Ladies & Gents...

A *Few* Conversations with :

(Musician/ Singer-Songwriter/ Composer/ Producer/Actor /Director/Photographer)





  w / Guest  "Inner-viewers"


Bernard Wright

Reggie Hudlin

Kenny Farrall

David Hassen

Van Hunt







Fire :   What’s up?


FOLEY :     MUSIC  &  the SUN ....      



What R U wearing right now?

FOLEY :   Socks....Over-alls....Aloe Vera leaf.......



What have U been doing lately besides being funky?

FOLEY :   Life.

Music is a given.

Tryin' to figure out things ....That  can't be defined 

* I guess *

I don't know ....




Does the funk ever hurt?

FOLEY :    YES.... it Does

when U're onstage with folks that aren't in your "Weight class" ?!?


But, in Hindsight ?     

I didn't know how Miles put up with me some nights





Do u put bandages on it? 

FOLEY :     Nah....I just get the off the Stage.




What do u think u were like when u were younger?

FOLEY :     The SAME

I'm  serious......           

*Now, All of this is starting to make sense*


A friend of the family just recently told me that when I was little ( 3-4yrs. old )

With most Adult could walk up on a little kid with high-pitched voices & a cute little demeanor .....

And, he told me that  I   WASN'T  INTO  THAT  !

He said I would straight look at somebody "Sideways"

Like :   "Why is this fool in my face ?"


" Who represents this MF ?"





What do OTHERS think u were like when u were younger……

I need references too, don’t give me all the niceties

FOLEY :      Wow.        references huh ?

I guess U'd have to ask em' .....if U can Find em

95% of em'  are either dead or in Jail 

( or smoked out somewhere )



How old were u when u realized music was oxygen?

FOLEY :       5 - 6  yrs. old

I use to sit on top of my grandmothers Huge Trunk ...

And, I'd sit there ALL DAY LONG pounding on that trunk to EVERY song that came on the radio

 I use to think I was sittin' in.....Hahaha

When you're a little kid..... You don't know it's actually a record being broadcasted .....





When did u  realize that u were not alone?    ( or ,  who was the first person to be in “cahoots” with u as far as music goes? )

FOLEY :      Well....truthfully ?

I was "All Alone",   when it came to music....had to pick it up in the it was drugs & shit


the ''Difference''   Logo


When did u realize that there were people that wanted to exploit ur music for the sake of a dollar?….and then didn’t even want to give u what they made off of ur love being exploited? …the music business is pornographic….& I don’t mean that in a good way….na’mean?

FOLEY :       Yes, Indeed...

THAT game,  was well laid out .....prior to  me gettin'  in on this craziness

* see Morris Levy & the writer / publishing saga *


I've been workin' since I was 14yrs. old   ( Musically )

I was on drums then,  playin' in clubs I wasn't supposed to be in .....

Fights breakin' out & shit.....


They knew that $50 to a 14yr. old is heavy.  (back in the day)

So, they would give me almost half of what they owed me & then beat me outta the rest of my money  

( I didn't know the time )


but, once I got hip to shit...I had some older "Cousins" & "Friends"  pay a visit....

( needless to say )   It got handled....




R u bitter?     

FOLEY :    Bitter ?

About what , Sweethart ?

This BUSINESS !      Or   do u use that energy to ur advantage like I figure a smartalec like u would do?

I'm actually living the "Life of Riley"

I can play When / What   I want ...... I control & own my Likeness  ( company etc. )



And, I WILL take shit to the stage, too....


This record industry is getting what it deserves :  "Karmic"  retribution

The Internet alone has settled that debt.   ( not to mention Technology settin' things off )

Alot of folks have Died  Broke / RICH  & Un-Happy.....


Plus, on the other side of the coin:

Trying to maintain the cover of "Rolling Stone" etc.   must be a fuckin Nightmare   

(   If YOU give it that much POWER  )


I can't imagine what it Feels like ,  when the "Applause" sign gets turned off on a Muhfucka .

Again .....if that's ALL you're about 






First obvious question:  what individual had the GREATEST influence on u? …….

Personally?    My Mother.          ( with "StreetLife" runnin' a close 2nd )

Socially?        Miles question

Musically?     SLY STONE !!    ( early on )    Then....Stevie Wonder  

Spiritually?     The SUN ....The Mountains....The Ocean

Physically?    Bruce Lee    ( he wasn't supposed to walk again, after breaking his back  )

but, I must say makes me very proud to watch how "Prince" has taken Great care of himself & his voice !  

                                                                                        *He's age-less*

                                                                                 Prince.jpg (7134 bytes)




First big question:  what was it like to work with one of the greatest to ever breathe, Miles Davis? 

FOLEY :      wow.

I don't know if I can do that in a word or three....


But, I'll say this  

He handled himself ...excatly the same..... in EVERY situation

He didn't take shit from ANYBODY.....Yet, he was one the "Kindest people"  U would EVER meet ?!?

And, about as funny as "Richard Pryor"  sometimes ... 


Miles used to call me all the time during a tour saying:    "Bring the (Boom) Box"  

I remember once he woke me up at like....4 - 5  in the mornin' 

And  said :   "I got some  HALF BITCHES up here !!"

I was like :  " What?" 

then he said :  "Yea....Half of these Bitches can stay ..... And, Half of these Bitches gotta go !! "

Miles knew I could handle myself in ANY situation

And, I've ALWAYS been sort of a "Ladies Man"    ( of which,  U don't necessarily have to be "FINE" to be )



So, kats in the band & crew used to "Try" to have jokes about it.

"Man there's this gorgeous chick backstage lookin' for you, sayin' : " Where's Foley ? "

And, it had gotten to the point of where Miles had drawn  a sketch about it....



 Miles had drawn all of these Beautiful "Nude" women asking :  "WHERE'S FOLEY ?"

                                          retrospect ?    

                                  I  was Immortalized for being a Playa ?!?

                                 WHAT  ????

     '' WHERE'S  FOLEY ?  ''


What did u learn & how much did u learn during the years around him professionally & personally?

FOLEY :     " SPACE "

When &  When  NOT  to ....Which was something I was able to carry over to my  life , as well as  the "Stage"

The exact SAME principle applies :  When & when NOT to "Speak"  etc.

I find ALOT of people "Over-React" to shit .....And, I've been guilty of this as well.


But, I've found that the best response one could have....  is to :    NOT~ SAY~ SHIT 

( cause , then..... U won't let muthafuckas in yo head,  that way  )


But , If you're ALWAYS wearin' ya' heart on yo' sleeve ....And, U don't have "Poker-Face" ?!?

You ain't got a chance... on THIS planet



For those that don’t know, name drip drop…..who else have u worked with?

FOLEY :      I have to really think about that.....



Greatest guitarist ever?

FOLEY :     No such thing .

it's what's flowing thru a person that's GREAT / DIVINE ....



It's sorta like Loggin' on  [ your computer ] 

When U don't have the right pin #   ?         YOU CAN'T GET ONLINE  

Well....some people know how to "Log on" but, that doesn't make THEM great ,  per se....

They just have the ability to connect to "IT"       ( regardless of their personal shit )

Hence :  "Dude's amazing , but he's such an Asshole"


People like Bruce Lee , Stevie Wonder , Picasso , ' Trane ..... 

their pin #'s are/were in the "Single digits"  !!

So, it's alot easier for folks like that,  to get "online"  if U will


But, when you're a  Regular-ass MF   (  like ME )   10 digits or Higher   ?

The trick is to get that Pin # .....Way Down !!  

so , that *Loggin' on*  is ALOT Faster & Easier  ?




But,  as far as Guitar goes ? 

I do have MANY Favorites....


Wes Montgomery


Eddie Hazel

John Scofield

Steve Morse  

George Benson

Joe Rubino     ( Coke Escovedo )

Allan Murphy    ( from the group GO WEST )

Steve Lukather

Brad Gillis

Jeff Watson

Christian Nesmith   ( Yes, son of Mike Nesmith )

Allen Cato

Charles "Icarus" Johnson  ( George Duke )

Albert Collins

Prince       ( his rhythm shit, is MASSIVE )

Mike Stern

Johnny Graham

Al McKay

Mike Hampton

David  T. Walker

Jamie Glaser

Nick Moroch

Marlon McClain

Omar Mesa   ( Mandrill )

Keith Staten  ( childhood friend )

Dez Dickerson

Brian May      ( Queen )

Garry Shider

David "Dynamite" Vega

Jef Lee Johnson

B.B. King

Mike Sembello    ( he sings his ass off, too )

Steve Vai

Tommy Emmanuel

Carlos Santana

"Danny  &   Drac"    ( from "Slave" )

Jeff Beck.....I could go on & on & on & on & on & on





Favorite solo artist?


Stevie Wonder

Sly Stone

Rance Allen


James Brown

Miles Davis

Joni Mitchell



Todd Rundgren

Walter "Junie " Morrison

Shuggie Otis

Bootsy Collins


too many to name.....




Band ?


Sly & the Family Stone

The Isley bros.

P-Funk   ( '69-'85 )

Earth, Wind & Fire  ( '72-'80 )

Led Zepp

The Dixie Dregs

Ohio Players

Weather Report

George Duke Band  ( '77 - 80 )




The Tony's

Mint Condition


Public Enemy


Any ONE of My Bands ...




Who do u REALLY listen to?…Not that I like them but really listen to? 

(  And leave joni out of this, I already know about her? )

FOLEY :     *Damn*

                          EVERYBODY  &  EVERYTHING !!

Lots of "Carl Stallings"             &             "Ray Scott"





                                                                And, "The Emotions"




Who do u want to work with?

FOLEY :      SLY  ?         ( which is REALLY being presumptuous as fuck )


How  can ONE PERSON   influence  : 

 STEVIE ....MILES.....HENDRIX......GEORGE ......PRINCE    etc.   ?!?!?!?

Sly    intense.jpg (69420 bytes)


Yeah , right ..... "I"  wanna work with Sly   ?!?

( shit,  I Need to WATCH   SLY  WORK !!!  )





Show me what ur working with!?

FOLEY :     "12 Notes & Rhythm"




What r u like on the daily? 

FOLEY :          Depends....... seriously





What makes u angry?

FOLEY :        " Ignorance....w/ Cheese "





What makes u un-angry?

FOLEY :   Music....




What makes u happy besides music?

FOLEY :       SEX      ( FFFM )





Favorite city?

FOLEY :     Guadeloupe !!

and,  Stockholm in the summer.

"NYC" in the summer , as well.

 Dallas  is nice,  too




We peeped u playing the keys for Res..which instrument do u prefer, the axe or the board?  Is this a rhetorical question?

FOLEY :       No ,  not at all ....


I prefer to play Bass .... or Drums

That's where my initial   ( Musical )  reaction will come from .


I love the look on Kats faces,  when they hear me play drums !!

( It's Classic Shit )

"Damn , man ....I didn't know U could Rock drums like dat ??"




What “young” cats do u dig?

FOLEY :     

Chris Dave :   *Drummer* 

Jason  "JT" Thomas   ( That "OTHER" bad ass drummer....ask "Chris Dave" about HIM )


Andre 3000  &   Big Boi   ( from day one )

Lisa Lopez  ( R.I.P. )

Cee Lo

Nellie Hooper

" L-Boogie "   


Keith Crouch

Easy Mo'Bee

J Dilla  ( R.I.P. )




Do I influence u?

FOLEY :   Let me think about THAT....Lol

I still believe YOU to be one of THE great sarcastic minds of the 20 / 21st century 

*Fire ....U KNOW how I feel about U*





Well u’re a genius on the guitar, but how well do u think u do on keys? 

FOLEY :    You're Too Kind.       and, I'm NOT .... btw  

But,   "Lead Bass"  is MINE , tho   !!

The ''Lead Bass''


Tho....ALOT of REAL piano players,  love my chords & concepts. 

* so, I guess iys not all that bad  ?!?!  *  


I played piano for 6 years and haven’t touched one in about 10, how sad is that?  Will u teach me how to play again?

FOLEY :       Of Course , "Fire"

The Shit I'll show U ...will NEVER get U on Radio , tho  !!  





BERNARD WRIGHT  :   Man.... shit.....Ha ha hahahaha !!

FOLEY : Well, Damn .

Ha ha ha ha ha !!!

I'm bout to ask YOU :  the "SMARTALECMUSIC" Burning Question

"Award Shows" 

Report Cards     or   Propaganda ?





cause , Nobody REALLY gives a fuck about cha...


unless..... it's "profitable" for em !


Othawise .....




Or goin' to see a film,  for that matter.

Just cause "So & So" is up for Director.

All of a sudden the Film's IMPORTANT ?!?!?


But,  then again..... I'm High.

So,  maybe I'm just Talkin' shit again 



Haha ha  Cool



Okay I 'm ready to do dem "EITHER  OR' s  !"


FOLEY :  Aiiiight...

Okay ....



Louis or Miles ?

FOLEY :  He he he ,  U  fuckin' wit me ...Right ?


Ha ahahahahah !!

FOLEY : Miles.

cause , most times it ain't about "WHO's on FIRST"

But...Who's on "THE HARDEST"

I know .

*it's been the Story of my Life*



Think about this :

American's  are responsible for the Automobile...

but, most would rather have a JAPANESE or GERMAN model car  ?!?


"Larry Graham" is credited for Slapbass technique...

*which is primarly a New Orleans & Bluegrass thing on an Upright Bass*

Jazz%20Bass.jpg (37271 bytes)


but, a kat like Louis Johnson took it to another level.

( Even Larry Graham  [ HIMSELF ]  likes the way  "I "  play as well  )


So , U can be "Credited" for something  &  have someone else, take it Much further

* see Stanley Clarke's piccolo bass    vs.    My "LEAD BASS" *

OR :

Arnold Palmer   vs.   "Tiger Woods"

"Take 6"   vs.   Manhattan Transfer

one "Nicholas Bro."     vs.   Fred Astair 



That's why "PRINCE" is kickin' muthfuckas' heads in , right now ....

They Forgot  ?!?!?!

C'mon now.....

He's gonna sell-out everywhere he goes   ( 4-5 x's )


cause , there's gonna be the "DIE HARD FANS"

And , the "Gotta go &  see what all of the Hype's about " mf''s


Then..... there's the "DAMN , WE FORGOT !!"  folks

And,  there's a sect... who've ALWAYS known it  [ the Stage ]  belongs to him !


What was *Really* classic about his "Rock & Roll ~hall of fame" performance......

was the looks on Tom Petty & everybody's face

The  "OH, Der HE go"  look...



( And.....Prince can STILL play, too )



Aiiiiiiiiiiiight  ?!?!?!?









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