think she was what "Tina Turner" may not have had the stomach to be.... onstage

"Sex & Sexiness"  vs. "Openness" has never been about "Class"

U can either "Go there" ...or U won't !


I think it's more about "Vulnerability" , than anything...

And, "BETTY DAVIS" wuddn't Scurred !


"Nasty Gal" huh ?





Sam Cooke 

FOLEY : Tragic ....tragic way to go out .


No Sam Cooke ?     No Steve Perry.....

Ha ha ha ha !






Todd Rundgren 

FOLEY :   Nobody's Fuckin with Todd !

I met him once, Really nice kat....


"Time Heals" ?!?!







James Jamerson    

FOLEY :  As I've said before :

No Jamerson ?     No Peace !!

( if U play a bass   )


THE most innovative Bassist , known to mankind !!


Was that too much ?   the mankind thing ?

cause, I couldn't find a "word" wide enuff , to express his work.






Marvin Gaye   


I don't think I would've known how "DARK & BEAUTIFUL"  sound / voice/ lyrics could be ....

I aspire to speak... as Marvin did.

THE most “eloquent communicator” I've ever witnessed.







FOLEY : "The Concept"  is STILL one of my favorite albums... ever !

Plus, those young kids ( Danny & Drac ) 

were prolly the only ones to EVER put some heat on  our beloved "P-Funk" guitarists...


And, they were only 50 miles away ( Dayton)

So, WE really championed them !







Bootsy Collins  


I know Rhythm....

I know Space.....

I know Arrangement......

I know Humor .....

I know Style.....

I know WHAT to play.....

because of WILLIAM COLLINS....


He was the reason I ever wanted to play an instrument !

Bootsy's work,  got me ready for MILES hindsight.







George ClintonG.c.jpg (80153 bytes)

FOLEY : My Friend  / Collaborator / Teacher / Confidant

I can't say enuff about George !!

By George allowing Bootsy his freedom ?    ( the "Stretchin' out" debut  )

He inadvertently got me ready for this WHOLE ride !!

Music & the Music Business !!!







Chaka Khan 

FOLEY :     Loved HER all MY lifetime.....




The first "serious" crush I ever had !

( I was 12yrs. old )

*Hi, Chaka*






Walter "Junie" Morrison   Walter__Junie__Morrison.JPG (9145 bytes)

FOLEY :   Sly's successor if at all possible ?

This man wrote "KNEE DEEP" !!!!


That "ALONE" validates the first statement I made....

Not to mention those "Westbound" years with the Ohio Players ?!?!






Bernie Worrell 

FOLEY :    The Father of Modern-Day synthesis !!

To say funk & R/B   would take away from his Brilliance ... 

( and, it wouldn't be the COMPLETE truth )


*see “Atmosphere”  from  Funkadelic’s  “Let’s Take it to the Stage”    ‘75





Meshell N’degeocello 

FOLEY :   She's Dope

This woman made Mf's actually PRACTICE....

MeShell's  live arrangement of "Tennesee" for Speech & co.

on “SNL” , was UN-MATCHED !






Kamaal The Abstract 

FOLEY :    I'm not sure how I feel about "Kamaal....

   "Q-tip" , ain't to be fucked with... tho !


But,  he gets Madd props for Pushin'  !





The  “Either/Or”   questions : 


Experience  or  Band Of Gypsies ?

FOLEY :   I prefer Mitch & Billy ....


But, for Black Folks ?    " Band Of Gypsies "

Cause, Jimi didn't cross-over ( wit Black Folks ) til' they heard that "Back-beat"

and, R&B "Vocal Stylings" of Buddy Miles in the mix !


I'm sure , still to this day...the average Black person can only tell U about  "Who Knows "  

when asked about Jimi Hendrix


( sad , but true )





Loose  or  Tight ?

FOLEY :    Musically ?

Loose !  

( and, that's still depending on the Arrangement )              


"Vaginally" ?

Take a guess.....


the TRUTH......





Here  or There ?


 ( As long as "ART & MUSIC" are involved )






Technique  or  Feel ?

FOLEY :    It's Funny ....

"Technique" only really matters ,  when there's NO "FEEL"

And, even then...

Cause , Kats that have "Technique"  &  No "Feel" are akin to operating a "Typewriter" or a "Drill saw"


Just because someone can type "500" word a min.

doesn't mean they're playing this "Word Tool" !

They're just....   "OPERATING IT"

and,  it "Sounds like it"  too !


I'd rather hear a "Woodpecker" tap on a tree  ....

than, to hear some kat tappin' on an instrument with NO FEEL  ?!?!



Way Back When  or   Here and Now ?

FOLEY :    Both !!

There's  No "Here & Now"  ....without the "Way Back When"  





Inside  or  Outside ?

FOLEY :  Musically ?


( if U know HOW to Freak it )

But , in terms of physical space ?

Outside !!




"Look Before You Leap"   or   "He Who Hesitates.... Is Lost" ?

FOLEY : The "Delicate" Balance of this very notion ...

has gotten people "Killed"  &/or made them "Wealthy"

So, HE who KNOWS this "Balancing Act" .....


Shall prevail !!


Aiiiiiiiiiiiight   ?!?!?





David Hassen :    5  string   or   4 string bass ?

FOLEY :      FOUR....  

Cause , if U can't work 4 ?   

One mo' string ain't gon' help  ?!?!





Kings X     or   Nirvana  ?

FOLEY :   Doug & em's  rhythm section is stronger .....

But , Kurt was a better songwriter !

So , I'mma roll wit Nirvana...

But, I got Madd props for Dave Grohl's survival skills





Teddy Riley    or  Jimmy Jam ?

FOLEY :     TEDDY !!

No Fuckin' contest !!

Jam did his thing ...but, he sounded like he was always "Waiting on da trends"  instead of starting them....

Cause, "Rhythm Nation" wuddn't nothin but Teddy's shit  all Polished up !

ted.jpg (7989 bytes)


And, with Janet's Control lp  they waited on "MIDNIGHT STAR" to set the trend

"Control" wuddn't nothin' but "FREAK-A-ZOID

( Damn near "Verbatim" )


"Love Will Never Do"  is such a great  song , tho...

"Anytime , Anyplace"  was Massive as well.....

Lately ?     The stuff hés done with her sounds like "Coke-a-Cola" ads


I can hear MF's now...."Where's You're Hits"  ??


"He talks ALOT of shit"   etc. etc. etc....


For  ONE simple reason :   " I WAS THERE "

I helped to create some of this shit ......


People wear me out , talkin' like they're an authority....

cause, they might have a "Current" hit  or   "Whatever"

And, getting on some "Self-imposed"  music-guru shit ?!?!?


MOST can only "discuss" what MAY have happened ....

I "LIVED / LIVE" IT  !!!!

and, Continue To  ...



Calls Yo' crib ?    ( and , sometimes in the middle of the nite )

talkin'  bout "I got some Women up here"    or    "I   got this Idea,  Man"    or     "Help"  ?


Until then ?        


I've always set out to START TRENDS , Not "Follow" them...


                  Plus , like "DEL" the funky homosepian once said :


                     ((((((   STILL   ))))))

                                  *Sorry , Ladies.... for THAT  language*





Cats    or   Snakes  ?

FOLEY :    Neither.........



India Arie     or   Avril Lavigne ?

FOLEY :   Ha ha ha ha haha !!!!

I can't front tho.....

"Irie" wrote some very powerful lyrics,  on her first single !

( I just hope those lil' Sistas out there actually "heard" her )



Jerome    or  Bentley Farnsworth ?

FOLEY :   Jerome !!

No Doubt ....



Alice Coltrane   or   Yoko ?

FOLEY :    Ouch !!

Uhhmm ...."Jessica Hahn" ?

Since U talkin about "Vibe-wreckas"





Jane Pauley   or  Paula Zahn ?

( which one for an adult film ? )

FOLEY :   Ha ha ha !!!

Jane Pauley's mouth is better ....

But , Zahn got Leggs ....


So ,  BOTH !!!


Actually ,  I always thought Jane was kinda cute .....

( for a news "Anchor" )





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( Part. III )

   Continued...with  "Van Hunt"