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Me !

 * I made it * 

Top  "15 "  events, thus far ....

( the First 40yrs. )

yinyang2.gif (20616 bytes)







The Murder of  "Blaine Emerson" ( my 1st Drummer )

Blaine played Drums *Posthumously* on "The GodFather 

( from my debut CD on MOTOWN back in '92 )


He was left in an alley for 3 days,  before anybody found him....

Blaine was THE first "Multi-instrumentalist" that I would come in contact with.


Rest well.







14.  Tommy "TJ" Johnson

THE  "Realest"   Kat ,  I've EVER known....

Also, one of the great  "Survivors"   ( unfortunately )


Consistency  Personified !


Producer / Engineer / Musician....his work is Amazing !

And, one of My "REAL"  Friends for over 21yrs.









13. F&F  ( Foley & Fish ) : "The Drum Factor"

Lollapalooza '93   :

I'm on tour w/ Arrested Developement.....

And, I had to sub for "Norwood"   ( Fishbone's bassist ) 4x's already....on the Tour.  

So, I  knew the " Fishbone" set as a result

Fish misses his Flight...... I sub for "FISH"

Show goes off without a hitch.

Dubbed  MVP of  Lollapalooza '93.


My Take on it :          

Well ,  I  just played Drums.... to music....I already knew..... on Bass


But, just to watch him play "SERVITUDE" everyday, was INSANE !



**********************   FAST  FORWARD   ***********************


Mary J. Blige / Res 

Live in London @ Wembly Arena.   March-2002

Fish &  I  are both on tour  w/ Res ,  I was playin'  Keys......

And Guitar on 3 or 4 Songs as well...


Fish,  thru doctors orders, can't do the Show.....

So, I  Sub for FISH  @   WEMBLY ARENA

Show goes off without a hitch.


RES & manager :  VERY thankful.


Sting & Annie Lennox :   said they really enjoyed the Show.


So , as U can see.....

Fish & I have done quite a few gigs, together

( Everlast / Khaleel tour as well )

We've been  a "Bass & Drum"  team  quite a few times over the years








12. (Dealing with) "Biters  &  Hate"

More often than not ...I've found that :

When someone gives to you....  

And, You Cannot give back ......


whether  it's :





Art  / Performance.....   etc.


People seem to resent this other person/people ,  More & More


Perhaps , they seem to feel that they could NEVER Re-Pay the gift, that was given

( Thru an..... ALL  DIVINE  SOURCE ,  most  times )


Folks know, DEEP Down....  when :


So, they'll be Mad @ YOU....if U DO  ?



Jealousy & Resentment

(  HATERS... if U will  ) 



Well, some folks don't have ANYTHING to Share....At All.

Like :  Respect, or " Kind " words etc.

AND,  So..... 

HATE :   It becomes a  "National Pastime"




Imitation is the sincerest form of :"Somebody Else"


Inspiration....however   , is a  Natural Progression.

( an all too "Human" characteristic )

Unless, You're an ANIMAL about imitating / STEALING shit ?


Bitin'  is  "MADD CORNY" 

And , in a world where...Er'body's  tryin' Desperately to be DIFFERENT ?!?



Biters & blank brains.jpg (565874 bytes)


MY Dealing with THIS Bullshit will be :








11.        The Creation of.....  


(   After ONLY 6 months....I had 1,22,540 Hits ??? )


 the ''Difference''   Logo


Gone are the Days of :

"What ever happened to Foley?"


Thru this medium, not only am I able to dispell  All of that.

BUT, now..... U can get it straight from the SOURCE.


So.....What's Crackin' ?


Now , maintaining  a GLOBAL presence..... is just.

I was tired of gettin' the run-a-round about having a website.

So, I  Learned what Computer Heads already knew....

And,  the Rest is....CYBER-HISTORY ??


Much Love  to all the People  who send emails daily

with support about how much they're Really diggin' the site... & My Vision


    "I see my Influence is Still Shinning"

----Busta Rhymes







10.    The Murder of  "Rizzy" ( my last Drummer )

I Still don't know what to say, about this.

It's just .....    


I still can't Believe  he'Dead.


HE was my Favorite Drummer / Musician that I'd had to date....PERIOD






9.    Performing for "Mavis Staples" on PBS .  


              I'm  NOT afraid to sing, anymore

"Mavis" told me... I was Sangin for them people

                           ( And , She was before...  Aretha. )


Music review : A tribute to the Staple Singers at FitzGerald's

By Howard Reich 

February 22 , 2002   Chicago Tribune

Pops would have loved it.

For three glorious hours, a small army of blues singers, country crooners and gospel belters converged on the stage of FitzGerald's, in Berwyn, to sing the indelible tunes of Roebuck "Pops" Staples.

Though the Chicago gospel legend died more than a year ago at age 85, his influence remains palpable in American gospel, pop, R&B and country music—or at least in the most melodic facets of those genres. Because he generally preferred easygoing tempos, hushed dynamics, gently insinuating melodies and songs with an unmistakable message, Staples ennobled an American music industry that he considered too loud, brash, angry and narcissistic.

As patriarch of the Staple Singers and author of such blues-tinged "message songs" as "Respect Yourself" and "I'll Take You There," Staples gave listeners a gentle, life-affirming alternative. It would be difficult to imagine an evening more sweetly in tune with his esthetic than the FitzGerald's show, which opened Wednesday with a screening of a short film homage that will be broadcast at 7:30 p.m. Monday on John Callaway's "Chicago Stories" program, on WTTW-Ch. 11.

Once the film ended, a procession of top-notch interpreters performed songs from the repertory of the Staples family, some of whom were present, cheering as vociferously as anyone in the standing-room-only crowd.

As soon as singer Robert Cornelius opened the concert with a smolderingly understated version of "Respect Yourself," it was obvious that the planners of this event knew what they were doing. Pops Staples' songs, in other words, weren't being rewritten for a new generation but were being sung the way he preferred—albeit with some beguiling idiosyncrasies.

Cornelius, for instance, brought incredible vocal fervor to Staples' tunes yet also gave his uncommonly tight band—The Robert Cornelius 7—ample room in which to riff. And ...Foley, whom jazz listeners may remember from his electric guitar work with one of trumpeter Miles Davis' last bands, turned in some extraordinarily personal vocals. Accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, while two backup vocalists and a drummer provided taut counterpoint, Foley switched from a purling falsetto to low-down growl and back at the drop of a sixteenth note.

Some of the most charismatic music-making came from Otis Clay, whose mighty, unabashedly raspy baritone on "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" pointed to the Delta blues music that served as the starting point for Pops Staples' career. When Clay called to the stage singer Mavis Staples, one of Pops' daughters, the two spontaneously traded phrases and sonic effects as fluently as the best jazz instrumentalists do.

By evening's end, Mavis Staples practically had run out of voice, yet somehow she summoned a great burst of energy, whimsically scat-singing her way through an impromptu ode to club owner Bill FitzGerald (who deserved it).

Here's hoping that Monday's "Chicago Stories" will include generous footage of this concert, which probably said more about Pops Staples' music than even the best documentary could.

                                February 22 , 2002     Chicago Tribune







8  Prince  

Prince.jpg (7134 bytes)

Miles Davis   introduced us in '87.....

Prince's music had already gotten me thru Jr. high school in  '78 

And , to become one of his Favorite People.....Musically ?

That's INSANE to Me...STILL


(  He told me how much he liked my song  "Cum Round" & my take on J5's "ABC" )

He definitely made me listen to what I was Doin'

Maybe to hear things that maybe, I'd taken for granted ?


Prince....Thank You.


And, when PRINCE called wanting ME to  MIX HIS CONCERTS.....

( for his "Jam of the Year" Shows )

He said ,  I was the Only  *REAL*  Musician.....who knew him.         

( Enuff to trust ME to Mix his Concerts ?!? )

47954ad71b.jpg (74800 bytes)


   After all those years....I figured , He knew what MILES knew......

                                                (   I  could  Hear ?  )

                                  I had a Blast.


Prince is  NOW...and, still today....a Great Artist

( Prince, will be 91yrs old ....STILL wearin'  folks out  )



Yall gonna have to come up with a...."DARLING NIKKI"  or  a  "HAD U"

before folks can utter a NEGATIVE word about what he's doin'......

or NOT doin'  as of late.   


( not to mention decades of catalog....and counting  )


Bless, his Life.









7.  Joni Mitchell 

1989 ....Los Angeles .....The Strand theater ......MILES DAVIS  ( Live )

During the blues, when I was just about to play my solo.....


I see Joni Mitchell.


I smiled at this woman, so Wide......And, SHE smiled back at 

"Damn, He Really knows who I am"


Unfortunately, some people DON'T .....know who Joni is....

in terms of picking her out in a crowd.... ESPECIALLY


After the show.... she gave me the biggest, warmest Hugg




****** FAST FORWARD *******


1991....Los Angeles .....The Hollywood Bowl  

( MILES' Last Concert )


The Hollywood bowl had/has some policy about NO Backstage access.

So,  I see Joni & rescue her from the first security guy.

(who doesn't know who she is )


Now, I'm literally havin' a Tug-of-war with JONI MITCHELL

And, now... another security guy.....


This  idiot....must have escorted her out, once I'd gotten onstage 

( Again, HE didn't know WHO she was.....either )


The whole time, I'm hoping that she didn't leave, in Frustration.

As it turned out, it would be Miles' last concert.


I was thru Joni's music, that I'd come to know "Prince & Chaka"

Cause...They BOTH know Her, like I do ...Musically, that is.

I love the fact that on Prince's "Controversy" LP,  one of the headlines was just simply :








6. Dizzy Gillespie

Every time I'd see Dizzy....He'd say : "Aaaay, Dogg"   

Dizzy sat me down & told me about this Music Game , when I first met him. 

And, He seemed to think I had it together, at 23yrs. old ??  )   

Dizzy would always make time for me when I had questions .....

Frank Schindelbeck.jpg (32615 bytes)

*******************  FAST FORWARD ********************

Grammys  '89  ( backstage )

He'd misplaced his "FAMOUS" Horn.....

"Aaaaaay, Dogg.....Help me find my Horn "


So, now ....  DIZZY  &   I ,   are lookin' frantically looking for his horn.

I felt like :  I'm helpin'  HISTORY.... search for "HISTORY"

Too  Surreal .....then & Now







5.   "Stevie Wonder"

While at MOTOWN.....

I enjoyed one of the "Perks" of being on a Major label.

V.P. Steve McKeever told him about my project & how er'body at the label was Buzzin' about it...

So, he plays a song from my cd "Tell Ms. Thang" for STEVIE & he wanted to meet Me ?!?!?

I was DONE.


We went to "Wonderlove" studios....

and,  I sat with him for hours talkin about music & life

STEVIE actually got excited when I told him how much I loved his song :

"Take up a Course in Happiness"

So, he started playin' a version that he had produced

on "Syreeta Wright"  And, I don't remember being so blown away by another human being,

since befriending.......MILES.....


Stevie was supposed to play on a tune of mine called "Tell Ms. Thang"

( he really liked what I was doin , especially that song )

but,  when his teacher who'd taught him Piano....died

and, then his cousin died two days later....

STEVIE disappeared.


The session that was supposed to happen, eventually became the Boyz 2 Men collab

when they got STEVIE to play on  "Too High" with Norman Brown.


Oh , Well......







4.  George Clinton 

George Clinton

George gave me one of the greatest compliments I'll EVER receive:

                   "Foley....reminds me of Junie"  

                                            -----George Clinton ( '92 )


If yall know who Walter "Junie" Morrison  is ?

Then ....You'll know how I  felt,  when George said that.



By allowing me to "Write & Produce"   3 Records with HIM   

( My own & his )

He  too, had My Back .....when No One else did .


George, Thank You.

Me & GC bts .jpg (36535 bytes)

Damn , it seems...that.... I'm SIX  for 6  ??   


* My Life *







3. Miles Davis 

MILES !!!.jpg (75035 bytes)

*Aaaaaaah, man*

Musically, I wouldn't be in the Game.....      


MILES was the ONLY person, who Truly tried to put me on.

( I'm not even gonna bust MF's out ....cause they KNOW who they ARE )

That's why most of U,  know me thru.... MILES.


I ended up being represented by a  "KING"  anyway.

Here's something that's still kinda funny when I think about it....

Prince had invited Miles to the homecoming show for the "Lovesexy" tour in '88...

Miles called me & said : "Let's Roll"

Miles & I were leaving after the concert to go get somethin to eat...

And....these two young, white teenage girls approached us....

they'd seen alot of people coming up to us ....

MAJOR celebs were showing mad love to MILES every "3 ft." we'd walk.



When they approached us , & one of them said :

"Who are U guys ?"   

"Yall look famous....Who are U ?"

Miles looked at me & immediately answered :  "I'm Foley"

Then I followed his lead & said :  "I'm Miles Davis"


NOW ....The  Deep part was.....

They KNEW the name "MILES DAVIS"

but, were too young to know what HE looked &/or sounded like


So, then Miles gave them an autograph & signed MY NAME     

and, I signed HIS....

They giggled & walked away all flustered.


Miles was soooo "Quick" like dat....


I miss him.






2.    "Chan"    

I can only think of  2 words ......


And, these words aren't even strong Enuff .

them there EYES !!!!


Once again , I  KNOW LOVE.



my mother...barbara (23573 bytes)

            Because of Her.....       




UN-Conditional LOVE.  

      for those of U, who were fortunate enuff to have a REAL Mother.....          

I'm Sure, I don't need to Elaborate



    ALL of my Wit .....Game......Awareness.......Great Relationships ...etc.

comes from :  My MOM.

 Now,  that  I know How a REAL Woman conducts herself .



How A  REAL Woman :

    Acts ......Thinks ......Carries Herself.....Cares for Others......etc.


   Ladies, If U think I'm bullshittin' ya ?   

Check ya man's relationship with his Mom....

and, You'll  see what kind of Man You're Dealin' with



  I will ALWAYS "Love & Respect" women..... having actually been raised....




with MY LIFE.


  because my Mother spent her LAST  $20  & bought my 1st bass  for me at a Garage Sale ?

I  am  able to Speak with ALL of YOU.   

  There would be NO  SmartalecMUSIC.



Aiiiight ?!?!?


the big ol flame .gif (1820020 bytes)



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