Ladies & Gents...

A Conversation with

( Musician / Songwriter /Producer )

 "Van Hunt" 




Ha ha ha....WHAS'  UP ,  DOOD ?!?!?


Man, I'm makin' it....hard as I can !

Aaaww, man ...

I'm proud of what U've accomplished in just the 10 yrs. or more  that I've known U  &  your Music    

You're doin yo thang,  man  


Thank You !


Van , U got fools "CONSIDERING"  

VAN HUNT : Well, I got no choice.   It's do this shit correctly, or don't eat.

Whew.... PREACH

*he he he*


Van....Folks are LOVING the NEW Stuff

What 's YOUR  favorite song on the CD  ?

VAN HUNT :      Yeah, the one closest to me is  ''Out of the Sky''

Probably....because ,  I wear it so well !

Lyrically, it's the most  "Auto-Biographical "


Nothin'  like "Honesty"

Right ?!?!

VAN HUNT :  Yeah.    I went through so many changes while writing this material. Low moments.   Pouring your emotions into song..... only to have them overshadowed by the "Least Creative" effort ever put forth can be discouraging , to say the least.

Aaaawww, man ......I don't even wanna think about that shit.


The New York Times  says :  " The Artist formally know as THE NEW PRINCE !!" 

You are Slaying  em'  man....


That's a huge "Compliment"  Prince !     ( just playin' )

Aiiiight Now.....

VAN HUNT :  I don't know how "Prince" feels about that....

                      but , it makes ME smile....WIDE !

I  Feel U , man

No matter what me & him  go thru ...I STILL remember what HE's accomplished

'Cause , It's STILL :  PRINCE  ?!?!?


Van , I  haven't seen U since Dionne Farris' dropped her solo stuff   or  something crazy like that ?!?!?



Yeah ?!?!

I was just a kid tryin' to get put on !    

You were a legend even, then ! 

And, you're STILL finding creative ways to present your music. 

congrats' on the new album.



You know what tho , And, I really wanna say this :  TO ALL OF THE YOUNG KATS  back in the day...  

Who Had /Have Love for me. )   with MILES putting me on like he did ....

I was the young kat playing w/ MILES , who dressed all wild & shit.....Couldn't play yet....Youthful....   

( I was only 23yrs. )    I had more "P-Funk" than "Monk" in me ....

And, I felt like I represented ALL OF THE YOUNG Funk / R&B kats !!

Plus , I've been told on MANY occasions...

that ALL of the young "Brothas"  felt like :  As long as I was up there with MILES ...   SO,  WERE THEY !!!


Van , on the Reel -Real ?


What the Fuck was I gonna play after HE  finished Soloing ?!?!

 I KNEW I was "Barney Fife" up there,  shaking like Drug Stow Dice !


I'm glad y'all STILL got LOVE for me,  when ALOT of "Jazz Purists  tried to HATE 


Plus, I can't wait for us to get in studio , man .....

Then , we'll do some shows together , What ?!?


Dude..... whenever , however !

I've got nothing but "Respect" for you !

That  is  sooooo  Done , man  !!

Appeciate ya ! 




So, how's the tour been goin' , man  ?

I just missed U  @  " SXSW"  


Well.... it was fun, while it lasted.

Oh Shit...what happened ?


 VAN HUNT :  I don't like being rushed off the stage !!

Especially, when the crowd and I are "Both" into it.

we played shortened sets both nights.

photo : John Carrico

Yea, Man ...

U know what , doe ?

Just Leave Em' Wanting More


 VAN HUNT :  I get so into making a "Complete Statement" with the performance....

it's startling to be interrupted.         But, I think we made our point. 

Ha ha ha.

I'm gonna ask U the "SMARTALECMUSIC" Burning Question :


Necessary Evil    or   Whatever's gonna get the message across..?

VAN HUNT : an entity unto themselves can be beautiful !

                           ( not to mention integral in getting artists in front of an audience )

But, if the video sucks  or  you can't get anyone to play aint helping nobody !!

So, I  say: "If you're business aint proper, don't waste your money


You can't find a good director....don't waste your money. 

If you can reach your audience through another, less expensive means ?


Shiiittt.....   Do it !!!


Do Dat shit , Do Dat Shit.....c'mon 

I'm gonna  throw some names @ Ya ....

( respond as U wish )


Rahsaan Pattersonphoto : MCA


Best male singer around !!!


His range is incredible.

Yeah , he's a bad kat.





Wendy & Lisa 


Wendy is one of my favorite rhythm guitarists.

she understands tone , and placement.

Beautiful person.

and, remember : There was Prince... before Wendy & Lisa.

                And, there was Prince..... "after" Wendy & Lisa.

Some would say, they were the reason for each other , actually....

I can't front ...when "The Girls" left ?

So did THAT sound !!


And, quite frankly.... I've found that :   Sometimes ( more often than NOT )  artists like a "Prince"

who are percieved as being a "Mozart" etc.

It's not always necessarily true , in terms of where those "Ideas"  are *really* coming  from !!

When somebody like a Prince writes un-inspired music ?

That's EXACTLY what the problem is :   "THEY ARE NOT GETTING FED" 


NOBODY 's  an Island !!

You are what U eat ....Musically  & "otherwise" 


So, Kats like THAT ......

they actually NEED to be around people that inspire them ....   to  " Cop"  shit  from !!

VAN HUNT :   Go on & tell the truth , son !

Aiiiiight ?!?!?!?!?





Stevie Wonder  

VAN HUNT :    The Best "All Around" recording artist !!

Meaning :

from "Song Idea"

to "Pen & Pad"

to "Arrangement"

to "Performance"  ( on any instrument  ) 



I  agree.

"Blame it on the Sun ?!?"

VAN HUNT :   People copy his sound, but they always forget about the songs.


VAN :   That's because you can't substitute anything for the education he got from the school of motown !

 Growing up around & learning from 

"The Funk Bros."  

Berry Gordy....

Smokey Robinson....

Norman Whitfield....

Henry Cosby....

Paul Laurence....

Paul Riser....

Holland-Dozier-Holland ...


"Forget about it"


WHAT ?!?!?!




DJ  Rogers   


Don't know much about him.

I admit ,  I had to do some research....

Ha ha ha....right ?


But, from what I hear.... there's a lot of OLD gospel up in him !!

Which , for me ?     Is the only kind of gospel !

Ya heard ?

Everytime , I hear "Charlie Wilson"   .....I see DJ Rogers face ?!?!



Rance Allen 

VAN HUNT :   An incredible, dynamic vocalist. I would have loved to have seen him in the secular world! ( just for a minute) it might have had the same impact that sam cooke's leap of (from) faith did...maybe.


but, I think Rance's influence on "Prince" was Enuff to bring his Style into light !

*Prince KNOWS*

Rance Allen actually took a ALOT of shit,  for crossing over before it was cool....

"Mary Mary" , "Kirk Franklin"  All of them exist.... cause of RANCE !

( Tryin' to bring dem "Secular" folks in.... cost him a little bit back then )




Johnny Taylor  


My Man !

He's got that "Texas Soul" that I love !!

Soul Stirrers....

Al Green....

Tyrone Davis.....

"Its September"  is one of my favorites.


WHEW  !!!

"Anytime you go against your OWN Mother....let's me know,U believe in me" -----Johnny Taylor 


VAN HUNT :  "Thought I had your mind right....'cause that's what you led me to believe"--------Tyrone davis

" Now that's pimpin' ! " 

Whew.....Texas-Stylee !!!



Jackie Wilson 


The "original" R&B entertainer (along with Willie John) a big influence on "James Brown"

Oh Shit !!



In terms of vocal layering & Styles ( only )

No Willie John ....No Marvin.

No Marvin.....No Prince.

No Prince.....No D'Angelo.

And, so on .....& so on !

VAN HUNT : [He] was to soul what chuck berry was to rock 'n' roll.

Aiiiiiiight ?!?!




Marvin Gaye   


In my opinion....

The Greatest ''Sex'' soul singer.

( there's a lot of him in D'angelo.  )

he [Marvin] took Smokey Robinson's vocal style....

threw in some Nat King Cole..... and sold his brand of  "Melodic sex" !!

"Straighten Up & Fly Right"  -------Marvin Gaye




Prince    photo : R-2 D-2


"Grandson" of Ray Charles....

 "Son" of Sly......

 and a "Father" to me.

Whoooo.....and MY Big Brother.....



VAN HUNT :  [ Prince ] mastered the art of "Balancing Art & Commerce".  Pioneered a shift in the direction of emerging "Black & pop" culture.... and, did it all with courage and style.

Tell it , Van...Tell it !

And, the best thing that  a muthafucka could come up with is   " PRINCE FELL OFF  ?!?! "

Fell off ....of  WHAT  ?!?!





Aiiight , Cool........Let's play the "Either  OR  Game"


North  OR  South



'Cause there's nowhere to go.... but UP.

Ha ha ha.

The " Northern"  Star .....Right ?!?!?


East  OR  West



It's grimy, working-class, overcast & honest.

Money -Makin'  Manhattan ?!?!

WHAT ?!?!


I think that's what's wrong with L.A.

Even "the Weather"   .... is FAKE ?!?


'Cause, I think with it being "Sunny"  er'day,  muthafuckas'  perception of  "Reality"  gets a little Twisted !!

Yea , Van.... I  Agree 1000 %  !!!


Seasonal Affective Disorder.... is somthin' that L.A. could Use !!


VAN HUNT :  Yeah.   I'm actually thinking of puttin' together my next record in the motor city. 

I Feel U...

VAN HUNT :  I love the "we play to eat-not pose" mentality of the city.

Ya Heard ?



Up  OR  Down



My grandmother used to say "if you stay down there too long, you'll be hitting rock bottom with a shovel." but, I've always loved it down here.

Ha ha ha...

I think the beauty of being DOWN  is :

The "Optimism" of gettin'  UP  !!

(  even if it's just for the sake of  "CHANGE" ?!?!  )


              And, I'm just sayin' :

 "Why not enjoy yourself,  Wherever you are ?!?! "


Das Too Much Work !!

A Person would HAVE TO know themselves ?!?!

And, most folks ain't ready for that shit....


Fools Kill me talkin' bout : " I  Love You ?!?! "


" ? "



In  OR  Out


OUT  !

No one likes the shock of the electric fence. it's better to be unrestrained . 

Aaaaaw, man....... Van U ain't Never Lied

VAN HUNT : You can practice restraint.  it's hard to practice freedom.

Okay ?!?!? 

Freedom can ONLY be Practiced..... when ONE knows.....

What  "FREEDOM"  is  to begin with ?!?

It's like FINALLY  gettin'  "Peace of Mind" ?!?

Once U attain it ....NOBODY  ( including the person in question )   can take it away from U  !!

'Cause it's  SO HARD TO GET !!!

Unfortunately....all people really want is a  "Piece of Mine"


*Homonyms gone bad ......Next on Maury*


VAN HUNT :  You're Right !

I'm not trying to get all ''Zen'' on nobody.....

BUT , the best performances come from the "Un-Inhibited."

 What ?!?!


VAN HUNT :  You'll find yourself doing the craziest things just to get a taste of it , from inside the electric fence.

Okay ?!?!

The "Spritual" Matrix .....



Hot   OR   Cold


 Hot !

if there's a hell below,  it must be cold!

And, we're ALL Gonna Go !!!!

The "Core" of  thangz ....WHAT ?!?!?


Man, I terrorize my people in the studio. 

'cause I got it Burnin' Up in there. 

Damn...Ha ha ha ha!!


VAN HUNT : I like leanin' over my guitar-sweatin'!! 

 I'm lookin' at them like :  " What ?!? " 

"Ya'll better come up with some HOT shit, if you wanna get outta this mothafucka !!

Ha ha ha ha...


Spring  OR  Fall


Spring !!!

I can't get enough of the faint smell of "Sex in Bloom".

Damn, Van  ?!?!

Ha ha ha ha.... 

"The Sexual Optimist"  ?!?!?

VAN HUNT :    If you've ever spent time in georgia, in april.....

                                            then, you know what i'm sayin'.


(((((  O Mi Gawd  )))))

"Sistas" in Bloom ?!?

I can't Front..... it could be in the "Dead of Winter" for me.


"Women & Girls rule my world"  ---------Prince




Stevie   OR   Prince


I've often debated this myself. 

"Sly & Neil Young" actually came the closest to defining "the sound & the song" for me.

Yes , Yes...indeed  !

VAN HUNT :  But, to answer your question : Stevie Wonder had a greatest hits album BEFORE the shit that the world knows him for. 

Ha ha ha.....Yep !

VAN HUNT : Prince had NINE albums before anyone even thought about saying :  

" Uhhh, I don't know about that one "

Aiiiiiight ?!?


 VAN HUNT :  These are men who took the information given them & turned it into some incredible music. Ella [ Fitzgerald ] & Donny [ Hathaway ]  in Stevie's case,  and Little Richard & James Brown, for Prince.

Say word...

 VAN HUNT : I'm gonna give the nod to Prince !!  Only because, the son is supposed to be better than his father. But, NO ONE put more consistently good albums together than stevie ....except, maybe :  Prince ?!?

Damn!   That was a hard one!

U know how I Do......    *he he he*

What would U like to see happen in your life, in the next 10 yrs. ?


3 more albums.....   A Greatest hits......   A Blues record.......

A Compositional Jazz record   &     A  "Pure Funk" record !!!  

                      "All Raw & Uncut" 

And , then I'll concentrate on writing , architecture :

 "The re-Building of the Black Community,  and education"


It's safe to that they won't find U on "MTV (Rented) Cribs" ,

unless, it was just purchased for a family THAT ACTUALLY NEEDS IT !!

VAN HUNT :  or....  "I fucked upon a castle"

                                               like my man, Russell Simmons.




VAN ,  I can't tell U how important your record is for the industry, right now

Thanks, for all the Love.... Van !

We'll hit em up , shortly  WHAT ?!?!


I want to "Thank You" for this. 

I LOVE talkin' MUSIC !!

Keep Smilin' &  giving the world that "Wonderful Energy" ,  you carry around with you.

* I have No words *

Thank you , Van....

I'm tryin' man ....but, it's like "Wendy & Lisa"  said :  

" It only gets HARDER ?!?" 


2004 .....Right ?!?!

VAN HUNT :   And , BEYOND .......




"Rugged , RAW.....Kickin' Down ya Gott Damn Door !!! "     






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