Ladies & Gents.....

conversation  with :

( Actress /  Singer-Songwriter / and,  "O.G."   SMART-GIRL )




Monica, Monica, Monica!

What’s goin’ on, Baby-Girl ? 

MONICA CALHOUN : It’s all about You , Foley !

Shit…..I wish it was, Mons.....Ha hahaha 

I want to tell the story on how we met, but it's Madd corny. 


MONICA CALHOUN : Ha ha ha haha !!


I mean, it’s not corny how we met, but it’s corny to bring all that up....

 cause, it don’t even matter; it’s just good that we did meet and we’re STILL talking to each other....  7yrs later ?!?

And I’m actually proud of that..... cause, as you Know in "Hollywood" ………folks come & go. 


MONICA CALHOUN : They sure do. 


Damn, Baby-Girl .... you've been in the Game since what ?        ’85? 


MONICA CALHOUN : About that. 

  Universal Pictures   2.jpg (25106 bytes)


 You were on some ‘ole  "Child Actor"  shit, right ?   How do you deal with this place, man? This place sucks ass. I’m not baggin’ on L.A. itself..... because it’s actually a gorgeous place, but some of the inhabitants are a little "trippy". And in this business, how do you do it sweetahrt , nah ....for real ? 


MONICA CALHOUN : I couldn’t even really tell be real honest with you?

I think I’m more or less about..... Just do the job & go home,  meet good people & when I’m at work ....they're good people & then when I go home?   I know that they had their lives before I met them, so I can’t really expect too much of ‘em or expect our friendship to go beyond other than.  But, when I bump into Folks, “Hey, how you doin’?”  And for a long time that…that was okay with me..... you know?

The older you get ?    The more you want that consistent sort of friendship. 



That’s crazy.    Actually, I think it  lends itself to "Schizophrenia".

MONICA CALHOUN : Bwhahahahahah !!!

Fo Reels.... I've always thought that !! 

No, really. I always thought that schizophrenics are "Amature"  actors;  they just don’t know how to turn it off and turn it on.

That’s the ONLY "Real" difference tween a "great actor" and a "schizophrenic". 

  photo : Ebsq Art

MONICA CALHOUN : Umm hmm....Yup !!

An actor knows how to shut it down.    Sometimes.....

You know....cause them "on set" romances be know ....  


Socially "Weak" actors & actresses ?

Good Lawd .....


MONICA CALHOUN : I mean it’s all in perception. It depends on what that persons relationship.... is all about at home. 


Yeah.....I guess ? 


MONICA CALHOUN : And, also how they approach work & their reasons behind working & what they do !!    It’s like, you know people go to school to become lawyers and doctors & so forth..... There are "other" professions.   Those, to be specific... they go to school for those things & they’re trained in those areas & when you’re trained to know and understand the difference between....... what your boundaries are & also set your own  boundaries, you won’t have problems separating "fiction" from reality. Does that make sense? 

Makes a lot of sense.     I mean you gotta actually know who YOU are.... before you can play someone else.



Cause if you don’t know who YOU are, you could end up... just like THAT character !!

Monica, N'Bushe Wright , Lisa Raye & Lark Voories on the set of  "Civil Brand"

MONICA CALHOUN : And, even still, ya know ?   Cause as human beings we’re always still growing & learning about ourselves in life lessons.  My background,  specifically, my childhood [ to a certain degree] , I was sheltered from a lot of things and that’s why sometimes it’s easy for people to kind of take advantage of a situation….. Or a thought process or believe that I don’t necessarily know much, about some things.   But , eventually because of how I grew up, I understand &have known the difference between right and wrong, &  it’s up to me whether "I" want to explore.... wrong.... and if "I" want to explore right.

Ha ha ha....



But it’s all about "Exploration" right?     At the end of the day? 

MONICA CALHOUN :   At the end of the day..... 

Pick-a-side, right? 


MONICA  : Yeah....And, knowing when to "Shut it off"


So, then.... one would be considered a "Pro-fessional" actor. 

MONICA CALHOUN : That's it.    That is correct,sir.  ha ha...

So.....You’re not schizoid ! 

MONICA : NO  !!!!  

You KNOW when to shut that shit down. 

MONICA  :  YES !!!! 

Bless your heart, Baby-Girl.....

You gon' probably be in the Game, even longer than you've  been already  ( to hear me call it. )


MONICA CALHOUN : That’s what I hope to do..... cause it’s my 9-5 !!   Except, it’s 24 hours, 7 days a week. I’m always taking in information trying to understand people & the nature of who they are...... and why they do the things that they do...... so, whenever I encounter a person like that in a script,  I have something to draw on.... considering that’s not necessarily my lifestyle & that’s NOT necessarily who I am or  what "I" do. 


Wow ..... I Feel you !


MONICA CALHOUN : Being able to listen & understand or try, trying to understand & have an empathetic view of what a person is...... as opposed to being "judgmental" 


Right ......


MONICA CALHOUN : Of who they are & why they make the choices they make. 


Wow, early days in "Philly" did this to you, huh? 




The common sense thing you’re on now ?

MONICA CALHOUN : Ha ha ha  !!



Tell me about dem early days in Philly...


Philly was an interesting experience for me. 

Born and raised? 


MONICA CALHOUN : Born &  then.... left !!

 Ha ha ha ha ha...Damn !!!

MONICA CALHOUN : Right ??!?   My mother had a choice of whether to go to college in New York or go to college in the Virgin Islands. 



MONICA CALHOUN : So she chose the Virgin Islands. 



So..... you grew up there as well ?

MONICA CALHOUN : I grew up there for 5 years. 



That’s cool.     What age ? 

MONICA CALHOUN : Ummm….pre-school to like 2nd grade. 



Nice...., so you’ve known about sand , water & the earth. 

MONICA CALHOUN : Ummm Hmmm .........


Which gives you little bit a jump on most Black kids that lived in rural America somewhere, right? 

MONICA CALHOUN : Somewhat & also the way I grew up is just a little bit different than everybody else,   because my brother was born blind. 



MONICA CALHOUN : So my perception on the world & things is just a little bit different. 


Yeah, I'm Sure.... 

MONICA CALHOUN : My compassion & my sensitivity are heightened because of  my brother’s blindness..... and  spending a lot of time with him 



MONICA CALHOUN : And, you know....teaching him things that I’ve learned & then vice versa, somewhat. 


Right ...

MONICA CALHOUN : Me spending time with him at his programs, like here in California there’s a program called "The Braille Institute "

  Monica Calhoun.JPG (108975 bytes)



MONICA CALHOUN : And , they have a summer program, where they take the kids either swimming or water skiing..... just different little things...... so, I got a chance experience life on a different level. 




MONICA CALHOUN : Patience in watching  these people that volunteer to work with  children that have some sort of impairment.  to teach them how to water ski or whatever the activity was. 

So you’ve witnessed patience at such an early level.   You know patience......

So, Do U  carrying that over into your acting career .   In terms of dealing with Hollywood ?

   photo : Jeff Vespa

MONICA CALHOUN : Right !    And , in terms of being here in Los Angeles & witnessing people that move here from out of state , that say: “I gonna make it big, I’m gonna be big. I’m this and that....This is how I need to play the game. This is how I should play the game. I gotta run with this crowd or be around this crowd. And, I gotta dress this way, I gotta act this way, I gotta fuck this person , I gotta act like I have this sort of background in order to fit here there and……”

MY perception is, rely and trust on your talent !


Nobody  says, “I want to be a great actor”.

They just say, “I wanna be big”. 

MONICA CALHOUN : Umm hmmmm...... 


And,  that’s probably the first problem I have with this town.

Everybody wants to be "big" and not recognizing actually how small they are in the grand scheme of shit. 


MONICA CALHOUN : I mean.... it’s nothing wrong ....if you call that being an over-achiever or if you call that having high ambitions. It’s nothing wrong with wanting to wanting to be that.   But when you ...I remember you used to joke about this, when you lose your soul in process, when you find that "Your Soul is on the back of a milk carton "

Ha ha ha......Good Lawd , have you seen me??? 


MONICA CALHOUN : Ha ha ha ha ha !!!!

And, did you recognize……No, did your mamma recognize you ??

Shit....YOU didn’t recognize YOU ?!?!? 




I’ve always said lot of times people don’t use a mirror for what it’s intended for.

They use it to just straighten their hair and clothes. 




Nobody *really* looks inside.    That’s crazy, man. 



MONICA CALHOUN : People forget to look in.

until something snatches them back & forces them to look in. 

Man, I’m trippin’ cause I was like fresh out of high school, tryin’ to be and do something to get out of Columbus.....

and you were acting [workin] ,doin’ you thang.  You were a working actress along side "JEAN STAPLETON" ?!!?   

  ( Bagdad Cafe' )




So, when Prince was doin’ "Raspberry Beret" ....... you were a working child actress !

And, it’s deep , again, I guess...... that I brought him up......because , He's  how WE met. 




I’m hangin’ out backstage with him (Prince) and I see you come in the room..... and me being "the actor" (on the weekends,)  from hangin’ out in drama class where all the girls were.....  I've always appreciated actors on a different level.  It’s not just a movie to me; I’m checking out actors and directors and angles and everything. And I recognized you and I was like, “Hey man, you’re so and so and ……… 


MONICA CALHOUN : Sure did…. 


“Man you are so dope”,  I wasn't trippin like, “Oh she’s fine” and all that shit,

I was like,   “No, you is a dope ass actress” 


MONICA CALHOUN : Can I tell you?  You startled me!! 

You startled me because I was just like.... at that time , me being able to go out & hang?   I was just another face in the crowd & it was all good to me.... because I’d be able to just "bob & weave". Not saying that I wasn't just another face in the crowd, but there are some people that, you know, step to me and say, “Hey, what’s up?” and they have their lil' game…….And You Didn't do that !!     But, I was just happy to be there that day, I think it was a couple days after my birthday or on my birthday….

I don’t remember….. 

It was couple days before , I think , maybe..... 


MONICA CALHOUN : And I, didn’t expect to be there at all. I asked a friend of mine to take me, & he was like, “Uh…….I”    So after an hour went by....he called me back and said,  “OK, I’m coming to scoop you up and we just go see what happens”.

And then where was I? 


Chillin  wit ME !!


MONICA CALHOUN : Hahaha....Right ?!?

But, the interesting thing about Prince, the reason why I like him so much is that, in grade school, people would always ask me if I liked him & I had nothing but negative things to say. 


Really ?


MONICA CALHOUN : And, I used to spend my summers in Philadelphia,  we moved so far away from family , & my grandmother had 11 children. So, imagine the cousins & the extended cousins & so on & so forth.    My Mom would send me back there in the summer & my uncle was a DJ!   He had just about every record that you could think about.... he had it, you know what I mean?    In his basement.   He just had all of it. 

That explains it. 


MONICA CALHOUN : I went though a couple things and it was all alphabetized and I was trippin’ off of that..... it was alphabetized.   And then I said, “You know what?  let me see who this person is”.  [ Prince ]  And, then went through album after, album after album,

And, then..... Gott Damn ??? 

Does he rest? 

Yeah, Prince has not been sitting on his hands.

And, that’s actually what I noticed about You !

After knowing more about your  work ?

I’m like, “Damn, man.... this girl’s been out here for Real ”.

I remember thinkin :  " She’s dope. I’m going to go say something to her. 

I hope she doesn’t think I’m pushing up on her, but hey man, she's dope as hell."

MONICA CALHOUN : It wasn’t even like  that… was a "Surprise" more less,

“Wow, he saw that?” 


Ha ha haha...

MONICA CALHOUN : He recognized my work ?!?!  

"I" don’t even remember that shit ?!?!?     That is crazy !!!


I don’t think people know about your voice and I’m going to have to talk about it, cause you can SING.  !!!

And you put in work with me. [ 3 hours straight ]   It’s musicians that wanted to come and rock with me and they haven’t yet.

You can actually talk shit, now ...... because you put in YOUR  "3 hours" wit me !!

Ha hahahaha !!!!!  

MONICA CALHOUN : I Sure did !    Man....

And , it was cosmic .....cause , I really felt good vibes with you & me on stage together like that ......and it’s like you knew how to adapt. I don’t know if you’re using all of that patience and  timing ....cause,  it was perfect.

I listen to the tapes now and it STILL  sounds good.

Now,  I’m waiting on your record!!!

What ya gonna do , Mons? 


MONICA CALHOUN : I would "Love" to do it.     I’m NOT going to say no. 


And,  I know you ain’t on no regular R&B shit, even though your shit’s funky. I know the shit that you like.

But I’m waiting on YOUR record.


MONICA CALHOUN : Alright. It’s going to go on!  We going to start working on some shit..... Cause,  it’s like, I don’t make any apologies.... cause I know that when an actor or someone else says, “Hey, I want to sing” & they think that it’s  “Aw shit, I can make some money” style, you know.    But YOU know who I am  !

and,  dah dah dah dah dah….. 

  Right ......

MONICA CALHOUN : You & I know that’s part of the game.....

Ha ha ha .....

lil mons.jpg (74245 bytes)     

"Lil Monica"


MONICA CALHOUN : So, when I auditioned for the school for the arts, I could only pick one major, so I picked theater. 


But,  singing MUST come so naturally to you.....  from what I heard, when U were on stage with me. 

MONICA CALHOUN : But during that time, even though I was doing theater at high school, I was in a choir with H.E. Barnum & we were traveling everywhere .......doing shows here & there .... you know, it’s the cute little kids thing I had the cute little kid voice, cute little solos !     And, because of H.B.’s relationships I did session work with Jeffrey Osborne, Donna Summer, Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder. 


People don’t even know that about you. They just remember you as the girl from this or that movie. They don’t know you actually sing your ass off !  And, you know my standards; I don’t Bullshit up there and you were up there for 3 hours with me... just following my lead,  completely harmonizing the whole shit unrehearsed.    You’ve never rehearsed with us!  I knowfolks that have played with me before..... that couldn’t hang for 3 hours and you did your thing, Babe !   .

Fuck it.

We just gonna work on it. 


MONICA CALHOUN :   I’m down.... I’m down !

 *Das My Baby*

And,  it’s going to be whatever and I know it’s tough to make that transition with an actor doing music cause people don’t play about music. They think you’re acting. Like "Jamie Foxx" is unreal, but he’ll always be "Wanda" on piano, even though he’s dope as hell. And it’s hard to be taken serious...... but I think YOU can beat that,   I think you can crack it.  If anybody could, you’d be able to do it.   


MONICA CALHOUN : I’m wit it.....


What was it like working with [Director] "Malcolm Lee" ?

MONICA CALHOUN :  Oh, he was madd cool !

He knew exactly what he wanted & was very specific with everything. 


Yeah , I'm sure.....

MONICA CALHOUN : Which is a "Priceless" thing with a director.  They know their project from top to bottom & YOU know, as a director..... that is your job to know exactly what you want out of everybody ! 

It’s called.... Directing ?


Sure you hire people to do specific things.... but, you also guide that vision & he was very instinctual , he was great at that... and his direction. But if there was something that I didn’t do, that he wanted, he'd come forthright & tell me which way he wanted to go. 

The film that just looks so incredible – I rarely like those type of  films in terms of content and the story  And I’m sure there’s a lot of films like "The Best Man" that could’ve been made years ago, but they won’t let it happen. But it was good that Malcolm and you guys slipped through the cracks on that one and I love the cast. It was just a great, great movie. 

"The Best Man"  & "Five Heartbeats"  I think is the standard of where those  type of films should remain.... 


MONICA CALHOUN : See.... here’s the thing what’s interesting about "The Best Man" is ……I don’t believe that it was totally a "Black" film.

I mean, if they changed the cast, it’s still…. 


It’s still a good film ?

MONICA CALHOUN :     Right !


That’s my whole point. 


And, I think that type of situation, lends itself to be universal.   


 Yeah .....

MONICA CALHOUN : And, I think that’s why it was such a breath of fresh air for people, cause that’s the comment that I hear all the time, “It was such a breath of fresh air”, “I’m really happy that I saw it”, “I really appreciate what you guys did” 


Cause they slammed Reggie Hudlin for "Boomerang"  saying it was unrealistic, you know, like Black Folks  can’t have jobs and be in the same workplace. 

MONICA CALHOUN :   Which is total crap. 

Which was nice that they finally gave it up for "Best Man",

cause like you said, you change that cast and it was still a great film. 


MONICA CALHOUN : Yeah, cause what’s interesting in the Black community..... there are social structures. You have your "ghetto people", you have your college grads, undergrads, master degree toting people that live in the belief that they are better than the people that haven't sought higher education. 

[comedian] Paul Mooney says  they're  "Under the illusion of inclusion" , you talkin’ about them folks ....


MONICA CALHOUN : And,  they find a camaraderie with similar people that have the same backgrounds & therefore excluding the next person, that might be ten times more intelligent ..... but they don’t have that degree or they didn’t go to that special school or make it into that special white school, but they're  more smarter and have the job that the Educated wished they had ?!?!?


"Cerebral"   haters. 


MONICA CALHOUN : Ha haha ,  Basically ......

Cause,  they ain’t got nothin to put on it   ( in terms of Street-Smarts )


MONICA CALHOUN : Basically. And then you have.... of course .....

the economic discrimination amongst black people ......


Aiiiiight ?!?!?!


MONICA CALHOUN : It’s just very interesting .........


And,  then don’t forget the "hues", the different colors & shades of black folks. 


MONICA CALHOUN : Right ?!?!?

So, it’s real interesting how we hate on each other 

*Shakes head in dis-belief* 


MONICA CALHOUN : And , so..... to say that "Boomerang" wasn't realistic ?!?!

People  gotta look deeper into African American culture & really understand that there are so many levels to us…….. 


But,  if you don’t know us, you think all of us is either "J.J. Walker" or "Get Christie Love" or some shit. 


MONICA CALHOUN : That’s why it’s really important for Black people African American people that have money to understand the power of distribution. Distribution in terms of owning a theater in Ohio, a movie theater in Arizona. That way when a fairly decent film that has been made without the hands of the studio with the independent, have gone through the independent process, they have some place to showcase their film. And the next step is just promoting that film. Whatever grassroots promoting  that can be done in order for people to know that that film exists then somehow the money and go and recycle back into the community and not only that, we must understand it’s another way of opening up who we are as a people and the different levels of who we are. I like to laugh just as much as the next person, but, I also like to cry and I like to think. And that’s what attracts me to acting and also singing. 

They know that we cry ....and they know that we clown, but they don’t know that we think.... And, I don’t know think they want anyone else to know that we CAN think.  Therefore those type of films keep getting made.  So, I don’t know.... And you've work with everybody from I’m a drop some names, fuck it, cause I feel like it. And you just that dope and people don’t know. Everybody from  Maggie Smith, Kathleen Quinlin, Brandon Frazier, all these people are huge  now and it just kinda freaks me out that you know, they find 2 or 3 black folks to do the same movies instead of hiring a new talent and I see a lot of white counterparts coming up every day; so many new young white stars, I can’t keep up with them, but I see the same Black folks doing the same movies in the same roles. It’s just sad, man. 

MONICA CALHOUN : Again, that goes back to...... if you got 5 films that are being made, and those 5 films are specifically catering to the African American community and if it’s about dollars & cents and they’re gonna go, there somebody at the studio is gonna go ok check the stats…..I can’t even say it right now…………..check the stats on who is the hottest in the community or who everybody knows and they’re gonna go with that person because they feel like that person is going to bring in the dollars and cents. Whereas.... you get a brand new filmmaker that will take the chance and hire a fresh face. 


Like the folks who made the film  " Have Plenty"  ??????

Bunch of fresh faces, but nobody gave a damn. 


MONICA CALHOUN : Promotion, marketing, marketing, promotion, distribution. 

Or being kept out of that loop in particular. Ooh, I don’t want to open up that can of worms.

Nope, betta  not .......


I’m going to ask you  "The SMARTALECMUSIC  Burning Question : 

     Motherhood     or   Philanthropy ? 


MONICA CALHOUN :   It’s All in One. 

When it’s done correctly? 

MONICA  : Yeah .....




MONICA CALHOUN : I can't be a "philanthropist" without being a "Mother" 

Cause , it’s still about nurturing, right? 






                       Alright..... Let me throw some names at you......

                          and you can respond however you like:   

Ethel Waters          

MONICA CALHOUN : Wow.....  Strong ????? 

  And, Very Sexy me






Lena Horne             


Hmmm…ONE word comes to mind…Resilient ! 


Ooohh...... I like that. 




Butterfly McQueen    


 I hated how she died, tho..... 

Too Bad , Really Too Bad …  

   MONICA CALHOUN : Just sad ....







Eartha Kitt       

MONICA CALHOUN :   What  ?!?!?!? 

  She is Un-Real !!!!

MONICA :   Another resilient one.  


 Whew....WHO'S FUCKIN WIT HER ?!?!?!




Ruby Dee                

MONICA CALHOUN : I loved both of them. That husband & wife team.... that was just.....  they are/were an example of……. 

The Truth !!!

    Ruby & Ossie  [ Nov. 15th , 1961 ]


What a REAL relationship should be , huh? 


MONICA CALHOUN : Yeah. They were together forever, regardless of whatever it was that they’d been through, they STAYED together !


Can you imagine? And she’s STILL  working. 

MONICA CALHOUN :    Still...... 

Bless Her, Bless her .....





Diane Carroll 

MONICA CALHOUN :     Elegance , Class  !  

 Okay ?!?!?!?

MONICA CALHOUN :  Aaaawwww, man .....

Yep, she’s hardcore. 






Gail Fisher    

MONICA CALHOUN : Wow ........She was amazing .  

I know , I know.....

She won that Emmy for "Mannix" as well back in 1970.....

Unbelievable ......





Nichelle Nichols  

MONICA CALHOUN :    O' my Gawd !!!! 

Now ........She put it down first .  

Can you imagine ??? 

They were like.....


MONICA CALHOUN :   Pioneers !!! 

Can you imagine they didn’t like want to show that show too much of HER because of the advertising dollars ? ?

Shit was trippy back then ?!?!



MONICA CALHOUN : And then we come into the late the late early 90’s and we have Whoopi Goldberg !

Still..... goin’ through it. 





Sanaa Lathan    

MONICA CALHOUN : Wonderful !!!






Pam Grier    

MONICA CALHOUN : Fierce  !!!!

The "Original" Foxy Brown .....







N’bushe’ Wright  

MONICA CALHOUN :   Just as Fierce....

  She's Soooooo Beautiful !!!






Vivica A. Fox      







Queen Latifah   (the actress)     



She got thangs ? 


MONICA CALHOUN : Man! I was talking with somebody the other day. And we were talking about "Set It Off" ..... And, her scene when it was time for her to go. She just……. you you were ready, you were there at that moment . You were ready for it and you knew it was going to happen but how was she going to do it and how was she going to take it? And , F.Gary Gray’s direction in capturing that, was just …………. 

Yeah, she’s dope, man..... Queen has certainly put it down. 

She’s like a renaissance woman, for real. She does sooooo many things .....well. 


MONICA CALHOUN :    But that’s a wonderful thing. 

Ain’t it? 

MONICA :   Just a wonderful thing.  





Meryl Streep       

MONICA CALHOUN :   Phenomenal. 

She’s got things, I have to give to her, I CAN'T  FRONT  :  She’s Badd. 








Angela Bassett           


MONICA CALHOUN : Hands down.   When I grow up …….ha ha ha. 

I will never forget when she said to Malcolm in the film, “Love you back”.

That’s on some "street-slang" now, folks actually say that because of how she put that shit down.

That’s a slogan now?!?! …..You know what I mean. 


MONICA CALHOUN : I love you... back. 

I love you,  right back. 

Ain’t that hardcore ? ??   

And she didn’t even blink when she said that shit. 



MONICA CALHOUN : Details !!   Actors that pay attention to details. Wonderful , and directors that pay attention to an actor’s details. And know and understand that whatever it is that that actor is doing is not necessarily…..they can see and directors or photography they can see what an actor is doing and go, “You know what we need to push in and pull in with this because there’s going on behind her eyes. There’s something that she’s doing that really drives the point home. And then an editor that can pick up exactly what her intention was and then edit the scene so where it it tells a complete story. That’s priceless filmmaking . Robert DeNiro, Jack Nicholson???? 


Would you ever consider directing at some time, later? 


MONICA CALHOUN : At some point, yeah. 




Chip & Kim Fields 

MONICA CALHOUN : Oh my Goodness, Endurance. 

Okay ?!?!?




Alright, we getting ready to play the...... 

“Either or Game”. 


MONICA CALHOUN :   Either OR   ?!?!?




Philly or L.A.? 


MONICA CALHOUN : Lafayette Hills.... 





Cream Cheese    or   Cheese Steak. 

MONICA CALHOUN :   Ahhhh, chicken cheese steak 

*He he he * 





Theater    or  Film ? 



Spoken like a "True" actor. 


Studio      or   On Location? 


MONICA CALHOUN : on location….on location. 

Ha ha ha ....ok. 


Prince    or   “The Artist” 


MONICA CALHOUN : Both, cause they’re one in the same. There’s no difference. 

Ohhh.... I’m sure HE would be glad to know that.......


Movies    or    Broadway ? 


MONICA CALHOUN : Wow. That’s a hard one to just…..I say both. 



MONICA CALHOUN : There’s a certain time you have to graduate to Broadway. 


Ha haha,   ok ........





R&B    or    Alternative ? 


MONICA CALHOUN :   Alternative. 


I should’ve known, asking YOU that question . 

*Monica’s into Souxie & the Banchies ..and ALL kinds of shit* 


Actors    or   Musicians? 


MONICA CALHOUN : Ha ha ha ha ha ha !!! 


You got to answer this Mons.    Come on…. 


MONICA CALHOUN :   I can’t answer that. 

Ok. Baby-girl....Is it because you’re both, huh?

They way you sing...... OK, I’ll let you off on that one.  





Actors     or    Actresses ? 



Can’t answer that one either. I have to remain politically correct. 

Oh, U went "PC" on me. 

You were the first one in the “either or” game that went politically correct. *Damn it* 




What was it like working with Bill Duke ? 

MONICA CALHOUN :  Oh my God !!

He’s an incredible Kat !!! 


MONICA CALHOUN : Yes, he is.

I took a class with him at an actors boot camp.  

Did Bill Duke have anything to do with that? 

I Remember when I came to see that play, you were in ? 

I Think Your Mom was in town. 

Was it from that series ?



No, not that one..... that was something different. 

Ok, that was dope. 


MONICA CALHOUN : But,  he had this class and I was more interested in what he had to say on the business end than the acting class; not being arrogant and saying, “Oh I know everything I need to know about acting” but, it was more less it was fascinating the way he structured the class...... he invited different people in from the industry; people that handled financing, people that were on the publicity end, agents, directors, and producers and gave them the floor and allowed them to speak on their experiences and how they entered Hollywood and where they see Hollywood going and what is it that we need to do to look for in Hollywood for us and how to go about getting our or carving our path or map.   And basically those different kinds of people that he pulled in it showed you what you needed to really pay attention to. And it reiterated that phrase that you always hear; it’s not show business, it’s the business  of show. 



MONICA CALHOUN : So if you understand the business & you know who you are, what you want and what you don’t want , what you will go for and what you won’t go for. When you know how to shut off your exploration period of a situation. Possibly we could go further....

I know....Don't even.....

MONICA CALHOUN : This is my job; it’s a career it’s not just a …..”you know what?   People have told me that I was pretty, and um people have told me that you know, I have great personality, so I’m gonna go to Hollywood. 


And, " I’m gonna be big" ??


MONICA CALHOUN : I’m gonna be huge and my name is gonna be in lights .......


After I change it ?   [said Name]




Their  last name is really "Lipshitz" or something  ?!?!




Monica, if I don’t hear an album from you soon, that would besooo un-cool..... because I didn't know you had thangs like that. And to go 3 and a half hours straight; that’s like recording for 3 hours and you were right there with me,

Monica..... U held it down. 


MONICA CALHOUN : Thank you !!!   

I  just wanted to peek in that Beautiful head of yours. Cause you been doin’ this shit longer than most folks have been around period.  And you’re still at it and I hope you actually do a scene with some of my favorite folks and I ain’t going to list them, I just hope that it happens. 


MONICA CALHOUN : It will..... 

Like "Q-Tip" said :   Cause, your shit’s very very worthy. 


MONICA CALHOUN :  "Very Very" worthy .......


Thanks, Mons.  

I Love You , Sweethart !

And, I'll know You 'll be on deck  for MY   Big "Directorial" Debut ?!?!

MONICA CALHOUN :  Yes , Indeed....Love U too !

We ain't even got started on deez Folks......

MONICA CALHOUN : he he he.....Okay ?!?!






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