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Whas' Up , DEECA ??

DEECA :  Wassabe.....   Ha ha !!


Your website is gettin madd traffic....

*I'm a BIGG FAN*

DEECA :       Well you know......

A Gal's gotta do..... what a Gal's gotta do.

Ha ha ...Right?



DEECA :   Nah, I thank God everyday .......

                     that my site is amongst one of the successful ones.

I just got to keep it "up-to-date" and keep hittin' it  harder and harder!

Deeca , it was soooo deep....

When "Margarita" introduced us !!

She said : " This my friend , DEECA !! "

And , I was like :  OH SHIT !!!      it's YOU !!     I can't Believe it !!!

*like Vondie Curtis Hall in "Coming to america" meeting the Prince of Zamunda in the restroom *



I wanna "Thank You" again for being "Down" wit Me , Lady !!

YOU ARE Sooooo FLY ?!?! !!         ( das some ole’ skool Shit  )

DEECA :  I know thas Right... I see your vision Foley !!

And,  when you "Blow Up ?"

I wanna blow up with you...

So, I'm with you "Every Step" of the way !

You are Soooooo gonna make this "Whole Ride" with me !!

Thank you, Deeca-Girl !!!



Aiiiiight, When was the last time you actaully had a break from work.... like a SERIOUS vacation ??

DEECA : I can't say I have really had a vacation.... but , what I try to do.... is get all of my images done at one time & let the year ride out with updates.   So , that gives me the ending of the year free for travel & vacation.

Spoken like a "TRUE" Corporation !!!

( I was gonna say "Business Woman" but, that's waaaaaay too obvious )

DEECA :  "Businesswoman" works for me...

Ha ha ha.

What's been the biggest "UP-SIDE" to this whole "Internet Modeling" game , etc.

Or  ( Better yet )  What's been the "DOWN-SIDE" ?

DEECA :      UPSIDE - The "Money" of course.....

                                           Ha ha ha!!!

And, getting to do what I want..... in a "SAFE" environment.

OKAY ?!?!


DEECA :   DOWNSIDE - Drama , Rumors , Propaganda ,


Things that "Attractive Women" go through on a daily basis.

I'm sure.

Well, I've had the pleasure of hangin' out with you....

And, I can say this without "Stuttering" : You are one of the "Sweetest" Women, I've met in a LONG-ASS time !!

*Not to mention , she's Funny as Hell*



Deeca , you are THREE different women ( in one )

that's what I ALWAYS try to surround myself with : FUNNY , SMART & "FINE" as hell !!!


So , Later for dem "Fools" who TRY to HATE !!

That "Issue" is THEIRS .... NOT yours.

DEECA :    Well , I brush 'em off....simple as that !

They aren't paying my bills....

They ain't fu#king me .....

And , I dont wear their underwear...

They just make me Stronger.


So , Thanks !!!   

(  to all the "Haters" out there )

You've made me what I am today !





                       " Female - Pimpin' "

 A  Headache  ?    or   "FUCK IT " : SOMEBODY's GOTTA DO IT ?


DEECA :  Fuck itI  gotta do it  !!!

                       Ha ha ha ha !!!



* Das my Girl *




Aiiiiiight , I'm bout ta throw some Names at ya ....

                                         ( respond however U like)


"Tyra Banks"

DEECA :  Ha ha ha ha....

"DAMN, U just straight CLOWNED"

Your "INITIAL" response was classic !!!

DEECA :   Who wouldn't LAUGH at that name?

Damn....U Wild , DEECA  !!





"Naomi Campbell"

DEECA :   "Big-Ups" to all my Jamaican models out there doin' their thing !

Yes, Indeed !!

Did U check out her spot in Jamaica ?           NICE !!!!!

DEECA : Actually,  I  DID.....  It's REAL sweet !






"Alek Wek"

DEECA :   I saw her one time when I used to work for a designer in NY

and had mistaken her for someone "Homeless" 

That's Real !

DAMN !!!

I'm sure.

Money  or  NO money ....

We could NEVER mistake YOU for anything but : "DAMN , WHO IS THAT ?!?!"

DEECA :  I humble myself though.

I'm really not as "Sociable" as everyone thinks I am.

I hide behind that "Crab" sometimes...

You could sometimes , catch me while I'm out....

Like you did.... in Dallas ?!?


Yes, Indeed ....





DEECA :    An "Inspiration" to us all ....

P-A-I-D .....






"Ruby Dee"

DEECA :     Very very nice Lady.

I attended a party she had, when she & her hubby got their book published...

            Very humble & "Down to Earth"

                                        ..... and can throw a HOT ass party !

Ha ha ha ha !!!




"Margarita" ( The PUERTO RICAN Princess ) mrg II.JPG (130489 bytes)photo : D.Brown

DEECA :   My Alter Ego !!       Ha ha ha ha !!!

Das My Girl !!!





"Tiara" ( exposed' )   photo : Phenomenon Prod.

DEECA :    Where My Girls at ?!?!

You mean the " Cancer " crew ?          or         the " FAB 5 "  ??!?!

*he he he*          

Either way, I'm Scurred !!

DEECA :  There are "Only a Few" I can call My Girls...

"Tiara ~Tiffany Blue ~Margarita ~ Cute_taye ~ CandiceJai"

                                                 (   just to name a few  )








Now, it's time to play....

The "EITHER   or GAME" !!


Skirt  or   Pants ?

DEECA :   Skirt !

Or Course ...I'd get the " SEXIEST " of the two from U :   A Skirt !

"You Sexy MF" ------Prince




"Modeling  or   Acting" ?

DEECA :      Modeling.

Ha !

That's just for right now, Baby-Girl...

Wait til' I roll dem camera's on you ....

Er'body's gonna get to see WHAT I SAW in YOU  :

Your "SWEET"-side....       your "COMEDIC"-side......       your "AIN'T TO BE FUCKED WITH"-side !!

ALL of  IT!


DEECA :     Yeah....

They ain't gonna know what "The Fuck" hit em !

Shit's Gonna Change the Game !!!

the  Difference   Logo




Marriage   or " NOT "  ?

DEECA :   Marriage.

Aaaawww, Bless U... Baby Girl !!

but, U know WHAT ?

He would have to be "SUPER HUMAN" when it comes to relationships !

Aside from the business that you're in ( which just lends itself to "INSECURITY" )

But ,  just YOU ( DEECA ) alone he would HAVE TO BE at least 4-5 people to "Truly" make a woman like you :   "HAPPY" ?!?


Aiiiiiight ?


DEECA :          I think...

I might have found   MY  Supermanheart_exclam.gif (33378 bytes)

Stay tuned for the details......Ha haha !!


Hey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!         

Aaaaaawwww, Shit .....







"Great" Sex    or  Love  ?

DEECA :   Love.






Money  or  Fame ?

DEECA :     Money.

DUH ?!?!

Normally , I would've said that's a "NO BRAINER" !!

But, some fools are STILL out there trying to be FAMOUS  ?!?


DEECA : I'd rather not be "Famous"..... I hate paparazzi. I see how these stars can go buck wild on them idiots (and can't blame 'em )   but, I never want to go through that.  Give me something that I'm proud of... that I can say is all mine... and putting me in a secure position financially... is all I want in life.







Yes   or   No ?

DEECA :   Yes.

Still , The " OPTIMIST "   ?!?!

Is this the "Cancer" part of you speakin' ?

Cause, I KNOW the " Easy-Going " nature of a " Cancerean " woman....

DEECA:        I can be "Bitchy" when I want to  ! 

                          Ha ha ha ha.....






The Future....?

DEECA :     Being Happy.



In a " Nutshell " huh ?


Just to be able to answer that question .....very " MATTER-OF-FACTLY " like that....

Sounds like YOU ALREADY ARE , Sweetheart !


DEECA : You don't even know the Half !

Oh, yes....It's a " Beautiful " Thing,  indeed.

I don't think that Folks understand that :   " Peace of Mind FREE " 




I'm lookin' forward to this !!      

* he he he*

And , you ??


DEECA :   You know we gonna do "the DAMN thang" !

WHOOOOOO...... They have NO IDEA !!!!

Thank You again , "DEECA-GIRL" !!!!


Let's make "ART " on dey asses !!

WHAT   ?!?!?!

DEECA :   We WILL make "ART "

Aiiiiiiight , Baby-Girl ....... I'll hit U up , later !


DEECA :  Muaaah !!!!!!

* Faints *








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