Ladies & Gents...

A *Few* Conversations with :

(Musician/ Singer-Songwriter/ Composer/ Producer/Actor /Director/Photographer)





  w / Guest  "Inner-viewers"


Bernard Wright

Reggie Hudlin

Kenny Farrall

David Hassen

Van Hunt




Fire :   What’s up?

FOLEY :     MUSIC  &  the SUN ....      


What R U wearing right now?

FOLEY :   Socks....Over-alls....Aloe Vera leaf.......And, some Common Sense ??


What have U been doing lately besides being funky?

FOLEY :   Life.

Music is a given.

Tryin' to figure out things ....That  can't be defined  ??

* I guess *

I don't know ....shit, Hahaha


Does the funk ever hurt?

FOLEY :    YES.... it Does

when U're onstage with folks that aren't in your "Weight class" ?!?


But, in Hindsight ?     

I didn't know how Miles put up with me some nights



What do u think u were like when u were younger?

FOLEY :     The SAME

I'm  serious......           

*Now, All of this is starting to make sense*


A friend of the family just recently told me that when I was little ( 3-4yrs. old )

With most Adult could walk up on a little kid with high-pitched voices & a cute little demeanor .....

And, he told me that  I  WASN'T  INTO  THAT SHIT  !!

He said I would straight look at somebody "Sideways"

Like :   "Why is this fool in my face ?"


" Who represents this MF ?"


What do OTHERS think u were like when u were younger……

I need references too, don’t give me all the niceties...Haha

FOLEY :      Wow.        references huh ?

I guess U'd have to ask em' .....if U can Find em

95% of em'  are either dead or in Jail 

( or smoked out somewhere )


How old were u when u realized music was oxygen?

FOLEY :       5 - 6  yrs. old

I use to sit on top of my grandmothers Huge Trunk ...

And, I'd sit there ALL DAY LONG pounding on that trunk to EVERY song that came on the radio

 I use to think I was sittin' in.....Hahaha

When you're a little kid..... You don't know it's actually a record being broadcasted .....


When did u  realize that u were not alone?    ( or ,  who was the first person to be in “cahoots” with u as far as music goes? )

FOLEY :      Well....truthfully ?

I was "All Alone" when it came to music....had to pick it up in the it was drugs & shit

the ''Difference''   Logo

When did u realize that there were people that wanted to exploit ur music for the sake of a dollar?….and then didn’t even want to give u what they made off of ur love being exploited? …the music business is pornographic….& I don’t mean that in a good way….na’mean?

FOLEY :       Yes, Indeed...

THAT game,  was well laid out .....prior to  me gettin'  in on this craziness

* see Morris Levy & the writer / publishing saga *


I've been workin' since I was 14yrs. old   ( Musically )

I was on drums then,  playin' in clubs I wasn't supposed to be in .....

Fights breakin' out & shit.....


They knew that $50 to a 14yr. old is heavy.  (back in the day)

So, they would give me almost half of what they owed me & then beat me outta the rest of my money  

( I didn't know the time )


but, once I got hip to shit...I had some older "Cousins" & "Friends"  pay a visit....

( needless to say )   It got handled....



R u bitter?     

FOLEY :    Bitter ???

About what , Sweethart ?

This BUSINESS !      Or   do u use that energy to ur advantage like I figure a smartalec like u would do?

I'm actually living the "Life of Riley"

I can play When / What   I want ...... I control & own my Likeness  ( company etc. )



And, I WILL take shit to the stage, too....


This record industry is getting what it deserves :  "Karmic"  retribution

The Internet alone has settled that debt.   ( not to mention Technology settin' things off )

Alot of folks have Died  Broke / RICH  & Un-Happy.....


Plus, on the other side of the coin:

Trying to maintain the cover of "Rolling Stone" etc.   must be a fuckin Nightmare   

(   If YOU give it that much POWER  )


I can't imagine what it Feels like ,  when the "Applause" sign gets turned off on a Muhfucka .

Again .....if that's ALL you're about 



First obvious question:  what individual had the GREATEST influence on u ?

Personally?    My MOTHER.     ( with "Street Life" runnin' a close 2nd )

Socially?        Miles question

Musically?     SLY STONE !!    ( early on )    Then....Stevie Wonder  and Then of Course.... MILES

Spiritually?     The SUN ....The Mountains....The Ocean

Physically?    Bruce Lee    ( he wasn't supposed to walk again, after breaking his back in the early sixties  )

but, I must say makes me very proud to watch how "Prince" has taken Great care of himself & his voice

                                                                                    *He's age-less*

                                                                                 Prince.jpg (7134 bytes)



First big question:  what was it like to work with one of the greatest to ever breathe, Miles Davis? 

FOLEY :      wow.

I don't know if I can do that in a word or three....


But, I'll say this  

He handled himself ...excatly the same..... in EVERY situation

He didn't take shit from ANYBODY.....Yet, he was one the "Kindest people"  U would EVER meet ?!?

And, about as funny as "Richard Pryor"  sometimes ... 


Miles used to call me all the time during a tour saying:    "Bring the (Boom) Box"  

I remember once he woke me up at like....4 - 5  in the mornin' 

And  said :   "I got some  HALF BITCHES up here !!"

I was like :  " What?" 

then he said :  "Yea....Half of these Bitches can stay ..... And, Half of these Bitches gotta go !! "

Miles knew I could handle myself in ANY situation

And, I've ALWAYS been sort of a "Ladies Man"    ( of which,  U don't necessarily have to be "FINE" to be )


So, kats in the band & crew used to "Try" to have jokes about it.

"Man there's this gorgeous chick backstage lookin' for you, sayin' : " Where's Foley ? "

And, it had gotten to the point of where Miles had drawn  a sketch about it....


 Miles had drawn all of these Beautiful "Nude" women asking :  "WHERE'S FOLEY ?"

                                retrospect ?    

                         I  was Immortalized for being a Playa ?!?

                       WHAT  ????

     '' WHERE'S  FOLEY ?  ''


What did u learn & how much did u learn during the years around him professionally & personally?

FOLEY :     " SPACE "

When &  When  NOT  to ....Which was something I was able to carry over to my  life , as well as  the "Stage"

The exact SAME principle applies :  When & when NOT to "Speak"  etc.

I find ALOT of people "Over-React" to shit .....And, I've been guilty of this as well.

But, I've found that the best response one could have....  is to :    NOT~ SAY~ SHIT 

( cause , then..... U won't let muthafuckas in yo head,  that way  )


But , If you're ALWAYS wearin' ya' heart on yo' sleeve ....And, U don't have "Poker-Face" ?!?

You ain't got a chance... on THIS planet


For those that don’t know, name drip drop…..who else have u worked with?

FOLEY :      I have to really think about that.....Seriously


Greatest guitarist ever?

FOLEY :     No such thing .

it's what's flowing thru a person that's GREAT / DIVINE ....



It's sorta like Loggin' on  [ your computer ] 

When U don't have the right pin #   ?         YOU CAN'T GET ONLINE  or ACCESS


Well....some people know how to "Log on" but, that doesn't make THEM great ,  per se....

They just have the ability to connect to "IT"       ( regardless of their personal shit )

Hence :  "Dude's amazing , but he's such an Asshole"


People like Bruce Lee , Stevie Wonder , Picasso , ' Trane ..... 

their pin #'s are/were in the "Single digits" 

So, it's alot easier for folks like that,  to get "online"  if U will


But, when you're a  Regular-ass MF   (  like ME )   10 digits or Higher   ?

The trick is to get that Pin # .....Way Down  

so , that *Loggin' on*  is A LOT Faster & Easier  ?




But,  as far as Guitar goes ? 

I do have MANY Favorites....


Wes Montgomery


Eddie Hazel

John Scofield

Steve Morse  

George Benson

Joe Rubino     ( Coke Escovedo )

Allan Murphy    ( from the group GO WEST )

Steve Lukather

Brad Gillis

Jeff Watson

Christian Nesmith   ( Yes, son of Mike Nesmith )

Allen Cato

Charles "Icarus" Johnson  ( George Duke )

Albert Collins

Prince       ( his rhythm shit, is MASSIVE )

Mike Stern

Johnny Graham

Al McKay

Mike Hampton

David  T. Walker

Jamie Glaser

Nick Moroch

Marlon McClain

Omar Mesa   ( Mandrill )

Keith Staten  ( childhood friend )

Dez Dickerson

Brian May      ( Queen )

Garry Shider

David "Dynamite" Vega

Jef Lee Johnson

B.B. King

Mike Sembello    ( he sings his ass off, too )

Steve Vai

Tommy Emmanuel

Carlos Santana

"Danny  &   Drac"    ( from "Slave" )

Jeff Beck.....I could go on & on & on & on & on & on


Favorite solo artist?


Stevie Wonder

Sly Stone

Rance Allen

Issac Hayes


James Brown

Miles Davis

Joni Mitchell



Thomas Dolby

Herbie Hancock

Todd Rundgren

Walter "Junie " Morrison

Shuggie Otis

Bootsy Collins


too many to name.....


Band ?


Sly & the Family Stone

The Isley bros.

P-Funk   ( '69-'85 )

Earth, Wind & Fire  ( '72-'80 )

Led Zepp

Mother's Finest

The Dixie Dregs

Ohio Players

Weather Report

George Duke Band  ( '77 - 80 )




The Tony's

Mint Condition


Public Enemy


Any ONE of My Bands ...


Who do u REALLY listen to ?

(  And leave JONI MITCHELL out of this, I already know how U feel about her.... Hahaha )

FOLEY :     *Damn*

                                             EVERYBODY  &  EVERYTHING !!

                   Lots of "Carl Stallings"         And         "Ray Scott"



                                                                                And, "The Emotions"




Who do u want to work with?

FOLEY :      SLY  ?         ( which is REALLY being presumptuous as fuck )

SLY STONE  Don't need to WORK WITH NO MF  !!!

How  can ONE PERSON   influence  : 

 STEVIE ....MILES.....HENDRIX......GEORGE ......PRINCE    etc.  ?!?!?!?

Sly    intense.jpg (69420 bytes)


Yeah , right ..... " I "  wanna work with Sly   ?!?

( shit,  I Need to just WATCH   SLY  WORK   )


Show me what ur working with!?

FOLEY :     "12 Notes & Rhythm"


What r u like on the daily? 

FOLEY :          Depends....... seriously


What makes u angry?

FOLEY :        " Ignorance....w/ Cheese "


What makes u un-angry?

FOLEY :   Music....


What makes u happy besides music?

FOLEY :       SEX      ( FFFM )

Damn, ok.....

I'm sooooo not playin' about that shit tho...Hahaha


Favorite city?

FOLEY :     Guadeloupe !!

and,  Stockholm in the summer.

"NYC" in the summer , as well.

 Dallas  is my  "current" favorite


We peeped u playing the keys for Res..which instrument do u prefer, the axe or the board?  Is this a rhetorical question?

FOLEY :      

No, not at all ....


I prefer to play Bass .... or Drums

That's where my initial   ( Musical )  reaction will come from .

I love the look on Kats faces,  when they hear me play drums...

( It's Classic Shit )

"Damn , man ....I didn't know U could Rock drums like dat ??"


What “young” cats do u dig?

FOLEY :     

Jason  "JT" Thomas   ( That "OTHER" bad ass drummer....ask "Chris Dave" about HIM )

Bobby Sparks


Andre 3000  &   Big Boi   ( from day one )

Lisa Lopez  ( R.I.P. )

Cee Lo

Nellie Hooper

Lauryn " L-Boogie "   Hill


Keith Crouch

Easy Mo'Bee

J Dilla  ( R.I.P. )


Well u’re a genius on the guitar, but how well do u think u do on keys? 

FOLEY :    You're Too Kind.       and, I'm NOT .... btw  

But, "Lead Bass"  is MINE , tho   !!

LB two.jpg (30708 bytes)

Altho....A LOT of REAL piano players,  love my chords & concepts. 

* so, I guess it's not all that bad  ?!?!  *  


I played piano for 6 years and haven’t touched one in about 10, how sad is that?  Will u teach me how to play again?

FOLEY :       Of Course , "Fire"

But, the Shit that I'll show U ...will NEVER get U on Radio , tho   




BERNARD WRIGHT  :   Man.... shit.....Ha ha hahahaha !!

FOLEY : Well, Damn...Hahaha !!

Ha ha ha ha ha !!!

I'm bout to ask YOU :  the "SMARTALECMUSIC" Burning Question

"Award Shows" 

Report Cards     or   Propaganda ?





cause , Nobody REALLY gives a fuck about cha...


unless..... it's "profitable" for them


Othawise .....




Or goin' to see a film,  for that matter.

Just cause "So & So" is up for Director.

All of a sudden the Film's IMPORTANT ?!?!?


But,  then again..... I'm High.

So,  maybe I'm just Talkin' shit again 



Haha ha  Cool



Okay I 'm ready to do dem " EITHER  OR's "


FOLEY :  Aiiiight...

Okay ....



Louis or Miles ?

FOLEY :  He he he ,  U  fuckin' wit me ...Right ?

Ha ahahahahah !!

FOLEY : Miles.....

No Matter how "Biased" this answer may come off....

Be Honest....99.99% of the time, it ain't about "WHO's on FIRST"

But...Who's on "THE HARDEST"



*it's been the Story of my Life*



Think about this :

American's  are responsible for the Automobile...

but, most would rather have a JAPANESE or GERMAN model car  ?!?


"Larry Graham" is credited for Slapbass technique...

*which is primarly a New Orleans Jazz thing on an Upright Bass*

Jazz%20Bass.jpg (37271 bytes)


but, a kat like Louis Johnson took it to another level.

Even Larry Graham = HIMSELF =  likes the way  "I "  play as well


So, U can be "Credited" for something  &  still have someone else, take it MUCH further

* see Stanley Clarke's piccolo bass    vs.    My "LEAD BASS" *

OR :

Arnold Palmer   vs.   "Tiger Woods"

"Take 6"   vs.   Manhattan Transfer

ONE "Nicholas Bro."     vs.   Fred Astair 



That's why "PRINCE" is kickin' muthfuckas' heads in, right now ....

"What They Forgot  ?!?!?"

C'mon now.....

He's gonna sell-out everywhere he goes   ( 4-5 x's )


Cause , there's gonna be the "DIE HARD FANS"

And , the "Gotta go &  see what all of the Hype's about " people....


Then..... there's the "DAMN , WE FORGOT people....

And,  there's a sect... who've ALWAYS known it  [ the Stage ]  belongs to him


What was  *Really* classic about his "Rock & Roll ~hall of fame" performance......

was the looks on Tom Petty & everybody's face

The  "OH, Der HE go"  look...



( And.....Prince can STILL play, too )



Aiiiiiiiiiiiight  ?!?!?!?









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