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( Part. III )



VAN HUNT : Why do YOU love SLY STONE so much ?

Foley : Whew…..Why is the Sky Blue ?

                                  Anyone that can write :

“Sunday School don't make U cool forever , And Neither does the Silver of your Spoon”

                                                                     -------- Sylvester Stewart  '67


(   Not to mention the horn charts against the melody on “Everyday People” ?!?!  )

He is the reason I can even HEAR  Music , as it IS




Van Hunt : Man, the first time I heard "Riot" ?

I was like: "How in the hell is he playing the shit I hear in my head...shit that I aint even figured out how to express yet.....AND, do it 30 years before me?!?!

Foley :  Hahaha...because , YOU AIN'T  "SLY STONE" Nigga !!

Van Hunt :   Why do you think he keeps such a low profile ?

Foley : Like most Ground Hogs.....

SLY prolly needs a DAMN GOOD reason to come out of that hole...


He tried to WARN us about our "Behavior" before.....

But, we were too busy "Dancing" & shit 

( And that’s not his fault either, for being so Gott Damn Funky )


Same thing with James Brown… he was trying to tell us something …

but, it’s hard to pay attention while “Cold Sweat” was the means to deliver the message ?!?

Van :  That was part of the genius... thru the packaging !

I mean...for Sly to stick somethin' like "Family Affair" up in the middle of that swamp?!

Foley :

Nah, It's still hard to hear, when somebody's screamin at you.

Most folks, are only open to getting preached to & gettin yelled at...

on SUNDAY...

Van : A message to the Hughes bros. ( or any filmmakers out there ) 

WE DON'T NEED another documentary or film or book on Jimi Hendrix.....

AS MUCH AS we need one on "SLY"

but, if you REALLY wanna make me cry out in exctasy ? 

Do something on CHARLES STEPNEY !

Foley :  

Hahahaha .....Aiiiiight ?!?!?

  But, Van….

U KNOW muthafuckas need a “Pretty Face" to match said Hero of the Moment


Do U think women actually listen to what Obama is really saying ?

( Same thing with Julian Bond in the 70’s )


That’s what’s wrong with the radio....

When MTV had to match a “FACE” to the voice ?

That’s when it REALLY got Deep...



Van Hunt : But, even the "Pretty Faces" gotta show up wit' some dough.....

if they wanna breathe any of that "Air."

Foley: Yeah , but like most "PIMPS" & their Hoes.....

U want yo' "Product" to look Good,  while she's out on the Stroll

They'll spend whatever they deem necessary , to get dat loot back they've invested already ....
                                                               pic25328.gif (293254 bytes)


And don’t forget the “Moral” half of that shit, as well….

  From "Fatty Arbuckle"  to  "George Michael


Like MF’s didn’t Know HE was gay ?!?!

Wake HIM up before Ya’ll GO GO 'head wit dat bullshit

"Hot Pants" & Prancing around in that video ?!?



It’s a shame too… cause, I really liked “Cars & Trains” from his "Patience" cd

Why did  "Liberace"   &  "Truman Capote"   get a pass ?!?

                                          Liberace.jpg (391144 bytes)                           


This Country has ALWAYS been on some "DON'T ASK ...DON'T TELL" shit...


Van :   Word.

You and I are both from ohio ( I'm from Dayton-the gem city, nigga!)



Van Hunt : We have some of the same musical heroes : Sly, Slave, the Emotions.

but, I also love Junie Morrison...for a few reasons, of course.

1.  Knee Deep

2.  He's was an Ohio Player !   (amazing-considering they replaced him with Billy Beck!  another monster!)

3. His album cover for his 1st solo record

4. And Nobody knows anything about him.....

Have you ever met him?

Foley :   Nah,…..we've Talked by phone & emails

He’s the LAST ONE !



Van Hunt :  Do you hear any similarities between Monk's piano playing /writing and Duke's ?

Foley : But, Of  Course....



But, MONK “Flipped” shit...

He’s the last one to Really shake shit up , on soooo many levels

"Technique  VS.  Truth"    ( Melody & Concepts )

 Van Hunt : I Agree....

Foley :  MONK !!

Van : It's been a popular debate among musicians. could Thelonious Monk really " Play ?"

Foley : If that debate ever came up ? 

Then , it was brought up by "Non-Thinkers" who can’t PLAY anyway


 How U gon’ Hate on Monk ?!?

Photo: Bob Parent


Plus , to debate "ART" is already self –defeating.

  And, Un-necessary … that's for folks that CAN’T PARTICIPATE !

  ( Critics & "Message Board" celebs )


Van Hunt :   Sometimes I think about Duke when I'm playing.

or, I think about a woman's ass.....the shake of it.

Foley :  

HA...U Funny....

VAN....If I had a dollar for everytime a woman told me that my music sounds like : SEX

But, If  U can’t visualize THE most Beautiful thing in your minds eye….

while “Creating" Beauty ??

You’re thoughts are SUSPECT to begin with...


Van Hunt : And, I have "Devils & Angels" sitting on each shoulder, in the form of former teachers/mentors-always in my ear telling me whether or not what I'm coming up with is worth a shit.   

What does FOLEY think about when He's playing?

Foley : Seriously ?     I simply ”Log off ” 

 (  from the World & everything that's  Im-perfect )

That’s how I’m able to play.... at all


If anybody ever told U different ?

They’ve NEVER experienced the Divine Joys of  “Loggin’ On“


If anybody told U "Otherwise" ?

The World is STILL "Flat" , as far as they’re concerned.

And they want U to join them.... When Ya'll BOTH fall off the planet...


Ya Hear Me ?


Van Hunt :  Damn!   Professor Foley!



                 Can-I Bus ???

But, that's "Common Knowledge" ...ain't  it ?!?


Van Hunt : Yeah...

Why isn't Ella Fitzgerald or Mahalia Jackson on your top 11 female singers list?

Foley : Well,  Reggie Hudlin said :  "R&B"

But, to categorize is a strange thing to do….anyway


I’m sure he just wanted me to think about it, harder.   ( I don't know Why.. btw )

Cause, actually   "ELLA"  IS  My favorite singer EVER !

And, she was FINE !!!

The 1st Lady.....  ''Ella Fitzgerald''

Van Hunt : Ok.  cause I was worried for a second. "Ella is a fact" she the baddest!

Foley : Umm..More Common knowledge ??

Shit , she was  Fuckin' AMAZING  !!

And , Gorgeous.....

I got to meet her at MILES' memorial...

While I was greeting Cecily Tyson...Ella was standing next to her...

And Cecily was so glad to see me in that moment...

ELLA saw how she responded to Me.....So, subsequently I got an "Instant PASS"

And, when I said Hello to ELLA, she gave me a huge hug with her greeting !




Yo  , SHE  & "Ethel Waters"  could've GOTTEN IT !!

Hahaha, U know I be's on that "extreme hour-glass" thang tho....


( In their prime of course )


Van Hunt :   Give me your top 5 favorite albums-all time.

Foley : Damn, man …that ‘s almost impossible....

Well... not in any particlar order ( except Marvin's ) but, off the top of my head ?

1.   "What’s Goin’  On"  ( MARVIN )

2.   "There’s a Riot Goin’ On"   ( SLY )

3.   "90125"  ( YES )

4.   "Talking Book" or ANY of Stevie's 70's output actually....

5.   "Milestones"  ( DAVIS )

Honorable mention to "The Dreaming"  ( KATE BUSH )   

And, of Course ..... Prince's   "Sign 0 the Times"





  "Formal Education"

( or the lack there of )

                                                How much of a role has it played in the shaping of "Modern" Black culture?

Foley :    You just answered your own question , Fam....      

ANY & ALL CULTURES  seem to suffer as a result of  this !

                        A "Lacking" of Anything .....


Van :  I have a song I'm writing called "Loving Animals" that talks about human instinct, sexual desires,

  people as animals, etc. do you believe a man can be faithful without cuttin' his dick off or becoming a monk?

Foley :   Oh Damn...ok

What is "Faithful"  vs.  "Animalistic" Desires ?

THAT needs to be addressed first !

Then…. ALL  "Other" answers will follow



Van Hunt : Or should he even try ( to be faithful...& not cut his dick off ? )

Foley :   The way Folks  have been handling this matter for centuries ?!?!?

                       I  Say :

    "OFF with their HEADS"

Van Hunt : "Damn, Foley"

 Foley :   I'm A "Realist" , man ..... Bullshittin' is too expensive.....

 mike & Juanita .jpg (58918 bytes)



Van :   This brings me to my "Either / Or's" 



( a relevant and vital part of modern culture-worthy of maintaining )


Relic of the Past ?  

( like a roman law created to keep its gay men in check , that should be re-evaluated ? )

Foley :   Again....

One MUST be taught the distinction between :

"Symbol ( marriage )  & Thing” ( the relationship )


Marriage is something new in Modern History.

And,  it's basically designed to throw folks mind off the ball ….Spiritually


If anyone really believes that a "Piece of Paper"

or a "Ring" will determine "The Truth" in a Relationship ?

They're Already DELUSIONAL about not only Marriage....

but, I'm sure a WHOLE BUNCH OF SHIT ....




   Count Basie's orchestra  or  Duke Ellington's ?

Foley :  Ellington....



  Charlie Christian   or   Django Reinhardt  ?

Foley :   Charlie....





  NWA   or  Public Enemy ?

Foley :  BOTH !!

* Just as important *



Herbie Hancock  or  Bill Evans ( which one did you like more with Miles? )

Foley :  Herbie..... stop playin man



  Jamie Foxx ( in Ray )  or  Leonardo Dicaprio  ( in aviator )

Foley :   Fo Reel....?!?

I couldn’t tell if that was "RAY" or  not,  after awhile  ( Bless that kat )

I spoke with Jamie when he first started doin’ comedy back in the day.

( during the height of his "Wanda" character )


A friend of ours [ Joan Rim ] had put Jamie & I in touch ....  

And,   he was telling me that he had came out to L.A. for MUSIC....   

But, comedy & acting kept food on da table ….



 Van Hunt : Dicaprio got down. I aint gon' lie.

FOLEY : "Uh...........Ok"

 Van Hunt : He hehe....

But, when jamie said he had to wear them prosthetics in his eyes and be blind for 14 hours a day?!?!

gotta give it to him.

Foley :   But, they prolly Won't ....or should I say : We'll See ?!?

Hollywood ain't Shit.

They're "Real Good" at fuckin' wit folks' heads.



  Charles Mingus   or  Ron Carter?

Foley :  Mingus.....


I's a Muggin'





   Let me throw some "Names" at  ya.....



   Garry Shider  Photo: Peter Jebsen

    ( btw…..I heard he wrote the guitar lines on 'bop gun' it true? )

Foley : I’m Sure….Garry is Un-Fuckin’ Real…

He can REALLY PLAY man !!

You know Garry was like 15-16yrs old when he sang “Cosmic Slop” !!    

We became really cool , when I was up in MPLS producing some of  

George’s “Smell My Finger”

Me & Garry almost "Froze to Death", out derr !!




Dixie Hummingbirds

Foley : Love em !

Although , I’m not as up on their stuff… as I’d like to be.

I need more of "The Five Blind Boys" in my life,  as well....

Van Hunt : I think I understood Sly's approach even more,  when I heard them & "the Swan Silvertones.

Foley : No Doubt ,  No Doubt ....

"Ray Charles" made me understand SLY & Paul McCartney




Salvador Dali

Foley :   Whew !!!!

Now, U on some shit....He actually idolized his older brother...that's what drove him artistically

He’s a GREAT example of when a human being uses their BRAIN to *near* capacity  

Photo: Phillip Halsman

Van Hunt : And, he did it all natural....didn't even have to try to be THAT crazy !!

Foley :   Crazy is akin to "Sexy

You either are ....or you're  NOT !

You can only "Fake" either of them , for 8 minutes....or Less ?


Van  Hunt : 

Gil Evans - Miles Davis

Charles Stephney - EWF

Billy Strayhorn - Duke Ellington

Wendy &  Lisa - Prince

George Martin-The Beatles

Elton John - Bernie Taupin...


Which artist "Benefited" the MOST….

 from the relationship with said producer / arranger / sideman / lyricist?


Foley :     Wow…Great Question , man



THE "ARTIST" is ultimately the one who benefits the MOST

It’s always been about what / who’s in your environment.


You Are what U eat .....You are what U hear......


Nobody’s an Island.

Some of the GREATEST shit ....EVER WRITTEN ?

Was either stolen…..borrowed…..and Never returned

( copywrites , royalties etc  )

Van Hunt :  Hell yeah.

But, what I wanted to know was .....

which of these artists NEEDED their "environment" the most?

Foley : Shit ...ALL OF THEM !!


Van Hunt :  Ok, which artist suffered the most once they didn't have these people around...

once they were out of their "environment?"

Foley : Off hand ....I'd prolly say Prince ?!?

Not that Prince NEEDS anybody ....He put ALL of Their asses on

But, THAT particular sound  DID CHANGE when "The Girls" left

( I hope Prince don't come after me with one of them *High-heeled* Shoes )

Prince  &  ALI


HE Knows !

Das My Kat....   Me & PRINCE go WAAAAAAY BACK......


"Prince" is like an older brother to me , where we'd  fight with all of time....

But, will fight to the core , if anybody else fucks with either of them?  It's a problem !


I can hear him now , tho :  "Foley's A legend in his OWN mind "

Nah...I'm just a "REALIST" that can STILL PLAY   & STILL PERFORM  !!

*HE knows*



Van Hunt :  Who's the most overrated recording artist in musical history ?

Foley :     Anything & Anybody…. after SLY STONE !!!!

Slyyyyyyyyyyyyy.jpg (63442 bytes)

  WHAT ??????

Actually , whomever's "currently" being Over-Hyped

The TRUTH doesn't need to take out an ad ?!


Did U know ....

"Hershey" didn't advertise til the early '70's ?

They KNEW they had THE best Chocolate....for DECADES

(   And , so did EVERYONE else )


William should've Hung the folks who exploited him like that .....Aiiiiiight ?!?





( Part. 4 )

The "SEXY" conclusion....with "Zsaquez"

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