Ladies & Gents...        

  A conversation with :

     ( TV & Film Director / Former Pres. of  BET Televison )     

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                Before we begin ....

           I'd like to discuss, the True meaning of the word :



         her-it-age   Pronunciation   ( her'a'tige )


          1.   Property that is or can be inherited; an inheritance

                2.   Something that is passed down from preceding generations; a tradition

              3.  The status acquired by a person through birth; a birthright ( a heritage of Affluence and social position )

      *Synonyms: Inheritance , Legacy ,Tradition*


            Here'another   example:

    Peter Hudlin:     ( Great-great-grandfather )

          Escapes from a plantation in Virginia, to become a leader in the "Underground" Railroad.

   Richard Hudlin:    ( Great-grandfather )

          An actor,  journalist  &  the 3rd Black Man in history to establish a Film company.

        *This is starting to make sense ...."Reggie" *

  Edward Hudlin:           ( Grandfather )

     Jockey  &  " World War I "  vet.

    Warrington Hudlin, Sr :       ( Father )

      Creates a successful insurance brokerage ...

          And, subsequently became one of the first Blacks to head a MAJOR insurance company, in the U.S.

 Warrington Hudlin, jr :         ( older brother )

            Film Producer, YALE Grad, philanthropist & co-creator of the "Acapulco"  Black Film Festival

                 And, Now ....I bring to U :   

     "The Baby of the Bunch" -----Master Gee


    Reggie Hudlin :

( Great-Great Grandson )

         Film Director , HARVARD Grad , Former "Playa"   ( And, "Keyboardist" on da Weekends )










What is going on.... ''Reginald Hudlin'' ?????

REGGIE HUDLIN :     Yeah !


What’s  happening , man ?

REGGIE  :    This is Lovely, man !       (  he he ...)


"Long Time" ,   REG ....

Clownin’     Talkin’    Signifyin’ .... 

Clownin’     Talkin’    Signifyin’ .....

(  I  was gonna say " Creating" ,  but that’s a given !   )

REGGIE   :    That’s  a "Given".... exactly!

But , you & your brother "Warrington" Warrington  1  ( Producer ) , have put it down on so many levels !cause you know they'll only give ya 2 or 3 dollars to make a movie with... And,  you Kats are still able to make it happen!     It's like with MGM & the whole "Soundtrack"  thing originating with "SHAFT"  in terms of how to sell a movie.       ( Without a "STAR" )   And , NOW... that’s normal ?

REGGIE  :     "We didn’t do anything new...."   

The key is :  "Does the music come out of the movie ?   or  is the music put on top of the  movie " ?     When I use to visit Warrington  in New York, he would say:  Man there’s this new music & these kids would plug into street lights to get power, and they’re taking these corny disco records & manipulating them " !!    Literally , manually , manipulating them and putting their own words on top! We were so excited by the idea of that !  And, that was at least 5 years before "Rappers Delite" !     So, we were excited about making a movie that took the whole hip hop vibe.   At one point...the "Rock Steady Crew", wanted Warrington to manage them,   'cause he was the only Intelligent grown-up...  who actually  cared  about the art form, who they knew.



REGGIE :  They were like...You’ll look out for us, at least! 


REGGIE :  So, the idea of doing something that took hip-hop and expanding it , was something we were into for a long time.       I  remember...  when  I  first  heard.....

                                                       Run DMC's

                                                         It’s Like That

                                          I was like :  "Aaaawwwww" !!      

                         How can I be down ??

                                                              Turntable '' Instrumentalist''  ......

But , you're a kid yourself ... tho !

REGGIE :  " I used to be a kid..... "

Naw,'re still a youngblood , 'cause the people that run this game, have been around a long time.  One would have to put in a lot of years, before they can get the kind of power that you & Warrington have achieved   It's like...( HBO series ) Cosmic Slop !!   I mean really ...and George Clinton was the host ?    C'mon man...   I mean:   it made people think , to the point of even getting.... "Angry"  ??

                                                           MAGGOT OVERLORD

REGGIE :  Well , you know.... it's funny, because we got some of the best reviews we've ever gotten !   It got Great  numbers.   And  it was one of those things that , whenever we would travel.... it would be the thing that people would ask about the most ! 

       ( like : "When you gonna do some more Cosmic Slop man , we need that" )

                   That's like asking Sly Stone to do more of... ''Riot Going On''

REGGIE :  "Right" .....And we'd love to !    We actually developed 13 more episodes , that we thought were even stronger than the 3 we did.


Really  ?                     

REGGIE :  And they were like:  "NO, we're not into the Anthology Series anymore" , they're gonna do something else which really broke our hearts .  But , that's not something that I've walked away from... I just felt like : "Okay, we'll we just have to wait for the moment to double back & do that again " !     'Cause people are fiending for where WE are in the future... And to me , the success of movies like "the Matrix", just reinforces that !   That was the first time we all saw ourselves in the future... not just as "cattle fodder", but  moving & shaking thangs!


Yeah, that's incredible!    I  remember when we got to the screening,  I  couldn't have imagined the demographic  in that  audience   ( other than a few "celebs" )  It was just interesting to watch people's reaction,  to the truth .... if  you will .

REGGIE :  Oh yeah.... the most interesting response was after we couldn't move forward with HBO . We shopped it at a couple of other networks, we showed it to a woman who ran one of the networks & when she saw the "Space Traders" episode...

( where the aliens come & offer to solve Americas energy crisis or environmental crisis and basically solve all their problems in return for all the Black people, we're not gonna coerce you , just a trade no questions asked.. 40 hours to decide)

                                    so, when she saw that episode at the end ...  

     she just started crying  ?!?!


"Oooooh"      * with Full Mantan Moreland Eyes*     mantan

REGGIE :    So we thought   "Wow, that's deep...that's a real strong response" !


Was it a Black or White woman ?

REGGIE :  White woman.


Okay .....

REGGIE :  And, then she said :''But, we'll pass''

So,  the ''White Guilt''  tears came out.... for Nothin'  ? 

REGGIE :      Yeah.

And , She STILL passed on it .....

REGGIE :    Yep.


( And the "Best Actress" Oscar goes to ...."FAKE NETWORK EXEC CHICK" )

I  thought ''White Guilt'' usually worked in Black Folks' favor in Hollywood ...

REGGIE :    That was  then ....


And,  NOT  now...?

REGGIE :    Correct, we're in the 21st Century!

Okay, we should prolly move on.... !

REGGIE :             "Ha ha ha ha"

                                                       cosmic slop

It brings to mind , the same flack you had taken with ''Boomerang'' where you'd brought together an ALL BLACK cast ,  as a "change of pace".    * as if Black folks can't fucntion at a Firm, unless someone is around to lead them..*     

REGGIE :  Oh yeah.... well , it's funny 'cause when we did "Boomerang",   (at the time)   I thought I was just making a "Romantic Comedy" !   I  really didn't think it was that deep .   It wasn't until I got the really strong Hostile reaction from some White people .   ( not ALL White people 'cause a lot of White people really loved the movie )   but... you know,   there were some critics that were really Offended ...

         they said: "This is a Science Fiction movie" 

Wow...                                                  boomerang...

REGGIE :     I was like :   ''Damn , that's a hell of a response'' 


Aiiiiiight ?

REGGIE :  I realized we did the "Ultimate Thing" : we ignored them !   "It's okay if you do a whole movie about how you hate White people and want to kill them..."  Yada , yada .


But , that's expected from you "Neeeegroes" ....     * in my best Mortimer Duke voice*

REGGIE :  That's US... still reacting to them !   But...for us to lead comfortable/successful  lives ; where you have your cake & eat it to ...... where you can be cool & hip , get women....all that & hold down a job .....or run a successful company, that was a really shocking to the point of an offensive idea for them.   Which is why Black people love it as much as they do, and White people really didn't know what to do with that movie !     And it's funny,  Black People love my work because of "Boomerang" and White People love my work because of  "House Party".   And , it's not that House Party is a "White" movie or a compromise movie or anything like that .....

Well , "House Party"  was a movie they're comfortable with .House Party

REGGIE :    It was a movie they're comfortable with.  

   'Cause it was about young people &  none of the ideas in it were "Inherently" threatening !


Young Urban life , on the dance floor...?

REGGIE :  Right!    You know...that's okay , too !    We can't get so hung up,  that we might offend White people, that we have to distort what we say  or  what we do...'cause again ; that's thinking about them too much !    But it's interesting that the "Middle Class" movie is the offensive one ?


The "Black" middle class doesn't really exist in the minds of  "White America" .

REGGIE : Oh yeah, they have no use for it !  

They have use for a "Chuck D...."         they have use for an  "Easy E ..."


Yeah, it's good for the (white) guilt ....  And  / or  Rage !

REGGIE :  Well , it's also like putting on the "Animal Skins"

  ( you know... where you can work out your anger & aggression. )    "Aaarrrrrrgggghhh "    

                                To be a "Baddass"     

But, when they're feeling groovy ....they'll  put on ''Bon Jovi''  

         'Cause they've got no use for ....''Luther Vandross''



REGGIE :        So,  it's a "Utilitarian" issue !

At it's lowest level.... Of  "Practicality" !

REGGIE :     Yeah....

Wow!     Can you imagine?   "In this DAY & AGE  ?"      When was that ...'92-3   ??

REGGIE :    '92.

"Damn" ,  just 10 years ago:    ATCQ ,  Rodney King ....and Boomerang ?

REGGIE :   Ha .

and,  speaking of  "Anniversaries"..... Nah, we ain't gon' get into that.

* Note : this "Inner-view" took place on April 29th, 2002 



REGGIE :  Heh , heh...

I wouldn't have imagined that 10 years later, things would have changed so much. No more ''Boomerangs'' have been made since,  the 10 year anniversary of the L.A. Riots is today...

and ''Lisa Lopez'' is gone! Lisa



It's real deep where the Ënergy is , right now....

REGGIE :  You know, we're living in Really interesting times .....

We're in one of those periods, where history is moving really fast.   I can't believe it myself , that I'm living this life !  When I set out I wanted to make movies, I wanted to make movies in Hollywood.   I had no idea how I was gonna end up here, & it all seems so miraculous....  

     I see young filmakers today and I'm like :  "Y'all have no idea how unprecedented... how impossible.... all of this stuff is"   The beauty of  it is :  they could take it for granted .   And on some levels they should because .....

It's  just  "Fair" ? 


Uh huh ....

REGGIE :    Yeah , it's  just  " Fair....''

....that's like taking  the Right to "Free Speech & Assembly" for granted .


Freedoms that people... won't use ?

REGGIE :  Right!

Like when folks were too lazy to pick up their welfare check ?         *Free Money?*

                   ''Real Money''

REGGIE :    Right!



REGGIE :  Or it's like, now that your Grandma & Grandpa got bitten by dogs you can vote.... to hell with that vote thing!

" It ain't my Thang"    or   " the system don't work fah me "

REGGIE :    Right !


It's interesting man.... where people place " Importance" !  ( in terms of their own "spiritual" evolvement )  I  don't know Reg , I'm just glad you & Warrington put it down &  that made it possible for all the other  (Director/ Producer)  teams....  you know what I'm saying?

REGGIE : Yeah, I  know... ''Warrington'' ( that was the model for me )  He was making films independently, back before independent film was even a term, when it was called "Underground" cinema !

Viva La  "Black Film Festival" !!

REGGIE :    I  mean, it was literally underground !   Goin' around from borough to borough.... throwing up a sheet on the side of a building in the South Bronx !

"Warrington"                    Warrington   II

REGGIE :  And  just project a movie,  just straight raw "Guerilla" style. 

Straight  Jackin' ....

REGGIE :  Right! know, he came out of that attitude, he came out of that 60's ethos of  we all have to win . ( Collective Thinking ) And, it's so funny to be in the era of  Shallow Materialism,   I  was gonna say "Puffy" era ...  but,  I don't want to just put it on him.

Right ....

REGGIE :  You know... that's wrong,  it's a broader thing than to just blame it on one man !    The 60's was an era of where everyone had to win, and you've got to kick the door open for everybody and not just do for "Self".   That was the thing ,  when we first heard your music man !   It spoke to exactly what we were about .And  having so many of my friends, who I respected;  rave about you....rave about your work.... rave about you with Miles....rave about your work with George Clinton & P-Funk....and I'm like:  "Well, that's everything I like "  So, I hear an album with nothing but surface noise....a CD with nothing but surface noise.... well, that's the KAT for me !      

                                                We we're just like :

               "We've got to put him down"


That's "Bananas" man .....but, Thanks !

REGGIE :  And, the great thing about that era is ....there were so few rules back then !  

We just said :  "He's the guy, that's gonna do the score" ....        and  No One  questioned it.



REGGIE :  And,  the score you did was sooooo ''Tight'' !!

''Dude'', you hurt me with that one, Reggie!  You made me Dig-In, I'm telling you man  When you asked for Carl Stallings ?        I knew better, that was out of my league...  I  thought .

REGGIE :     Ha ha ha !!

When you talk about "Carl Stallings"....  that's  a bit much, Bruh.

                               ''Carl  Stallings''

REGGIE :  Yea!   But , see ...that's the beauty of  ''Ignorance'' !!

"Whatchu Talkin' Bout , REGGIE"  ???       * in my best "Gary Coleman" voice*


REGGIE :  In other words.... I didn't know that you were scared to do it

                     I just believed that you could do it !


REGGIE :  And,  I  was right .....  &  YOU  were wrong !

I  was very wrong            



REGGIE :  And that's the beauty of it ....  I love that, believing in someone, throwing them the ball, walking away & not looking back ....

Dude, it took me two weeks to write that "ONE"  cue ...

REGGIE :  Yea....but at  NO POINT  did I think, that you weren't gonna kill that cue .

I  was worried.

REGGIE :  I  know you were.  

But, my attitude was : "Of course it's gonna get done ... of course you're gonna kill it,  quit messing around "!

Carl Stallings was classically trained & he came up in the beginning of  "BeBop" era !    Yea,  that cue was WAAAAAAAAY  out of my league, and you pushed me so hard.  "Awww man damn,  call me tomorrow with it" !!     And I knew I  couldn't NOT call you with it .    PLUS,  it was scored without  SMTPE !     I  did it the "Original" way : 

                           " WITH MY EYES , EARS & HANDS "  


REGGIE :    It  was "Beautiful" man ...

Thanks !    It pushed me, it pushed me to a place..... I never thought I'd go.

REGGIE :  On the "Temp" score, we had so many killer cues throughout that piece .....we had Mavis Staples, we had Carl Stallings, and we had all kinds of ridiculous cues on there, & you killed them all ...

Reg, I was like: "Oh, Shit" !    It was my first time doing something like that, and you turned me on to scoring....

it's deep, man   It's like you always meet that kat pushes you,  and I get pushed by a "Film Director"  ?    

I Keep getting pushed by these big thinkers that refused to accept:     


REGGIE :        Right !


I  am so proud of that cue, to this day.... I can listen to it, with anybody.   I can go to anybody's ''Berkelee School of whatever ''   and put on that piece & say:" THIS , Muthafuckas" I'm the kat who has NEVER read a note of music.  

Miles used to say :    "Give Foley a TAPE chart" !

REGGIE :     But... see, that's just it !    

If you didn't think U could have done it,   you wouldn't have put yourself in that situation . 

I just didn't want to let you and Warrington down, man.     ( And Myself )


REGGIE :  You know on a certain level,  there's all kinds of "Unconscious" choices that people make all the time.

"Ha ha ha"               .....Unconscious !!

REGGIE :      Yeah  

   'Cause it's the "Unconscious Mind " that's VERY quick , the conscious mind is slow, slow....


Slow  and "Hateful" 

REGGIE :  Right !!   That's why that whole era of  "Improvisational Jazz" was so dope !    They just said : " Let's push the conscious mind out of the way".... putting themselves in the firing line the unconscious mind has no choice ,"But" to take charge !!   So much brilliant music came out of that, And  it continues to be a big part of the Black artistic tradition!  "Look...the conscious mind is slowing us down  Jump in the deep end of the pool and swim !!        And, that's what YOU do.

         You wouldn't have put yourself in front of a "Freight Train" called :

                                      "Miles Davis"  


                                                (  if you couldn't run with that train !  )

I  know I "Hitched a Ride" several times ....


REGGIE :  You wouldn't have made that choice.... "UN-consciously" !

"Well, Damn".      That would've been the Only way .....     *HEAR ME*

REGGIE :  But the thing is, there's always choices....

               ONE could have a very successful career  &  NEVER try to go there

Say Word...


REGGIE :  So, part of you knew... you were ready !  

                                      ( whatever the conscious mind was saying. )

I'm fearless, Now.... because of that "ONE" cue !   You could have called me for anything after that, I felt like :

I'm a Composer, now ! ( later for whomever thinks otherwise)  'cause that cue took me two weeks to do!  

U  know what I mean ???   

You cracked me open to that world man, and I really appreciate that.   

I should probably say it now, while folks can read this...

                "Reggie Hudlin"....Helped turn me into a Composer  

                     It took a non-musician, to make me push harder !    That was very cool... man!

REGGIE :     I didn't help with that.... I  just opened the door !



REGGIE :     I was  the "Doorman"......Ba-by !!!

He he he heee, 'cause doing scores...that's Orchestration!   It's not just coming up with a couple of grooves taking U into the commercial !   ( like ''Fresh Prince of Bel- Air''  style )  Y'all  literally had me doin' a film score, plus... it was an hour long pilot,  AND  that's like doing a film, Dude!

REGGIE :  Yeah, but then again... you're a "Musician" !!  

       I don't mean that in the generic sense of the term.     the phrase "Musician" ?

                               that's a very "Rarefied"  thing !

                                                     ( particularly, in this era ) 

Or  "He just do Beats''

REGGIE :  Exactly!  You know,  all I can do is play the stereo ! (  now, I can play the hell outta the stereo )  I will  break somebody down on the stereo !!   I'll go toe to toe with anybody when it comes down to my "Musical" References !


Whoooo ..U know you're the ''Box Set'' champion !!    ( Nobody's  phuckin' wit yo Box Sets )

REGGIE :  "Ha ha"....and the thing is :   'cause I'm so sick with Dat, I have a very presumptive attitude !  And I've never considered going into the music field...*even tho He Should* I mean, even in terms of as an executive, because I thought  if you're going to be involved in the music business on any level.... you've gotta play, you've gotta read music, and you've gotta have a breadth of knowledge on all these different genres ...or else don't go there.    So, my shock as an adult, to be in the music world, was to find out that :  "I knew more than most people who are making millions of dollars in the music business" !  ( Now, they do know something I don't ...which is how to make a hit record ) *Don't worry, Reg's all a "Crap-Shoot"*  but all those things I presumed you had to have Don't have to have!    Now, my own personal predilection,  is for people who've listened to all those same records,  should ideally be able to play them.    I grew up on P-funk, Earth Wind and Fire, Prince, Public Enemy..... you know, people who have a breadth of knowledge.

     And my DAD was like: "Everything after Duke Ellington was Garbage" !!

                                             '' Pappa''  Hudlin

( with the exception of   "Stevie" )    Stevie WONDER was the "Asterisk".  

Everything after the Duke and the Count ...was garbage, but Stevie was alright !

Stevie is "Definitely" a product of  those two cats ..." with voice" 

REGGIE :    Oh, yea  .....


I've gotta mention "Donny Hathaway" when we mention Stevie,  'cause Donny was the first one who put those lush Jazz-like harmonies in R&B !! 


( I had to say that )  Yeah, Reggie man... you think you're not a musician, but I know you probably got a "Guitar" somewhere upstairs !   I know you ain't  said much about it, but you're  playin' on somethin'  ?

REGGIE :  The funny thing is... I got my dad's old electric guitar...I got a piano....

           and  a "Tambourine"        ..... I got from Egypt !!



REGGIE :  Naw, actually.. it's very nice.   I put my man "Coati Mundi" in a role in my last movie and he gave me this percussion instrument,  which was very sweet of him.  So,  I got all these musical instruments, but I still can't play a lick...the most I've ever played was with you over at the "Fishbone" house, the last time yáll were jammin & you put me on "KEYS" !

That's Right !    You were working it out , Dogg ...  keys

REGGIE :  And playin' over there.....      I still to this day... 

          Man , I was like : "You know.... I didn't suck"


You Didn't !!       That's why I said : "U playin' on  something, U just ain't ...told nobody"!

REGGIE :  No, the funniest thing though, was when we were on Bootsy's tour bus & we were talking to Bernie Worrell  & Gary "MudBone" Cooper  &  er'ybody ...then you said: "Well you know Reggie plays" & everybody was like :    "I thought Reggie played"         And,   I was like :

       "Why you say that in front of "Bernie Worrell" ??


                                                                                                        Photo : Albert Viking 

In front of ....     "Bernie Worrell"

          bernie worrell

REGGIE :    O' My Gawd !!


"Miles" did that to me!  On a flight, In first class...He told "Max Roach"... I  played drums.

So,  yea.... I said it  !


REGGIE :  So you put...... I mean, it's rare that I've been that mortified in my life !         But,  you go &  tell "Bernie Worrell" that I play.

We just came from jammin'  and you sounded "Good"      

So .....

REGGIE :  And then Bernie was like : "What you play, what you play"? , and trying to guess the instrument.    I can't say I play "the stereo" to him !!!


That was funny 'cause he was really ready for it !

REGGIE : He was ready for it, & then watching him do the horn charts for the show that night.

"Unreal"   man.


REGGIE :  And  just feeling the gift........of watching that moment.

A Joyful Process....?

REGGIE :  A "Joyful Process"....and then, listening to "Mudbone" talk about being a dope fiend in Ohio, how he'd first tried to rob "Bootsy" at the hotel ...and consequently ended up being in the group!


Ain't  dat Wild ?

REGGIE :  And man,    that stop.... that day.....on that bus.....  It changed my life !!     Just hanging out with them dudes.   Not that I hadn't met them before......but, those particular set of conversations..... was a transforming day!

                                        Reggie wit da ''FUNK

                                                                             Photo:   NFT

How do you think I felt on that ('98 )Prince tour......first of all,  "Prince" had me out there "Mixing the House"  so, one mornin' I'm sitting at breakfast with Cynthia (Robinson) & Jerry (Martini). Cynthia's  telling me about how they treated her back in the day... you know being the little "Fair-skinned " girl, but they still considered her a "Nigger"  &  how she took the bell of her horn and cracked this fool over the head in the eighth grade,  for "Trying" her.  "she didn't take no mess from anybody"    And, she can still play her ass off !!   I'm sitting at breakfast, sippin' on lemon tea & thangz with "Cynthia"     And ... she's telling me all about her life as a kid  in Sacramento,  so I know exactly what you mean  Sometimes, conversations.... when it's real good conversation man, can change your "perception" of a whole bunch of thangz .  We've Talked "a LOT of Yack"  over the years Reggie!    U know how we'll we go out somewhere to eat & talk shit    ....and have folks actually,   eavesdropping !

                                            ''Cynthia Robinson''    ('71)

REGGIE :     Ha ha .....    that's right !

And that's what we do.... the coolest thing in the world is that,  I'm way in Ohio ...and yáll Still reach out for me like that !!        That's very cool, man ...

REGGIE :  Yea, Man !



I'm getting ready to crack your head open !

I'm Gonna throw some names at you .....

REGGIE :     C'mon  wit  it !


Give me the "First Thing"      

....that comes in your head.



"D.W. Griffith"

REGGIE HUDLIN :    Overrated .

Haven't seen all his films.... seen "Intolerance"....seen "Birth of a Nation"of which being a

                                 profoundly, Racist film....

              birth of nation

Yeah, we ALL know what his ( personal ) trip was.....

but, I guess for panning & shit , he was aiiiiight ?

REGGIE :  Yea... But  he wasn't the first guy to do a close up,  he just "Popularized" the close up.

Right ?


REGGIE :         So, even on a historical basis I'm thinking , eh... 

                                                         I would just look at it and  I'd  go : 

                                          Okay, well.... "Whatever"



REGGIE :         Why don't folks just admit .....

    that a part of  yáll, "Get Off " on his white supremacy  ???

More than his "Angles"

REGGIE :  Exactly !    I remember sitting in school at Harvard, and they're showing the movie for ''Historical  Purposes Only''



REGGIE :  My "White" classmates, were cheering the movie until he mentions that you know... uh.... "North & South come together because of the common aryan heritage" then all of a sudden people were like "hey wait a minute, wait a minute",   so until they use a specific code word  that pressed the button of some of my classmates,  it was all good.


REGGIE :    So please, admit that you like "Porn" & move on....

Aaaahhh...."Pornography with Hate" !!      (  like with "extra" cheese or some shit )

REGGIE :     Exactly!






Cecil  B. DeMille

REGGIE :  Cecil B. DeMille.... Showmanship, "Ten Commandments" ?

 I wanna do it myself, I'd love to do the Ten Commandments ....



REGGIE :    Let's do it .... "Accurately"





Busby Berkeley

REGGIE :        "Busby Berkely"  

Showmanship....  Ba-by !

 Busby's  parade.

"Nothing wrong with singing  & dancing" ------Reggie Hudlin

      Busby's girls

Busby Berkely &  his Modern day counterpart : 

         Showman : "Baz Lurhmann"

Aaaaaww, you brought  up "Baz"

REGGIE :    Baz a bad boy !!

"Itchy .....Gitchy......Ya-Ya......Da Da"     ( I'm Thru )

REGGIE :  You better "Recognize"       ...he got my vote for "Best Picture" this year.

Aiiiiiiight .






Billy Wilder

REGGIE :  "Billy Wilder" is  fly !  (  what can you say? )  

Billy was dope tho.     "Some like it Hot    I  think it was the pre-curser to "Tootsie" etc. 

REGGIE :  "Shop around the Corner" people sleep on man , that movie is so ridiculous!

Man, if  Billy were around...   "Jack Lemmon would've pulled a Ving Rhames"



Aiiiiiight...Orson Welles ? Orson

REGGIE HUDLIN :  You know, it's funny man.... you damn near wanna call him  a "Cinematic Nigga" !!


Oh , You Gots  ta "Elaborate

REGGIE :      'cause he did his thing.....

                                       never got his due......

                                       running around trying to do it .... "Ghetto- style "


Not to mention, he had Folks literally   "Jumping  out  of  Windows"

                                                                Orson in mid-Hype....

REGGIE :  Bananas  I  remember when I worked with Eartha Kitt on "Boomerang" & of that incredible cast were a lot of really amazing, amazing people like "Geoffrey Holder"!   People don't even recognize how deep a cat like "Geoffrey Holder" is.           

                                                                            Mr. Holder

The"Uncola Nut" ?                              He is Much deeper than that....

* Note:  Uncola Nut was an old "7-up" ad from the 70's .... featuring Mr. Holder


REGGIE :  Much deeper than that...but the person who intimidated me was "Eartha Kitt" for two reasons.....

                                         1.   I knew she dated Orson Welles .

                                         2.   I  knew she cursed out the "First Lady" . .


                     ''Eartha & Orson''


What's not to Revere...?

REGGIE :  She cursed out Lady Bird Johnson  over VietNam, when she sang at the White House .  So,  she could say Anything to me.... and be justified .

And,  she still looks good  !!!

REGGIE :  She still looks good, & at one point "She was in the makeup chair & she lifted herself straight up off of the chair... Shot her legs straight out.... & just locked like a "Gymnast"

           Eartha Kitt

You know....she can still get It !!!       ( just kiddin' )

REGGIE :  Oh, yeah!  Eartha Kitt is no Joke!  (No joke, to this day.)


Hahahaha... She can still get it !       

REGGIE :     I was sitting around trying to figure out :  

"How can I put her in another movie"?    

"How can I just stay down with Eartha Kitt ????


Yo.....      "Page me, at your Great- Grandma's house"         ( Tell her to wake me up, She knows U )

REGGIE :  "Haaaaaaaa" 

  I'm just Kiddin' , Y'all           (  No ,  I Ain't  )     *snicker*





                                                                                    Reggie Hudlin...Part II


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