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photo : Tallen




Yo, D.Brown !!

DERRICK BROWN  :  Hey, how's it going man?

Thangz are MOVING NICE !!

Thanks again , for talking with "SMARTALECMUSIC"


You're THE first "Photog" I've spoken with ....

And, I can't think of a Better Kat to Start with !



DERRICK BROWN  :  Thanks, for the compliment man.

I still  have a ways to go…. to get to where I wanna be.

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U are definitely on top of your game…

So..... What da deal , Playa   ?!?!

DERRICK BROWN  : Oh, just trying to maintain…

I'm Living , man ....I'm Living !



Ha haha  I feel U , man ....

It's gettin' CRAZIER out here..... WHAT ?!?!

DERRICK BROWN  :   Man , tell me the truth ! 



I can’t even try to call it , Dogg !


You DO understand.... that YOUR Photos are setting The "NEW" Standard ?!?

DERRICK BROWN  : You think ?


Ha ha ha !!


Yea, man...
I'm bigg fan of your work.

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DERRICK BROWN  :   Thank you!  

I really apreciate it.     The “DBreedz” way of life huh?


Oh HELLZ yeah…..your website is "Off da Rails" too !


DERRICK BROWN  :   I guess you can say that I  love what I do. I truly admire women. I think women are a walking work of art. That's why I started DBreedz. I wanted to celebrate their “beauty” and also their “mind”. I started off with my photography site,  a few years back and I've got a lot of request to do a model site. I didn't want to exploit models by just doing another “Booty” site, but I know that men want to see little skin.  That's why I went “the sexy… but tasteful way”.

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Yes, Indeed. 

And, you've got soooo many styles.....


A TRUE sign of a *Real* Photographer ?


Just somebody that takes pictures ?


DERRICK BROWN  :  Dude. I just realized that I have mad passion for This Art.     That's why I consider my self an artist over a technically trained photographer. Maybe that's why I have a wide range of styles.

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Tell it , man !

I love the way your site is constructed , as well !

It's very easy to get around on.

Straight to the point .

DERRICK BROWN  :Yeah. It's a men's E-magazine so we have a little entertainment health & fitness.  I know

the primary focus is the ladies,  so we make it easy to

get to.




Ever think about Directing  ?

DERRICK BROWN  : I think about it all the time. I've always wanted to bea music video director.  I love music and everytime I to a listen to a good song, I direct the video in my head. 


I'd love to see what U'd do in that arena ....

Vision is Vision is Vision is Vision  !        ONE has IT , or NOT !

That's why I'm directing my first video after my LONG Hiatus from this Bullshit...


When I did my video for "If it's Positive" 12yrs back on Motown ....

The first 40 seconds were basically directed by ME ?!?

And, quite Frankly ...That was THE Best part of the Whole video ?!?!

( Alot of people felt that way as well )


We gotta definitely get together on a project .

Based on your Work ?     

I'd give U a shot at directing in a heartbeat , man! 


DERRICK BROWN  :   Wow, dude.  I'd love that. 

I am flattered to know that you think I would do a good job.  


Yea, man…. I’m Sure of it !!

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Aiiiiight, time for da ....



         Women  vs.  Girls

Omni-Important issue ?    or   Maturity” is Greatly UNDER rated ?


DERRICK BROWN  : I think I'll have to go with women on this one. I've been blessed to work with a lot of "Women"

  I really adore them.

You may see the chemistry I have with them in my photos.

“Women are a walking work of art”.


Hear Hear ....  


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I’m gonna throw some names @ ya ….

                ( Respond however U wish )


Gordon Parks   fernloganII.JPG (100468 bytes)photo : Fern Logan

DERRICK BROWN  : This man overcame poverty, racial discrimination.   And, lack of formal education, and became a great photographer.   He's my hero.


Not to mention the Great job he did with directing  

"Shaft"   ( the original 70's flick)

Gordon Parks ~ The "Quintessential" Multi-Tasker ?!?

 DERRICK BROWN  :  Yes sir!

Hopefully.... I will be there one day.


91 years old ?!?!    &   STILL goin’ strong !?!?





James Van Der Zee JamesVanDerZee.jpg (39297 bytes)photo : Jim Flanigan

DERRICK BROWN  :  I wish I could’ve witnessed

the Harlem Renaissance.


Aaaaaawwww, man ....

There was this photo that he took from that


( And this may sound a little strange )


But, it was a shot of a little girl…. maybe 3-4yrs old  in her casket

[ From his " BOOK OF THE DEAD " series ]

And at that age ...she actually looked asleep NOT deceased ...

( She actually looked very Peaceful )


And, it was THEN that I realized .....

what DONNY HATHAWAY'S VOICE Sounds like to Me ?!?!


An Angels ?


That photo of this beautiful child & Donny's voice became ONE in my head....

Outta NOWHERE  ?!?!


I think THAT'S the power of a TRUE visionary ...



Not to mention he WAS a "STRAIGHT-UP" PLAYA  !!!!!!

Style & Class :  Personified !!


DERRICK BROWN  :   I totally agree.





Herb Rittsherb_1.jpg (27790 bytes)photo: Herb Ritts

DERRICK BROWN  :  I subscribe to “American Photo”

magazine.  That's when I first noticed Herb.  His style is

completely off the chain.  He is an extreme artist. He's

one of the photographers that I studied vigorously.

 Herb was a Bad Kat , No Doubt !

MJ's "In the Closet" video w/ Naomi Campbell was a

great example of when a Great photographer makes that ( Natural ) transition  from "Stills" to "Moving"   pictures!  






Matt MahurinMatt Mahurin.JPG (55714 bytes)photo :Mahurin

DERRICK BROWN  :  A “Damn Good” video director.


Yep!  and, again .....

The transition that was Well-Made !!





Anton Corbijincorbijn.jpg (27131 bytes)photo: Corbijin

DERRICK BROWN  :  I really dig his style.


Whew ....

From that famous shot of "Miles Davis" with his head in his hands....

To Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box" video ?!?!


Yea, D ....

I'd love to see what U'd do with a nice Video Budget !!

Ya Heard  ?!?



DERRICK BROWN  : Yeah. I would like to start off my

directing debut with a nice ballad.

I'm a “Hopeless Romantic” and,  I think I can present that well in a video.


I’m Sure, I’m sure…





Let’s play the “ Either OR Game ”

DERRICK BROWN  :  Cool…     


On Location    or     the Studio ?

DERRICK BROWN  :  Location.    





80’s   or    90’s


( even though I had some great times in the 90's )


I'm Sure ....Didn't we All !!






Natural Light   or  “Not”   ?

DERRICK BROWN  :   Natural light.... for sure!!


oh yeah.....    






Up    or    Down  ?


That's the only way.


Optimism 101  ?!?!

DERRICK BROWN  :   Yes, that's how I got to where I am.

Have to be optimistic.


yes, indeed....





Mac   or    PC


Mac is too backwards for me.


Ha ha ha ha....

Actually , it's the OTHER WAY around for me !

Nothin's fuckin' wit dat 15'' Powerbook super drive ?!?! 


DERRICK BROWN  :  I gotta switch one day. I know

that the Mac is better with graphics.  


“Steve Jobs” got da  shit on lock ,  again…






Oceans   or    Mountains


DERRICK BROWN  : Well, being a Navy vet….

And,  I discovered photography in the Navy ?

I must go with oceans.









The Future  of …..     Photography ?


DERRICK BROWN  :  I am the future !!!!


Nah, just kidding.



Ha ha ha ha ha !!!


Hey, man ....

You've defintely made the world of "Internet Modeling"  ALOT BRIGHTER !!!

DERRICK BROWN  :    Thank you.     I'm really trying.



 You're keepin' it   " CLASSY "  for reel ,  man ....

Much success & Good Luck with everything you embark upon, My Brotha !


DERRICK BROWN  :    Thank You.   I really dig  your work , man !

You keep up the great work.     

Hopefully, we will meet-up one day.

Yes,  ... mos def

We'll definitely hook-up on a project,  I'm sure...






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