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Photo : D. Brown


ANGIE-Girl   !!

Hi , Sweetness .....How's Mai Baby ????


Hey , FOLEY-Baby !

I'm Good.    What's the deal !?!?

YOU , Baby-girl.....YOU !!!

ANGELA : You know it's all about you, Foley!

I'm lovin' the "originality" of your site.

Thanks , for taking the time to "Innerview" me !!

hottie ang.jpg (55594 bytes)

Aaaaaww , U knows youse My Baby !!!

I can't even go into it......let's just have a moment to reflect....

Ha hahaha !!!


*Taking a moment*

You know we've been down for a whole minute now?!




It's amazing how God brings people together.

20 years from now we're going to look back and say the same thing!

     in da garden.jpg (152808 bytes)                                    

Most Definitely ......But, Hey....Your site is so Fuckin FLY !!!

thanks for the link,  Baby-girl......Did it take awhile to get everything just as U liked ?

ANGELA : Thanks! I'm glad YOU think it's Fly. It took a lot of time and effort.     Mitsu and I slaved week after week to make it just right. The hardest part was saying, "It's done!"

This is only the beginning for the site.

I had to make sure I was killin' em right out of the gate!


I'm sure !

What other surprises do U have in store for us ???

ANGELA :   I have a few additions to the site that I am finishing up. So, keep checking back.... because they will be up soon!


Aiiiiight ......So, what's been goin' on wit cha,  Lately ?

How's "THE GAME" treating U ? 

ANGELA : Mannn, I've been hitting the gym hard lately!  It feels so good .....physically, mentally and spiritually.

I've also been getting my b-ballgame up to par,  so you know when we hit the court you gotta have your shoes on tight! Don't think that I can't show you up because I'm a woman... 

I WILL show you how "I" get down!

So, U got Game ???

Aiiiiight den .....

ANGELA : I'm workin' with a lil summ summ.

Ha hahaha ......ok !!

"Japanese &  African" huh ?

Wow......You know U're killin' em out derr ......

ANGELA :    

Thanks baby! I've been blessed. Races are amazing, but you know, our
roots won't allow us to forget the "Original" Man.

Ok ?!?!

What's da percentage ??    How much does one need to be "Considered"

Ha hahaha !

ANGELA :  Depends on my mood.      Ha!

Seriously, my Mom is 100% Japanese and my father is Black/Indian.

We've  got a little more mixed races down the line. 


Dayum......U are tearin' em up over @  D. Breedz  !!

ANGELA : 'Preciate ya !

The last spread was a lil' sexy. This time we decided
to add some funk and girl next door type shots.

Please believe we've got somethin serious coming up real soon.... 

My friend /photographer /partna, Derrick Brown, puts it down!

He & "Misha Gordin" are my favorite kats out there, right now ......




                            Omni-Important  ?         or       A    Frickin'  obstacle  ? 


ANGELA :    Definitely, omni-important.......

however, at this point it is a frickin' obstacle! 

There's so much going on that I don't allow myself time to
get serious, let alone date. It's a shame, I know!

BUT..... I trust in Love and I know it will happen in due time.

Of  Course , it will .....



I'm gonna throw some NAMES at ya ......

                                  ( respond however U like )




"Tyra Banks"    photo : Tyra


She's doing the damn thing!

Yes, indeed.....





"Naomi Campbell"    Photo :Reuters


Is she still dating/screwing Usher?

Aiiiiiiiiight ..... Be Nice, now !

Ha haha

Naomi is STILL doing runway & Print !!!

NONE of HER contemporaries have been able to do THAT !!

ANGELA :    Yes, she is definitely doing it.

One of the originals!

Aiiiiight ?!?!?!

Name ANY of the ones that came up with her .....Who's  STILL out there Doin it ??

Not to mention PRINT !!!




"Langston Hughes''   



A legend indeed.




"Dr. Charles Drew"    


 One of the many blacks who paved the way for medical advancement.

A  TRUE  pioneer.

I'll tell ya, tho .... The way he Died ?

Angie .... there couldn't be more proof of how "Twisted" the complexities of RACISM & FEAR can be !

ANGELA : It is truly a shame....just goes to show how DEEP shit gets.   For those who do not know the full story......

Nah , Fuck it !

If  they DON'T know ?

Let em' Google it !

Folks OUGHT TO BE up on it anyway ....





"Diana Ross"    

ANGELA :  Oh so...Lovely!

That's "Ms.Ross" to YOU !!

ANGELA :  Excuse me, my father taught me better than that.....






ANGELA :    

Inspiration to ALL.  An American Idol.

Nobody's Fuckin' with her....PERIOD !

ANGELA :     You got that RIGHT!


Aiiiiiiiiiiiiight ......

It's time to play the "EITHER  or GAME"

Cotton   or   Silk   ?


Cotton for for sexy. 

I choose cotton.


Ang  10jpg.jpg (14528 bytes)


Boots  or  "Cum F#ck me" Pumps ?


Hmmmm, depends on my mood.

Aaaaah sookie now....

Pleeeez elaboate !


It really depends on my mood and what I am wearing.

If I'm tryin to be FLY..... I will wear the pumps. Boots would be more for comfort.    Not "Sookie" enough, huh?  

No Comment ......


Acting   or  Modeling  ?


Acting .....

'cause "Physical" beauty fades.

Damn, listen at YOU !!

ANGELA :  Yes sir, it's all about the talent !






Malcolm   or   Martin ?


No doubt, Malcolm.  Read the book!

Ummmmm.....I meant :  "Jamal- Warner"  or  "Lawrence"  ?!?!?


ANGELA :   Ha! Well, read HIS book too !

Ha hahaha.....






"Great" Sex  or   Love?


Most definitely.... LOVE.

Aaaaaawwww......Muah !!

ANGELA :  Thanks,  Baby !

Oooh, Lawd.....





Marriage  or   " NOT " ?



Marriage, but not society's definition.

School  Em' Angieeeeee !!!!

ANGELA :   I don't think they're ready!

Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight  .......






Money   or   Fame ?


I want the money, fuck the fame!  Unfortunately, this world is based on
the dough.    *MONEY, POWER, RESPECT*

Hahahahaha !!

Aiiiiiiiiiiiiight .......But, will YOU stop at nothin to get it ???

ANGELA : I won't exploit or degrade myself.

What did Spike say?    DO THE RIGHT THING  ?!?!?

Well....As Long as it's the RIGHT THING for The Person in Question  !






Stevie   or   Donny ?


Awwww, you know Stevie makes my heart skip a beat

and gets me teary-eyed.      Here we go... *sniffle*

"I LOVE YOU , Angie-girl ...I Love you" -----Stevie Wonder

ANGELA :  That's so crazy!

I will forever think of YOU when I hear "Angie Girl".

What ya'll know about that Stevie ?!?!


Ha hahaha !







In   or   Out ?


I'm trying to get OUT this bitch!

Ha hahaha

DAMN !!!

What's NOT goin on in El Paso ????


Were U talkin about The States ?

ANGELA : Man, I'm talking about this WORLD !

Damn !!!

Ok .....

ANGELA : Haha!    Did you know that by 2008 there will be paid flights to outerspace?  15 minutes for $250,000. That's crazy! I am staying on solid ground.

Ang  4.jpg (19460 bytes)

Uh huh ......We'll See


ANGELA :   I wouldn't mind going out of the states, tho....

I gotcha on that one.....





Tell me about  "Angela"  in the year : 2020 ?


Angela in "2020" will be like a hawk in 20/20 !!

Try to catch up....

Nice .........

Thanks   for Everything , Sweethart !!

The "late nite" convos & just plain ole' Having my Back , Lady !!!


You know I Love you , Foley-baby !!

Thanks for always taking time out for me.

Much success & peace to you.


Ready for ROUND II  ?!?


Hell Yeah !!

I KNOW You're gonna be there with me ....

And , I'm soooooooo covered..... on sooooooooo many levels !!

ANGELA :   You already KNOW !

Thank You... for the LOVE , knowledge and Da Music!


You'll Go EVERYWHERE with  Me "Angie-Girl"

ANGELA :  *Sigh*

*Smart-Girl , indeed*








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